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    MineQuest - RPG System with Customizable Quests and Classes
    Version: 0.62-test
    MineQuest started out as a plugin to add some RPG-like progression to Minecraft. It had 8 (By default, now completely customizable) character classes (4 Combat, 4 Resource - also by default) and you gained experience by doing tasks related to the class (e.g. Warriors fight with a Sword, or WarMages cast WarMage Spells). All combat classes gained health when they went up in levels, and all classes gained related abilities at certain levels.

    An example of a custom class configuration is now available:

    Now MineQuest has grown to be a much bigger project than gaining abilities and extra health. It includes mobs that get harder over time based on a level adjustment (determined by active players in the server). It has built in economy(iConomy Supported)/town systems that are available if people so desire. Most likely the coolest thing so far is the quest system.

    Good Places to start in game are /minequest, /cubonomy (economy), and /quest (questing specific). Also poking around the help pages (Linked as more information below) gives some details about more advanced commands as well.

    MineQuest is equipped with a system that is being developed so that minecraft can have real instanced dungeons where a select party can teleport into a world that has traps, harder monsters, and special loot. When complete players are brought back to their original locations.

    These quests are completely customizable as they only load from a text file. MineQuest will search the bukkit directory for the appropriate .quest file when the quest is started. This means that anyone running a server could write a quest. Not just plugin developers!

    The spell system is nothing special, and I'm sure that others exist out there, but what really makes MineQuest unique is the complete package, dungeons and everything.

    MySQL or SQLite

    Suspected Conflicts:
    Towny, Essentials Spawn, World Guard, mcMMO,
    Other plugins that modify damage/health

    This is a video of the first real dungeon created, the first time through

    MineQuest 0.40 Trailer -


    Whats new in 0.60?


    Please read the following FAQ before posting your question. It will help you out by getting the answer faster and help us out by having a smaller volume of questions.
    There are some forums on the MineQuest site found below.
    If you cannot solve your issues in the MQ Forums and from the FAQ and the bug does not already exist please post it on the bug tracker.

    More Info:
    Information about MineQuest and its features

    Version 0.61:
    *NPC Fix Item Properties (Blacksmith Capabilities)
    *Fixed Ranged Ability Bindings
    *Other NPC Property changes
    *Bug Fixes
    Version 0.60:
    *Idle Quest System
    *Main World Scripting
    *Reputation System
    Version 0.53:
    *Fixed Instancing System
    *Fixed NPC Respawning Issue
    *Updated to b860
    *Fixed money naming
    *A couple hidden features

    Full Changelog:

    If you love MineQuest then help keep the project alive:
  2. THIS IS THE HELL OUT OF AWESOME im testing it right now and im sure it will be super.
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    Also I think its rather pointless for mage to be able to Bind fireball to a bow and shoot firebows when an archer has his own abilities. Could you make some restrictions as to what can be bound to what items ect? Because i see no point playing an archer class when i could play a mage and bind mage abilities to bows. And another little update, bindiing to bow and right clicking makes arrows cast spell, but snowballs and egg still nothing :)

    Also when you melee someone with an arrow it says "you arent the right level for that" or whateve rthe corresponding error would be, and rather then switch inventory slots like it would for lets say a diamondsword it removes the item entirely.
  4. I got some problems like setting up npc cause i downloaded the dungeon Quest and everytime i`m trying command /npc_property (Test) hit_message ... or /npc_property (Test) quest dungeon
    is still not working i leveled im lvl 20 if i right click on the npc no hit message is comming and no quest in my /list_quest only command working is /npc_property (Test) walk_message what i`ve done wrong what i have to do to edit the minequest.sql pls make Video-Tutorial i don`t check why it isn`t working (I downloaded the Quest and installed it in the root of my server
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    Cosmic Break

    07:46:32 [SEVERE] Could not pass event ENTITY_DEATH to DeathPenalty
            at com.pandemoneus.deathPenalty.DPEntityListener.onEntityDeath(DPEntityL
            at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(RegisteredListener.jav
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(SimplePluginManager.j
            at net.minecraft.server.EntityPlayer.die(
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.entity.CraftLivingEntity.setHealth(CraftLiving
            at org.monksanctum.MineQuest.Quester.NPCQuester.makeNPC(
            at org.monksanctum.MineQuest.Quester.NPCQuester.teleport(
            at org.monksanctum.MineQuest.Quester.NPCQuester.activate(
            at org.monksanctum.MineQuest.Event.NPCEvent.activate(
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftScheduler.mainThreadHeartbeat(C
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    07:46:32 [INFO] [HeroicDeath] Crazy Astos died from unknown causes
    Conflicts with DeathPenalty Plugin
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    Aidan Moseley

    when i give npcs the wander property they wander through walls.

    EDIT: also how do you delete quests?
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    Pyrox, is your NPC named (Test) or just Test?

    I plan on doing a few videos this weekend as I will finally have some time to do so. Please be patient with me until next week. If I haven't put anything out kick me :)

    Slash: I see the point you are making about the class specifics.. BUT, this is already implemented. You will need to configure your properties files so that you have only 1 class instead of all 4 classes at startup. The default configuration is setup in the way that all players have all 4 combat classes. This is why the mage can wield a bow etc.

