[RPG] The Circle - elemental magic RPG [1000]

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    · Earth
    · Wind
    · Fire
    · Water
    · Spirit

    Base Abilities:
    · Insta-mine – instantly mines blocks getting 5 drops of each with no need for tools - cost 1 mana per block
    · Plant-sapling when right clicking grass (no need to have a sapling in inventory) – cost 50 mana
    Command Abilities:

    · /pillar [int height] – summons a pillar of earth to raise the player onto and escape from danger – cost 30 mana per block high (max 10)
    · /cave [int radius] – hollows out a cave around the player (converts all blocks to drops) – cost 50 mana per block radius

    Base Abilities:
    · Flight – fly by right clicking with a feather in your hand – cost 1 mana per click
    · No fall damage – wind classes don’t take any fall damage, ever.
    Command Abilities:

    · /strike – strikes lightning at the target location – cost 100 mana per strike

    Base Abilities:
    · Incendiary - Set mobs on fire in combat by right clicking them – cost 10 mana per click
    · Fireproof – fire classes don’t take any fire damage, ever.
    Command Abilities:

    · /melt [int depth] – melts the blocks below your feet into a pillar of lava of set depth – cost 20 mana per block – max 10 blocks

    Base Abilities:
    · Breathe water – water classes don’t drown, ever
    · Swim faster – right clicking with a wooden sword in your hand increases your swim speed – cost 5 mana per click
    Command Abilities:

    · /rain – starts a rainstorm – cost 20 mana

    Base Abilities:
    · Spirit shield – spirit classes don’t take damage while they have any mana, no matter the cause, but getting hurt drains your mana quickly
    · Launch mobs – right clicking on a player/mob will send them flying! – cost 30 mana per click
    Command Abilities:

    · /warp – warps you to wherever you are looking at – cost 10 mana
    · /tp [Playername] – teleports you to the specified player – cost 30 mana
    · /copy [Playername] – sets your inventory to match the inventory of the set player – 50 mana
    Running out of mana:

    · If you run out of mana you cannot use any more of your abilities until your mana refreshes itself.
    · Mana is a finite resource – use it wisely!
    · If you die on the server you must wait 30 minutes before you can play again.
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    How much mana do you start with? What is the refresh rate? Spirit seems a little op especially with "/copy" and spirt shield XD
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    Sounds interesting. I am brain dead right now but usually when I see something like this I get tons of ideas. D:
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    I'm usually not interested in class based plugins, but this seems interesting. It could use some serious balancing of course.
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