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    MineQuest - RPG System with Customizable Quests and Classes
    Version: 0.62-test
    MineQuest started out as a plugin to add some RPG-like progression to Minecraft. It had 8 (By default, now completely customizable) character classes (4 Combat, 4 Resource - also by default) and you gained experience by doing tasks related to the class (e.g. Warriors fight with a Sword, or WarMages cast WarMage Spells). All combat classes gained health when they went up in levels, and all classes gained related abilities at certain levels.

    An example of a custom class configuration is now available:

    Now MineQuest has grown to be a much bigger project than gaining abilities and extra health. It includes mobs that get harder over time based on a level adjustment (determined by active players in the server). It has built in economy(iConomy Supported)/town systems that are available if people so desire. Most likely the coolest thing so far is the quest system.

    Good Places to start in game are /minequest, /cubonomy (economy), and /quest (questing specific). Also poking around the help pages (Linked as more information below) gives some details about more advanced commands as well.

    MineQuest is equipped with a system that is being developed so that minecraft can have real instanced dungeons where a select party can teleport into a world that has traps, harder monsters, and special loot. When complete players are brought back to their original locations.

    These quests are completely customizable as they only load from a text file. MineQuest will search the bukkit directory for the appropriate .quest file when the quest is started. This means that anyone running a server could write a quest. Not just plugin developers!

    The spell system is nothing special, and I'm sure that others exist out there, but what really makes MineQuest unique is the complete package, dungeons and everything.

    MySQL or SQLite

    Suspected Conflicts:
    Towny, Essentials Spawn, World Guard, mcMMO,
    Other plugins that modify damage/health

    This is a video of the first real dungeon created, the first time through

    MineQuest 0.40 Trailer -


    Whats new in 0.60?


    Please read the following FAQ before posting your question. It will help you out by getting the answer faster and help us out by having a smaller volume of questions.
    There are some forums on the MineQuest site found below.
    If you cannot solve your issues in the MQ Forums and from the FAQ and the bug does not already exist please post it on the bug tracker.

    More Info:
    Information about MineQuest and its features

    Version 0.61:
    *NPC Fix Item Properties (Blacksmith Capabilities)
    *Fixed Ranged Ability Bindings
    *Other NPC Property changes
    *Bug Fixes
    Version 0.60:
    *Idle Quest System
    *Main World Scripting
    *Reputation System
    Version 0.53:
    *Fixed Instancing System
    *Fixed NPC Respawning Issue
    *Updated to b860
    *Fixed money naming
    *A couple hidden features

    Full Changelog:

    If you love MineQuest then help keep the project alive:
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    0.0 I am going to step out on the limb here and say no. You will need to use either towny, or MQ's towns. If you want towny set:
    I am by far, no where near finished, but here is a rough draft of the command sheet I am working on. Any thoughts ideas, graphic artists who wish to contribute some awesome images would be nice :)

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    this is a little buggy, Im probably not doing it right...
    I set max classes to 1, but when they add a class, it says there is no
    "No Warmage classes are currently avaliable"
    "Warmage succesfully added!"
    and than I could add warrior and other classes aswell.
    Also, i set towns to off and i still get flooded with console errors. Im going to bed, ill post more info tommorow, its just this is a great looking plugin, and I want it tow work. Gnight :)
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    zoolder: read the previous couple of pages and you will see that what you are seeing is indeed a bug for now.

    MQ0.40 was just released, and unfortunately there are some bugs in it :)
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    Itan.. Awesome, thanks for the cheat sheet! It's definitely missing some commands, but great work so far.

    Zoolder: If you really want to run w/ limited classes in the plugins current state, you must be VERY SPECIFIC with the capitalization. It's WarMage, PeaceMage, Warrior, Archer. If you add the class with incorrect capitalization you have to manually go into your database and delete it, because there is no command to remove it, and you can't overwrite it with correct capitalization currently. jmonk has said that he is working on it, so if you be patient (and I mean PATIENT, coding isn't easy), 0.41 will be out soon and you won't have to worry about it.
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    Hey jmonk,
    im part of a relatively big German server and we would like to make a second world run by ur RPG-Plugin. The only problem we have is, that we cannot install the plugin for only one of the worlds. Therefore it would be awesome if u could add permission for minequest, cuz that means that we could give the users the possibilty to activate and deactivate minequest for them at any time they want to. Do u think it is possible to add permissions ?

