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    MineQuest - RPG System with Customizable Quests and Classes
    Version: 0.62-test
    MineQuest started out as a plugin to add some RPG-like progression to Minecraft. It had 8 (By default, now completely customizable) character classes (4 Combat, 4 Resource - also by default) and you gained experience by doing tasks related to the class (e.g. Warriors fight with a Sword, or WarMages cast WarMage Spells). All combat classes gained health when they went up in levels, and all classes gained related abilities at certain levels.

    An example of a custom class configuration is now available:

    Now MineQuest has grown to be a much bigger project than gaining abilities and extra health. It includes mobs that get harder over time based on a level adjustment (determined by active players in the server). It has built in economy(iConomy Supported)/town systems that are available if people so desire. Most likely the coolest thing so far is the quest system.

    Good Places to start in game are /minequest, /cubonomy (economy), and /quest (questing specific). Also poking around the help pages (Linked as more information below) gives some details about more advanced commands as well.

    MineQuest is equipped with a system that is being developed so that minecraft can have real instanced dungeons where a select party can teleport into a world that has traps, harder monsters, and special loot. When complete players are brought back to their original locations.

    These quests are completely customizable as they only load from a text file. MineQuest will search the bukkit directory for the appropriate .quest file when the quest is started. This means that anyone running a server could write a quest. Not just plugin developers!

    The spell system is nothing special, and I'm sure that others exist out there, but what really makes MineQuest unique is the complete package, dungeons and everything.

    MySQL or SQLite

    Suspected Conflicts:
    Towny, Essentials Spawn, World Guard, mcMMO,
    Other plugins that modify damage/health

    This is a video of the first real dungeon created, the first time through

    MineQuest 0.40 Trailer -


    Whats new in 0.60?


    Please read the following FAQ before posting your question. It will help you out by getting the answer faster and help us out by having a smaller volume of questions.
    There are some forums on the MineQuest site found below.
    If you cannot solve your issues in the MQ Forums and from the FAQ and the bug does not already exist please post it on the bug tracker.

    More Info:
    Information about MineQuest and its features

    Version 0.61:
    *NPC Fix Item Properties (Blacksmith Capabilities)
    *Fixed Ranged Ability Bindings
    *Other NPC Property changes
    *Bug Fixes
    Version 0.60:
    *Idle Quest System
    *Main World Scripting
    *Reputation System
    Version 0.53:
    *Fixed Instancing System
    *Fixed NPC Respawning Issue
    *Updated to b860
    *Fixed money naming
    *A couple hidden features

    Full Changelog:

    If you love MineQuest then help keep the project alive:
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    Hello i was just wondering if this has multiworld support, just so i can have one world as survival and one as RP? is this possible?
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    For some reason i always deal demage in the server:

    craftbukkit vers.740
    plugins...see photo

    btw it always sais Lolgc damage 9/10 Plugin.jpg
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    This has been discussed in previous posts. The short answer is, Permissions support is being looked at an possibly implemented soon. It looks like it might be in the 0.45 release.

    I will not be around much today as I will be travelling. It sounds as though you do have a plugin that deals with health in some way form or method. I suggest that you do the research for each plugin, either by going back to the plugin's page and read what it messes with, or turn them all off and add them back one by one with MQ running in order to find which one is causing the conflict. The later is a bit more time consuming, but if you don't want to go and read what could be causing the issue it is the only other way to go.

    I can only suggest that you do the same thing as I pointed out to lolgc. I doubt that any one user in this forum will be running the exact same plugins as you are, and the only way to find your issue is going to be for someone to do the research for you, or for you to do it.

    I simply do not have time to do this for either of you today :) Unless one of you would like to come down and drive my family and me 500 miles lol :)

    With that, I will be out of communication for a while, but I am sure another helpful soul will be around to help out.


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    Ltan, I'm just trying to save myself some work, since I don't have the time to experiment with plugins until this weekend. Also, I'm trying to get a better idea of which plugins are NOT causing issues. Since MineQuest is such a massive plugin, it's really hard for me to determine what's happening. However, the more people that post their plugins, the easier it will become for everyone to determine what their specific issues are, in regards to compatibility with MQ. Thank you for posting your plugin list previously. Also thank you lolgc for posting your plugins.