    For the snowballs and eggs, can you do me a favor and add that to the tracker?

    And finally, the disappearing arrow, or any item for that matter... That is the way it has always been. It drops you to a melee, hands only, form of combat when you cannot use an item. I have never played a warrior so I cannot vouch for the switching of weapons, but it would probably be a moot point any ways as the arrow is not the weapon, the bow is. Therefore I suspect that since MQ doesn't see arrows as the primary weapon, or secondary etc, it switches to the default melee weapon.

    Ahh yes.. the magical NPC's. If this is a complete bother and you need something done about it, please submit a ticket at This way it will stay on RADAR and not be easily overlooked. I personally laugh at my NPC's as they fly through the air, walk on water, and go through walls :D

    To delete a quest.... from the server, or just someone's quest list? From the server just remove the quest file. From someone's list, at the moment I think the only way is to remove it from the DataBase. This will then depend upon whether you are using MySQL or SQLite...

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    why does it keep saying: You are not proficient in the use of (item or something)
  9. ltan thank i have see all ur videos on Youtube they are nice!!
    my Npc is called Test not (Test) just for testing the commands again and again.

    My problems:
    npc_property Test quest dungeon (No message is coming up)when right click on npc alos nothing when i look at list_quest nothing comes up
    npc_property Test hit_message ... also isn`t working.
    I`ve done the commands tried whether it works then i tried to reload all and no change
    only thing working for me is the remove,spawn,walk_message

    Silly things:No errors at start of server or reloading no errors by right-click on npc with quest
    Now i ask me what i`m doing wrong HOPE u can help me i also tried Minequest without have installed other plugins like Citiziens or sth like that.

    I really hope you can help me and other users (and sure i installed the plugins like in your tutorial)

    Edit:If i type the command: "/start_quest dungeon" It says you havent got a quest called dungeon.
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    This is due to your level in that class not being high enough to use it. Ie: Leather Armor is usable at level 2 in Mining. Stone PickAxes are usable at level 5 Mining I think. There is a properties file that you can modify to allow the use of items and armors at any level.
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    Yeah i have the snowball thing uploaded. My whole thing is i enjoy having all 4 combat classes up. I veiw it as a multi class system, whatever you do more, then thats where your rewards will lie. It just takes away from the whole Feel of things i guess.

    As far as the arrows maybe you misunderstood me.
    Example One: I am a level 5 Warrior and i put a Diamond Sword in Slot 1 of my hotbar, i Switch to DiamondSword and try to use it "You are not proficient in that item" and then it moved the diamond sword to slot two. - Works Fine
    Example Two: I have a stack of 64 arrows in my hotbar, i swing them via melee at someone and "You are not proficient with that item" BAM im out 64 arrows. It doesn't move them to another slot. It does not drop them. It does not put them in the inventory in the player i hit. They are deleted. There are points in the game where you don't have many feathers. and your arrows are truly valuable.
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    You are right... I misunderstood! Submit a ticket please :)
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    Soo..i have a question: i am running multiverse on my server, and i want a world where the users just build things like cities...and the other world shall be a RPG i only want this plugin for only one this possible?
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    Will do. Should i submit a ticket for Long Bows, Short bows, and Crossbows not giving exp? or is this a feature not yet implemented rather then a bug? Im using the archery .62

    Also i noticed Heal Other only works on /bind not /look_bind, anyone have any experience with this?

    Also, it seems i cannot run MCPatcher to get HD Texture packs because it resets the mincraft.jar is it possible to get ahold of a list of exactly what files in minecraft.jar get changed for the discovery pack, so i can use MCPatcher to update a texture back and then manually copy the files into the .jar?

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    If you use permissions, yes this is possible.

    Unfortunately, I don't think that anything dealing with the Discovery Kit will be released.

    Yes, check and make sure there isn't a ticket open, and if there is... add your findings to it. Do this for any issue that you find.

    First check for the same or similar issue
    Secondly fill out a new ticket or add to the existing one.

    This will help us greatly!

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    Hey, just a note to you guys. The "NPC Skins" section on your website needs change. It is actually illigl to distribute the minecraft.jar, so users have mod their Minecraft themselves with the .class files you edited.

    Amazin work you have done none the less.
  17. Hey I`m gonna say sth about this mod on my server!
    1.After 5 min the mod is enabled my server starts saying every 2 sec Can`t keep system up.... (but this isn`t the problem)
    2.Everytime i start the server ,blocks in the city changed like stoneslab goes dirt some blocks in Houses on the spawn etc change to dirt this isn`t looking really good i also looked for some problems with the other plugins.I start server only with Minequest no other plugin and after 5min the same shit happens it says system overloaded and after some starts of the server dirt blocks get built.

    What I`m doing wrong server runs without problems in the cmd tab no problems everytime saying sucessfull intaliezed.Like in my other posts the commands npc property hit message and quest dont work all toher commands are working i think i couldn`t test soime maps like dungeon cause i can`t give Npc the quest XD.

