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    MineQuest - RPG System with Customizable Quests and Classes
    Version: 0.62-test
    MineQuest started out as a plugin to add some RPG-like progression to Minecraft. It had 8 (By default, now completely customizable) character classes (4 Combat, 4 Resource - also by default) and you gained experience by doing tasks related to the class (e.g. Warriors fight with a Sword, or WarMages cast WarMage Spells). All combat classes gained health when they went up in levels, and all classes gained related abilities at certain levels.

    An example of a custom class configuration is now available:

    Now MineQuest has grown to be a much bigger project than gaining abilities and extra health. It includes mobs that get harder over time based on a level adjustment (determined by active players in the server). It has built in economy(iConomy Supported)/town systems that are available if people so desire. Most likely the coolest thing so far is the quest system.

    Good Places to start in game are /minequest, /cubonomy (economy), and /quest (questing specific). Also poking around the help pages (Linked as more information below) gives some details about more advanced commands as well.

    MineQuest is equipped with a system that is being developed so that minecraft can have real instanced dungeons where a select party can teleport into a world that has traps, harder monsters, and special loot. When complete players are brought back to their original locations.

    These quests are completely customizable as they only load from a text file. MineQuest will search the bukkit directory for the appropriate .quest file when the quest is started. This means that anyone running a server could write a quest. Not just plugin developers!

    The spell system is nothing special, and I'm sure that others exist out there, but what really makes MineQuest unique is the complete package, dungeons and everything.

    MySQL or SQLite

    Suspected Conflicts:
    Towny, Essentials Spawn, World Guard, mcMMO,
    Other plugins that modify damage/health

    This is a video of the first real dungeon created, the first time through

    MineQuest 0.40 Trailer -


    Whats new in 0.60?


    Please read the following FAQ before posting your question. It will help you out by getting the answer faster and help us out by having a smaller volume of questions.
    There are some forums on the MineQuest site found below.
    If you cannot solve your issues in the MQ Forums and from the FAQ and the bug does not already exist please post it on the bug tracker.

    More Info:
    Information about MineQuest and its features

    Version 0.61:
    *NPC Fix Item Properties (Blacksmith Capabilities)
    *Fixed Ranged Ability Bindings
    *Other NPC Property changes
    *Bug Fixes
    Version 0.60:
    *Idle Quest System
    *Main World Scripting
    *Reputation System
    Version 0.53:
    *Fixed Instancing System
    *Fixed NPC Respawning Issue
    *Updated to b860
    *Fixed money naming
    *A couple hidden features

    Full Changelog:

    If you love MineQuest then help keep the project alive:
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    The only plugins i use are WorldEdit, MotherNature, CraftBook, MidiBanks, MusicCraft, BlastControl, BurningMobs, Stargate, Turnstile, iConomy, LocalShops and Permissions.
    With or Without plugins both me and my brother had different names.
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    umm...i suck at the "MySql" part :S
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    what OS are you on karlmagnus?
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    still not updated =(
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    just hang on he also has a rl job and stuff so hang on
    he also wana work out the bugs with testing it before releasing
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    Oh he has a real job like most men our age? crazy
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    Not really.. he is a college student living the free life of booze women and ... well.. he is in college nuff said lol :)

    He is actually working hard on things and putting some finishing touches on the release.... should be soon.. like no more than a day or two....

    But then again, I speak off the records all the time so :p

    We apologize for those who made the first statement of this post... They have subsequently been sacked.
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    Hm.. I'm having a problem with quests. I add the quest to the bukkit directory and it says it's not there when I try to /start_quest (name) it. Any suggestions to fix this?
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    Chipster: do you just have the quest file, or do you also have the world file?
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    Also the world file.
    /list_quest doesn't do anything, either, if that helps...
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    In 0.40 I implemented a system for having quests available, they can be handed out by npcs.

    the only difference is the spawn command now is /spawn_npc.
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    When I type /spawn_quest_giver Wise_Man it says it's an unknown command, and when I tried /spawn_npc it said "Congratulations, you have found a bug!". Something's messed up. D:
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    Did you try /spawn_npc Wise_Man?
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    Hey jmonk, I spawned a Wise_Man. I then set him up with:

    /npc_property Wise_Man quest dungeon
    /npc_property Wise_Man walk_message psst... I have a task for you
    /npc_property Wise_Man radius 2
    /npc_property Wise_Man hit_message Thank you for taking the task.. FOOL! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

    Wise_man was there for about an hour, but now he has dissappeared. I can still hear him, but he is gone.