    Since lolgc is also having a problem with health on his server it leads me to believe that possibly Essentials or WorldGuard are the root of the problem.

    btw, any chance of those minequest third party quest writing tools links could be placed in the first post?
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    Another strange error: NPCs are not showing up after re logging.

    This appears to have fixed itself by restarting the server. I'll do further testing with this later. Might have been the /nomobs making the NPCs invisible.

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    What version of MQ are you running? This is an issue I was having back before 0.42, and if it is still persistent then it will be good to know.
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    I'm running 0.42, most recent build of CB, MC 1.5
    Its strange though, as it seems to have mysteriously fixed itself after a server restart. If they disappear again, I'll be sure to let you know.
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    4 Some reason i can't play i get damage each time i moved either me or my mouse! its say
    [INFO] [MineQuest] 4 damage to KillingSpread
    Btw, i can't put a dungeon either , i've downloaded tha dungeon which come from your website and then i enter /goto dungeon and its teleport me inside the ground!

    But Thanks for this plugin anyway!
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    A Plugin List will do us wonders to solve your damage issue. For the, did you also download the dungeon world files?
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    gerard c

    for those who are having troubles i hope this would help... i am using wamp for mysql
  12. Im still having this problem, its really anoying - you saw my config....
    That going on non-stop:
    02:49:41 [INFO] [MineQuest] 0 damage to firewraith6
    02:49:41 [INFO] [MineQuest] 1 damage to nspjblac
    02:49:41 [INFO] [MineQuest] 2 damage to firewraith6
    02:49:41 [INFO] [MineQuest] 1 damage to nspjblac
    02:49:42 [INFO] [MineQuest] 2 damage to firewraith6
    02:49:45 [INFO] §6[CountOfCerit]§5 kmann100500§f§7:§f the king has to do it split
         02:49:46 [INFO] [MineQuest] 3 damage to Purbs
    02:49:47 [INFO] [MineQuest] 1 damage to AdamBarca
    02:49:49 [INFO] §9[PLAYER_COMMAND] firewraith6: /home
    02:49:51 [INFO] [MineQuest] 2 damage to firewraith6
    02:49:52 [INFO] [MineQuest] 1 damage to AdamBarca
    02:49:52 [INFO] §8[CeritDweller]§2 Split00§f§f: one get my spelling right
    02:49:53 [INFO] [MineQuest] 0 damage to Purbs
    02:49:57 [INFO] [MineQuest] 2 damage to AdamBarca
    02:49:59 [INFO] [MineQuest] 4 damage to firewraith6
    02:50:00 [INFO] [MineQuest] 2 damage to firewraith6
    02:50:01 [INFO] [MineQuest] 1 damage to nspjblac
    02:50:01 [INFO] [MineQuest] 0 damage to firewraith6
    02:50:02 [INFO] [MineQuest] 1 damage to nspjblac
    02:50:02 [INFO] [MineQuest] 1 damage to firewraith6
    02:50:03 [INFO] §9[PLAYER_COMMAND] AdamBarca: /home
    02:50:03 [INFO] [MineQuest] 1 damage to nspjblac
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    This should be fixed in 0.45 maniac...

    MQ0.45 is being released! BUT... There is currently a small problem that is preventing it from loading. For now it is recommended that you keep using 0.43.

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    Quick request reguarding your NPC-Skin feature. As of right now, this is what truly separates your NPCs from other plugins. They may lack functionality, but the simple spawning and skins allow for immersion. I'm just curious if there is any way you can let your Skin-Client (that you MUST have in order to see NPC skins that you upload) support HD-texture packs? If I have to choose between Doku and skins, I'll go with Doku. But I would much rather have both.

    Lava, water, bricks, and portal textures don't work on HD texture packs in your NPC-Skin client. Cant patch without overwritng skins. Please do something if possible
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    The Problem is i don't use any Plugins that Effects Health, but when i Fall down (Even in :godmode:) i always deal damage. Now my question:

    Is it possible to deactovate the abilities (Even higher life) and the exp System (lvl for Items etc) so i can simply use ot for Npcs and questgver and for creating Dungeons?