    If there are any, then excuse me and tell me please where i can find those :p

    And i have another question: Where exactly have the .quest-files to be located ? As we have put them into the bukkit-direct. and we have tried to put them into the minequest folder. But still, if i use the /list_quest nothing happens at all, although the rest of the plugin runs fine. I have also tried to use /start_quest name, but still no success :(

    Regards Black
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    Black: jmonk has stated that he is willing to, if he hasn't already, look into getting permissions setup for MQ. I am sure that he will expound on this later, and I think he may have mentioned it int he last few pages as well.
  8. You are AWESOME!! Thanks alot!
    Could you do the NPC commands and questevents next?
    I will make graphical overview, wanted to do that anyway :)
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    The QuestEvents will need to be their own document I am afraid. At least their own page if I keep the document as one pdf. I am expecting to have the sheet done tonight at the latest, depending on RL.

    Also, if anyone sees any errors let me know... I am known to make -y's into -ies's randomly :p
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    You can - as a temporary measure - use ServerPort and run two server instances and have people travel to the other World (Server) via a fancy portal.
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    Farmer thing: on it, I'll see what I can do

    Hostile NPCs - Absolutely at some point in the future.
    Loot Tables - Doesn't sound hard and I am making a lot of configuration possible - Probably going to happen if people want it

    Factions - I've heard this mentioned a couple times before. The reason its hard for me to consider it is that my server is too small to support such a thing, but I know others have large enough servers for such things. Could someone make a thread in the forums on the minequest site for anyone interested to give their input? or at the very least a bukkit thread. I just want to discuss this more before I make any promises.

    I will say this, if enough people speak out about a feature which is possible, I can't say no to a crowd.

    Permissions - definitely going to happen, I tried for this release but I just couldn't get them done in time. Although I'm not sure they will give you the complete disabling option you desire. The MineQuest is rooted pretty deeply in the combat system for both players and monsters, its really hard to just disable things without causing other problems.

    Worlds - Now I think this is probably possible. In the future I could try to add a parameter for world that it affected and The MineQuest would be running on one world + its dungeon instance worlds. Would this work for you?

    Quest thing - I've talked about this a couple times before a page or two back. You need an NPC to give you the quest, otherwise it won't show up in your list. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes to make the NPC if you go read that post. Let me know if it doesn't work for you.

    Yeah, that will be fixed in 0.41. I'm just trying to deal with the disappearing NPC issue then I think it'll be ready.

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    Awesome man, keep the nice work AND support up. Realy great that u answer as fast :D . So jeah, if u could include a parameter that only one world is affected by the plugin, it would be awesome, that would even make permissions completely uneeded at least for us. I will try out the idea with the npc later and tell u if it worked, thanx to u and all others who made suggestions to our problem. Do u think that u could get the parameter for the world into the next update ?

    Would make u even more awesome :)

    Could u tell me again, where EXACTLY the questfiles have to be and how to delete a npc ?
    Regards Black
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    /town_spawn is not working. Found this while finishing up the cheat-sheet.

    posted a newer cheat-sheet. Still not finished with it, and the layout will change again. Just trying to make sure I have space for everything.
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    There are plenty of mods out there already that do player factions and guilds which is not what I meant, by factions I mean creating a system where one player can be friendly to a set of npcs while another would be hostile.
    Either have it a flag or value based and either killing certain npcs or doing certain quests would allow players to improve or degrade their standing. (I dont think npcs would be happy if someone walked up and killed their king, but maybe if I completed this epic quest and saved their village they wouldnt mind so much anymore)
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    Please, do this ASAP. I absolutely love this plugin, but I cant use it since I run a multi-world server. One for RPGs, and one for Building/Towns.

    A simple world enable/disable would make this plugin AMAZING.
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    The support here is AMAZING, ive never seen plugin developers be so kind to everyone. And Itan is great too, thnx for all the help! I look forward to using this when its closer to completion, and jmok, from what ive seen so far its great! However, is there any warrior abilities? like a power strike? (With a cooldown) and I hope for a separate document for ranger, warmage, and peacemage. Keep up the great work!
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    So this plugin is absolutely amazing... seriously I can't believe you put this much work into something, and furthermore allowed all of us to take advantage of it as well! Thank you so much for doing this!

    I do have one request, however, and that is to allow for permissions nodes. Basically I have a server that's been using mcmmo due to the fact this used to use mysql, and I could not use that with my server, but now your supporting sqlite i'm in a strange position... This is a better plugin, but my guys have spent a LOT of time on the mcmmo stuff. I'd love to basically take some aspects from this plugin, like the AMAZING magic system, without screwing over all my guys by deleting the old system and migrating over to this one.