    He did reappear after I restarted the server.

    Dangit! I had put in npc_properties. THAT IS WRONG USE npc_property!!!!!
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    So far the plugin seems great. On the website, you mention that some servers may start you off w/ no combat classes. I want to limit my players to 1 combat class. I can't find the setting that makes you start with no combat classes, is it possible to do this currently?

    Also, /createparty does not seem to be working. I just get an Unknown Console command error when I try to input that in game. This is with cb 740, and a few other plugins, none of which should be conflicting with that command.
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    It wiped all my players data and levels :/ but i'm still excited!

    My bad, it just reverted back to flat file, set it back to MySQL and all is well...

    jmonk, I disabled cubeonomy in the config but it doesn't look like it's looking for iconomy anymore... should I leave cubeonomy on and let the plugin read iconomy??

    **seems it has to be enabled for stores to work!

    One more issue, towns are disabled but I can't create shops because it says it's not in town! So without being able to create a town... !
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    Is there possibly any link to the chunk unloading? Like if you walk really far away he disappears? Its a new NPC Library and sometimes it does strange things...

    The combat classes parameter in the config file is the limit on the number of combat classes a player can have. If it is 4 then players will start with all combat classes, if it is anything less than 4 then they will start with 0 and have to add as many as are allowed.

    I'll check on the /createparty thing.

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    I think that it is corrected now. I have been wandering around for hours near and far and he appears to be stable. Other than the fact that I have him looking at the ground, I think my town is starting to be really nice...

    I did add in CraftBook simply because I wanted to use gates and elevators.
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    Disabling Cubonomy will remove all of the stores and everything from the plugin so there is no need to use iConomy. You shouldn't need to disable anything or remove anything for iConomy to work. It should just detect it and work fine. Also should let you know on startup what it is doing.
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    Ok that's all straight now, but I want to disable towns and just use Worldguard but it makes me have to have a town to create shops... so I disabled towns and it still asks to be inside a town :/
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    Yeah well the way things are setup shops have to be inside of towns. However my recommendation is to turn off build protection and mob protection and create a town. That way the town really won't do anything except be a placeholder for shops to be created.
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    Sounds good. I've spawned an NPC but he has no radius message and I tried to add one but get no feedback and it doesn't look like it's sticking... I'm having the same problem as before on that dev build :/ if you have time
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    Ok, sony's issue was in a previous post of mine I listed /npc_properties which is incorrect. The proper command is /npc_property. Sorry for the confusion Sony, and anyone else.
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    I see you on... nevermind jmonk it was just case sensitivity! Console response would be nice though... for the future releases!

    Urgh! I take that back, he won't take a hit message and I can't assign him a quest!

    To elaborate, the hit message and quest name both exist in his SQL table, but he doesn't respond to being hit. It doesn't give exp for punching him anymore but he isn't responding to being abused!

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    monk, I also have to retract my statement about the npc's. They have dissappeared again after I logged out for about an hour, and they reappear when I restart the server. No one else has been on the server today except me.
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    Thanks for the quick response jmonk! I got it working now. It also appears that players can add classes that don't exist. One of my players tried '/addclass list' and now has a 'list' class in his /char sheet. I will continue to test and post any other bugs I find unless you'd like me to report them elsewhere. Also, it turns out, if you capitalize wrong (ie warmage instead of WarMage) you don't get the spells, and you can't add the class w/ proper capitalization afterwards either. For now we're going back to the 4 class system. I would like to add this feature, but it seems too troublesome for the common player in it's current state. We will keep testing features and I will let you know of any other bugs/errors I come across.
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    Are there permissions for this?
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    1. Put a shirt on!
    2. Doesn't look like it :(
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