    Edit: ill try the Version 4.5
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    DrBoweNur: The problem is, you are now entering into the realm of client-side modding. This is difficult to do since there are apparently about 10 different methods to mod the client jar, and not one of them works for all systems that the jar is run on.

    Let me expound the problem.

    I am running Windows 7. I have 2 friends who run Windows XP and Vista. One of them can use WinRAR to do their editing, the other has to use 7zip. I can neither get WinRAR nor 7zip to work for me, NOR can I use the patched client jar on my win7 system. I MUST use jar to unpack, then repack the java file in order for me to use the client with modifications. BUT, neither of my friends on a different flavor of windows can use my client.

    On top of this, each user has the opportunity to run their own texture packs. This means that if someone wants to use tex-X and another tex-Y-HD and yet another tex-Z, there would need to be support for each texture pack, and that will take away from regular development from the actual meat in the plugin.

    In short, I can be long winded at times and I apologize, it is not feasible to support every texture pack out there. However, it may be possible to find a way to mod each type of texture, HD and regular, so that each person who wants to mod their own setup will be able to.

    Now this is also my view of the problem at hand concerning textures.

    MQ0.45 is now working correctly. Google decided that it wanted to foul the original upload.

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    can be found here:
    So many errors..ok ill start with....everything works nearly fine...BUT still deal Damage; only if you die then everything gets normal, but that only if your in GODMODE. Eventhough there is a bug...i cant delete says...IT found a bug...and towns dont always show ill have to clear them in Mysql :( ...the last thing is when a merc stands there...and sometimes npcs disappear.

    best regards lolgc

    ps: still using the same Bukkit build (740)
    but now 0.45 of the Plugin

    sry for the long code...but i also tried it by deleten all the other plugins....and switching mysql and sql light
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    Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm perfectly aware that it would be a difficult task. I was just throwing it out in the open, more or less. I have another minor bug report, however:

    When you bind a spell to an item, specifically eggs or snowballs, everything works fine. However, when you get down to the last object in the stack (AKA you only have 1 egg left to throw), the spell does not activate. Just thought I'd put this out there as a heads up :)

    Just as an idea regarding the HD Texture Packs, maybe its possible to contact the people who made MCPatcher (or whatever the HDPatcher is called) and ask them to add support for your Minecraft Client that you use for NCP skins.

    I'm sure this it not nearly as feasible and simple as it sounds in my head, but I'll suggest it anywho. *shrug*

    2nd EDIT:
    More issues with spells destroying areas. While there are 'hackish workarounds' to turning off spells (like the WorldGuard PvP Flag set to false), it still doesnt block spells like encase from being cast.

    For example, you can cast encase and destroy an LWC chest and have it spew out its contents, without ever needing a living entitity to cast on. I HIGHLY recommended a feature for the towns, or better yet, a standalone feature (as I dont particularly want to use the built in town system) that allows cuboided areas to block ALL spell casting. I'd imagine that this is VERY possible to do, and I'd also imagine it wouldnt be all too difficult.

    I dont want to sound like a demanding prick, its just that spell destruction can become a huge issue for my server (especially in towns)
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    You can just as easily ask other plugin devs to make theirs compatible with MineQuest.... If you are getting errors, chances are, its because of other plugins. I am running MQ fine in the current state.
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    Asking World Guard to make it compatible with MineQuest's spells would be very troublesome. They would need the open source of MineQuest, which I'm sure jmonk doesn't want to just give away. Even then, this is such a massive plugin that it would be bothersome for the WorldGuard devs to learn the code. Considering they already have methods in MineQuest to restrict spells (A la "no reagents" message), I think it would be pretty easy to incoporate the cuboid area of towns and the restricting methods together to prevent spell usage in certain areas.