    Anyway, excellent work once again, but I do hope you can allow this!
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    You can run both together, just turn off mcMMO's auto-heal. I used to run both, not for a while though due to MQ being better imho, and the only issue I had was taking damage randomly from mcMMO's auto-heal and MQ's health system. Once I turned off mcMMO's healing through Permissions however, no further issues. Both play nicely after that.

    This will enable you to get your players hooked onto the new system, and then later you can remove mcMMO once they have become equivalent to where they are now. Or just boost their MQ stats through sql to their current levels. I know this can be tedious, but it might get them hooked into the system faster :D, and *you* off of mcMMO sooner :D
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    Well there is one other issue i'm seeing, and that is that I really don't want all of the features Minequest offers. A lot of things are REALLY neat (like the merc's and the chests, and spells) but some things I suppose I just don't agree with completely... like using a shovel and a piece of dirt for a spell. To me, I'd much rather use mana for such a system which I designate to one specific item.

    So in the end, i'm really in a bind here... I am looking at some features as the absolute best i've EVER seen, and some as things I just would hate to see on my server. Permissions nodes would fix this indefinitely, or at least a configurable file would do this to a small degree... something that could allow me to make this work with my server, rather than being forced to use all the features, even those I already have, or don't want. Perhaps I'm asking too much, though, as the author does explain this point.. :/

    Edit: Man yeah... I've been trying this out and the fact it has features like it's own health system, makes integration with many plugins a little more difficult. For instance, healing through other plugins wont work unless you use the healing spell - all plugins that heal completely fail. This breaks my vampire plugin's autoregenerating health, the hospitals that use health signs, and the admin command "heal" provided by essentials.
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    Thanks for the support of my plugin. I love such kind words

    There is an ability powerstrike. There are in fact several Warrior abilities and Archer abilities, not all are listed on but all of the 0.3 ones are and the rest will be up shortly. You can set the cooldown of any spell in the casting times properties file. There is an experience bug with cooldowns that will be fixed in 0.41.

    Hmm next version is doubtful, but I will do my best to have it done before the next major release and as soon as possible.

    They have to be in the same place as a your craftbukkit-0.0.1-snap....jar file. I'll get back to you on the NPCs

    I was planning on implementing a sort of reputation system where you would have a reputation for "good" or "evil" based on your actions, of course the words would be configurable. I would like towns alignment to be based on its resident's reputations. Of course there would be some sort of system for there to be hostile NPCs etc. Is this close enough to what you are looking for?

    I really wanted to use mana, however there was no good way to display it without client side modding. Spell components were a widely used RPG system that had been around for a while and I thought they added a nice aspect to the game. Gathering resources is now much more important than before.

    In regards to configuration you'll notice that I made a huge leap forward from 0.3 to 0.4 making a lot of things configurable. MineQuest is a huge project and puts a huge burden on the server. There is a problem with making everything completely configurable as it will reduce performance (except for self writing code or self compiling code). So I have been trying to carefully balance what is configurable and what is not. The configuration project will continue and I have said I'm going to add permission nodes, however beware that the configuration that everyone in the community so desires may come at the price of performance.

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    ...What about portal blocks? :p
    That was my idea... and I'm not sure anyone else has thought of it yet. I was going to use them as loots dropped from creatures, and then use those to fuel commands. Just throwing it out there! It would be a fun little way of seeing your mana, and also it would be pretty close to the whole minecraft spirit! They are animated too, so one can look at it and gape at the magicalness :p

    And yes! The changes in 0.4 are freaking amazing. Overall the npc system you have created is just worlds ahead of the others here on Bukkit currently. I'm considering just biting the bullet and accepting the changes that may alter my system as it is now just to see those incredible interactions take place on my server. npcX Is close, but currently that one is not being maintained - so this is frontrunner by a landslide!

    And I apologize for not reading the threads more carefully before posting, I hadn't realized you were working on permission nodes - that is absolutely fantastic news - it's exactly what i'm looking for. 90% of this plugin would work perfectly for my server, it's just that other 10% that interferes with some of my other features - like healing.

    All the power to you though, you're on a whole different level than 95% of the other dev's working with bukkit, and i'm sure everyone who uses this plugin appreciates it!
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    Aww, you say such nice things and make my day. Can I offer you a custom build possibly?
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    @Lucid: you have hit that nail on the head Lucid :D I suspect that is the main reason that I am putting what I am able to and help with what I can :)

    I am unsure of whether I have actually voiced how much I appreciate jmonk and the plugin he has given us. It is truly a plugin above all others of it's type.