    Sorry for my bad english i hope you understand what i mean but I´m 14 years old and our english teacher is bad.
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    is there a way to turn everything but the quest part off?
    the questing part is awesome but i really don't want everything else...
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    hello, im making a co-op adventure map and im using you plugin to make npc that help and tel you the story but im having it a bit hard whit how it works so if you would like to help whit the map.
    you wil get credit for it and my thank.
  20. what are the known conflicts with towny and worldguard?

    I'm wanting to use this plugin, primarily for the quest aspects... but most of the other stuff is useless to me. I'm wondering if i can juts disable some of it (no permission), and then only use the quest features

    Thanks :D
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    we need you becouse it some heavy scripting and we where not able to do it.
    if you help and the adventure map is out we wil sned it in to the yogcast.
    it wil be great advertising for your plugin we wanted to make 1 long multyplayer quest like shadows of israphel bu than whit npc intead of people so evryone can play it its not a copy of the yogcast just same idea.
    we would love if you could help us out i wil send you the server info if you like to heaalp us out this is farout the best plugin to use making a adventure map.
    greeting max
  22. Hello i tried again to run my server with this plugin.
    1.I setup a new server only with the Minequest plugin.
    2.And it worked!!!!!
    3.but now my question is it normal that he says: Can`t keep the system up....
    If i run 20 Plugins it isn´t saying this but if i only run Minequest it says this.
    When i install some other plugins after some time Blocks change to dirt.
    This says:Cobblestone goes dirt Sand goes Dirt Goldblock goes dirt.
    And i only think WTF whats happening?
    I really love to get answer to ym questions.but now i can do on my little Miniserver the Quests

    P.s:Anyone know where i also can download quests in the forum are only 8 or so.

    Edit: maxboy i really want to help you by your project but i dont know how to help you.
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    The dirt issue is a result of super mobs spawning. Super mobs change the ground to dirt underneath them. Sometimes this causes a bug where the ground does not change back. I haven't seen this in quite a few versions, so I think maybe some plugin conflict is bringing the bug to light again in your particular case.
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    I have a problem. I have permissions 3.1.6, [tried 3.1.5] craftbukkit 1000, minequest 0.61. Only people with '*' permissions can use this. Defaults, that I gave these permissions:
    - 'minequest.quester'
    - 'minequest.abilities'
    - 'minequest.command.quester'
    - 'minequest.command.merc'
    - ''
    - ''

    It doesn't do anything for them. No 'No permission' or anything. So I think: maybe ops only? But nope, an OP that didnt have '*' permissions couldn't use it. Help!

    Oh yeah, and your discovery pack, distributing a minecraft.jar is illegal, people can use it to pirate the game. [Discovery pack has a minecraft.jar]

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    Capitalization matters, as with all plugins that use permissions. It should read
    - 'MineQuest.Quester'
    - 'MineQuest.Command.Quester'
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    Thanks! No, other ones don't. Next bug: Everyone dies in 1 hit. For example if they fall 3 blocks, dead.

    And I'm positive its not another plugin, because when we took this plugin off, the problem was gone.

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    Hello, I looked through most of the posts on this topic and I couldn't find anything related to my problem so I was wondering if anybody can help me. A lot of my npc commands don't work I can spawn and remove npc's and make them give out quests, but I cannot do anything else. Walk and hit message do not work or any of the other properties you can assign to NPC's
  28. wafflegod!
    Maybe try: npc_property ... walk_message Hi!
    after this command do the radius command: npc_property ... radius
    If nothing comes up first reload the server when this doesn`t work RESTART the server.
    Hope this is helpful.

    If any errors pop up post the server.log.

    Makraiz Thank You!!!
    Really much but how to fix it!?
    here my plugins:AdminCmd,Administrate,AdminsCanFly,BlastControl,Citizens,iChat,iConomy,LazyRoad,Magicspells
    Mobarena,MyWarp,Permissions,Spout,Towny(Maybe Towny the blocks only change in Spawntownarea!!!),WorldEdit,WorldGuard,WormholeXtreme,WormholeXtremeWorlds.

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    Suspected Conflicts:
    Towny, Essentials Spawn, World Guard, mcMMO,
    Other plugins that modify damage/health
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    At one point mq was being developed with Towny in mind. I believe this is still the case. Also I have managed to get worldguard working with mq very well.. however it is tricky to get them to work together, it takes a lot of time messing w/ settings of both plugins to accomplish it.

    As far as the dirt issue is concerned on your server Pyrox, in my case in worldguard protected areas, the dirt would have to be manually fixed through the use of worldedit after a server reboot. Sometimes it would go away on it it's own after a reboot also.

    Since in your case, it seems to be happening in towny towns, I would try declaring war to see if that allows someone to fix the dirt block.

    Here is a list of plugins I use on my server and have no conflicts, (or at least unoticable ones)
    All running on the discovery pack server client
    MineQuest .62
    Wilderness .10
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    Ive already tried restarting and stuff and I know I got the commands right, they just dont work I dont get errors in the console either.

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