    Just my humble opinion as a user/tester :)
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    i am getting an odd error message in my server log

    2011-05-21 16:29:50 [INFO] Starting minecraft server version Beta 1.5_02
    2011-05-21 16:29:50 [INFO] Loading properties
    2011-05-21 16:29:50 [INFO] Starting Minecraft server on
    2011-05-21 16:29:50 [INFO] This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-729-g5ee3f0f-b766jnks (MC: 1.5_02)
    2011-05-21 16:29:50 [INFO] Preparing level "world"
    2011-05-21 16:29:50 [INFO] Preparing start region
    2011-05-21 16:29:52 [INFO] Preparing spawn area: 93%
    2011-05-21 16:29:52 [INFO] [MineQuest] Attempting to load MineQuest/abilities.jar
    2011-05-21 16:29:52 [INFO] [MineQuest] Success!!
    2011-05-21 16:29:52 [INFO] [MineQuest] DB Version: 0.45
    2011-05-21 16:29:52 [INFO] [MineQuest] Warning: Invalid NPC Property: Find
    2011-05-21 16:29:52 [INFO] [MineQuest] Warning: Invalid NPC Property: Go
    2011-05-21 16:29:52 [INFO] [MineQuest] Warning: Invalid NPC Property: hitmessage
    2011-05-21 16:29:52 [INFO] MineQuest version 0.45 is enabled!
    2011-05-21 16:29:52 [INFO] [MineQuest] iConomy system not detected, defaulting to MineQuest Storage
    2011-05-21 16:29:52 [INFO] WorldEdit 4.4 enabled.
    2011-05-21 16:29:52 [INFO] WorldEdit: No known permissions plugin detected. Using configuration file for permissions.
    2011-05-21 16:29:52 [INFO] Done (0.187s)! For help, type "help" or "?"
    2011-05-21 16:29:58 [INFO] Bizcut  logged in with entity id 66
    2011-05-21 16:30:12 [SEVERE] Nag author: 'Monk' of 'MineQuest' about the following: onPlayerCommandPreprocess has been replaced with a new signature, (PlayerCommandPreprocessEvent)
    2011-05-21 16:30:12 [INFO] Bizcut issued server command: npc_find
    2011-05-21 16:30:39 [INFO] Bizcut lost connection: disconnect.quitting
    2011-05-21 16:30:39 [INFO] Connection reset
    should i be getting these errors? have i done something wrong ?
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    Ahhhh yes.. the famous NPC errors are popping up... Well famous only to me lol.

    Biz, I had to remove all of the NPC's from my DB and start them over again. But this was due to me attempting to remove the merc's by force lol...

    I know that it is not optimum, but it might be the only thing that you can do. Remove them first using the /remove_npc command, then check that they are actually removed.
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    Recently I have been extremely busy as you all can see based on the decline of me posting the forums.

    I'm all for a no spell casting area, although idk how high it is on my priority list at the moment. Considering the fact that I'm trying to add permissions support and a huge amount of customization into 0.50 as well as release it by the end of the month. So sadly your no casting area will be pushed back a bit.

    The one thing I really wanted to comment on was the open sourceness of the MineQuest:
    MineQuest has so far and in the foreseeable future has been/will be released under GPL v2. This means that all of the source code is completely available. Anyone who wants to take it and modify it is more than welcome to. Source can be found at the following link:

    If people become more interested in writing plugins that interface with MineQuest, I will gladly produce some documentation regarding the more important aspects of the core API so people can do so.

    So in the end I wrote this very long post to say that I would happily give away the source to MineQuest. I am a avid Linux user on most of my computers and completely understand/support the open source philosophy.
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    Hello again. I just wanted to know. Where do I put my wordpad document once I have typed in all of the information to get the quest working? Thanks! Also, where can I find a list of different things to put in the word doc? Don't just say because I can't find it on the site. thanks!
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    I'm fine with waiting. I've made it this far, no problems with waiting a little longer. Also, greatly appreciate the lengthy response. Typically devs will give short, somewhat terse responses.

    I know I seem a little over-bearing, it's just that my server is truly impressed with this plugin, and I'm featuring it as one of the main things on my upcoming RPG server. And if all goes according to plan, and revenue comes in for donations, I want you to know you'll be getting a fair share, as this plugin has stunned many of the people on my server with its robust qualities. Keep up the good work, man!

    Another update on the disappearing NPC debacle. I'm 99% sure that the cause is spawning an NPC while the 'nomobs' is on. NPCs spawned while its off, and then added while its on do not dissapear. A server restart makes them reappear again, provided you turn mobs back on.