    The only other thing I can think of that jmonk could do to make it better would be to make a server :D
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    I don't know what you mean make a server?
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    How do we implement the quests we write into the world? I've read on how to make the quests, I'm just confused about where you put the quest code, or what type of file you save it as, and how to load it into minequest.

    Is there a guide/tut on this yet? I'd really like to start making some epic quests for my server :3
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    Thanks! So, the casting time is NOT how long it takes to cast, but infact its cooldown? And is it in seconds?
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    milliseconds I believe, I would have to double check to know for sure...
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    I would feel pretty strange taking up so much of your time with that, what with all the work your aiming to get done, however if you made a build that encompassed, say, NPC's and quests alone, I bet people would absolutely flock to this page to get their hands on it! (which, I can only imagine may already be in the works via new permissions?)

    Either way, for me the only thing holding me back is the ability/class system in general... but this is purely because my server has both been using mcmmo for so long, and because I'm looking to use the permission controlled mcmmo system to create customized classes where only 1-2 classes are available per user, from the global list - it's a small server I run, so I can make it that involved through manual methods :p

    So tl;dr: I'm awful picky about all this stuff, so it should say something that I've been considering a global plugin like this one at the moment to take over the main system we've used for months now XD Very good stuff.
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    I could look into a db conversion to give players some related levels in The MQ based on mcMMO levels... If there was interest...

    Just in the configuration alone you might be able to get something close to what you want.

    Firstly Abilities: The MineQuest loads all abilities from the abilities.jar file in the folder called MineQuest. If you open that with WinRAR(Windows)/Archive Manager(Linux), you can look at all of the abilities available. If you go through the folders org/monk/... until you get to AbilityWhatever.class. You can delete anyone you want and it will be gone from your server. Be warned a couple have dependencies, but if you are removing all you won't have any issues.

    Secondly Classes: Set it up so there is no exp reward for anything and then remove item restrictions, this should mostly remove the classes portion. This might affect your damage system slightly but its a good starting point...

    Let me know if you try this and if it works out.

    EDIT: Don't forget to set your starting_health to 20. Otherwise you'll always have half health.
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    scotsman: I am working on getting one together, but with my final exams coming up I am a bit pressed for time.

    The short end of the stick is, howver, you simply need to put your *.quest file into your main bukkit directory. Then you can call it by having a NPC give you the quest. Let me know if this was too simplistic an explanation and I will hit you with more in depth material. :)

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    I installed the plugin and am loving it but I have a bug. I created a property via /creatproperty. After which I fell off the roof of the property and hurt myself.. now everytime I move I get hit. Restarting the server didnt help.

    2011-05-03 22:13:38 [INFO] [MineQuest] 1 damage to twick100
    2011-05-03 22:13:38 [INFO] [MineQuest] [INFO] twick100 - 7/10
    Any ideas?

    UPDATE : after using /town_spawn (This command worked before restarting server) I get the following error in console. (Seems to wipe the spawn location of a town when server restarts, setting /setspawn fixes this)

    2011-05-03 22:04:34 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    2011-05-03 22:04:34 [SEVERE]     at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.entity.CraftPlayer.teleport(
    2011-05-03 22:04:34 [SEVERE]     at org.monk.MineQuest.Listener.MineQuestPlayerListener.processTown(
    2011-05-03 22:04:34 [SEVERE]     at org.monk.MineQuest.Listener.MineQuestPlayerListener.onPlayerCommandPreprocess(
    2011-05-03 22:04:34 [SEVERE]     at$5.execute(
    2011-05-03 22:04:34 [SEVERE]     at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
    2011-05-03 22:04:34 [SEVERE]     at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
    2011-05-03 22:04:34 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.handleCommand(
    2011-05-03 22:04:34 [SEVERE]     at
    2011-05-03 22:04:34 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    2011-05-03 22:04:34 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.Packet3Chat.a(
    2011-05-03 22:04:34 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.a(
    2011-05-03 22:04:34 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    2011-05-03 22:04:34 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:100)
    2011-05-03 22:04:34 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    2011-05-03 22:04:34 [SEVERE]     at
    2011-05-03 22:04:34 [SEVERE]     at
    2011-05-03 22:04:34 [SEVERE] Nag author: 'Monk' of 'MineQuest' about the following: onPlayerCommandPreprocess has been replaced with a new signature, (PlayerCommandPreprocessEvent)
    2011-05-03 22:04:34 [INFO] twick100 issued server command: town_spawn

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