    Not a severe bug, just throwing that out there as a possible cause
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    I'm having two problems whit my recent quest.
    ive posted it in the mineQUEST-forums as to not clutter this thread, but traffic is low there, coud a experienced user please check it out?all information needed is provided i think

    to jakeob22:, seriously, look around for a bit, in the left navigation menu, theres a page called "writing quest reference"

    something that might also be usefull to get you started might be the link in the top of the "writing quest reference"

    the menu-item "adding content" also contains links to both aforementioned pages

    hope you can find it
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    Well, I might have some good news for some of the users here who feel like modifying your own minecraft.jar file.

    I have a 7zip file sitting here:

    For those who know how to mod your client, the contents of this 7zip file need to be placed in the root directory of the jar file.

    For those who don't know how to mod your jar file, I suggest that you either do not attempt this mod, or do your research with google before you attempt to mod the jar file.

    I will only offer very limited support on this.
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    what does it do ? i mean there already is a modded client released to display custom skins so im assuming this is something else....?

    all you are saying is that its a mod for if we want to mod our client, which is kind of vague.
    I don''t feel like modding if i dont now what ill be modding.
    all i know is that it has to do whit custom skins because of the filename

    im not trying to badmouth you or anything, just pointing out you should probably specify its purpose a little better

    also to everyone expecting someone to troubleshoot there immense plugin lists (lolgc, maniac-something) if you dont find it urgent enough to do this for yourself , i dont deem it urgent enough to do it for you

    since the first post explains minequest is not compatible whit mods that effect health/food,
    and it doesn't require rocket science to realize that worldguard and essentials deal whit health and food, i assume you haven''t even tried solving your own problem.

    because im not a total ass i can tell you guys that atleast worldguard, essentials, essentials.spawn and citizens will/might have compatibility isseus.

    these are just the plugins of which i know they deal whit health or cause other compatibility issues.

    if you can't even figure out citizens whit a HEALER NPC causes compatibility issues,
    then you obviously haven't tried very hard to find a solution yourself.
    for this reason i will not spend time and effort solving your "problems" further. if you wish that poeple solve your problems atleast show them you have already tried yourself. once again since disabling all plugins and re-enabling them 1 by 1 is not hard, you woudve succeeded if you tried.
    instead you try to shift this tedious job to poeple who have better things to do than cover your laziness and motivational problems.

    firesofhades. out.


    srry for this flaming just saw ltan accually asked to do this...

    it might be wise to add a list of known compatible/incompatible plugins to the first post, instead of just saying "plugins that deal whit health/food", and offering to troubleshoot every server setup out there.(possibly testing the same plugin multiple times)
    known compatible/incompatible plugins might be ghatered in a topic on in order to keep it a bit structured, i fear notes about plugins might get lost in this thread.

    for now i can tell you guys that i am sure worldguard and essentials conflict
    i assumed essential.spawn woud conflict because it uses the command /setspawn (this might be solved in the essentials config).
    i also assumed citizens to conflict because it has healer npc's.
    still... solving these issues yourself isn't hard...
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    At my Point the Problem is, that it doesnt work.

    I deletet the Database in MySQL, deletet the whole Plugin Folder and the MINEQUEST folder in root.
    At least i can say to myself: it doesnt work.

    I still deal damage after i have fallen down from somwhere. I Cant Even walk wthout beeing half Death :(

    Here are the serverfiles, in properties'll have to change IP:YOURIP to yours xD
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    Hi guys, a question.
    I need help on writing quests, and at the quest writing pages there are mostly information about dungeon quests (atleast from how I see it) but what if I need to create a simple-boring-noob quest, for example go chop some wood for a npc or something. Is it possible in MineQuest? And sorry, if there's something obvious I'm missing.

    ekdahl :)
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    Actually, aside from it not protecting from spell damage, World Guard works fairly nice with MineQuest. Of course, you can't do anything stupid like set a town in WorldGuard to heal you, because obviously, that WOULD cause issues.

    Most plugins are more than capable of running alongside MineQuest, so long as you take the time to configure them.

    Anywho, MORE info regarding NPC disappearing/corrupting:
    I'm having NPCs that end up losing the hit/walk messages on restarts, and some even revert to older phrases that I've had them say. While I'm fairly certain this is due to the fact that I'm using SQLite rigth now, and it tends to be a bit unreliable, I went ahead and posted it for you guys anyways.

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