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    Michael Rhodes

    This Project is still being worked on but not available right now.
    You can see progress on my servers website...

    RPGCraft - RPG Features for Minecraft [b556jnks]
    Version: v0.3.79

    RPGCraft is going to be a full RPG experience for Minecraft. The goals for this plugin
    are to provide Races, Professions, Leveling, etc.

    This is an ongoing project, and currently the most complete feature is the custom currency
    that is based off of other popular MMOs and RP games. Gold, Silver, and Copper.

    I work very hard on this project and hope that I can provide something that you guys will like, and enjoy using. If you enjoy this plugin, and want to help support me in programming it, you may make a donation to show your support. I really appreciate any help and will continue working hard on this regardless of donations.

    Please read the following for some basic usage of the plugin, and if you have any
    questions feel free to email me about the plugin.

    • Custom currency based on gold, silver and copper.
    • Set a custom RPG name, shows up while chatting in game
    • Distance based chat - /shout to talk to everyone, just chat to talk to people close by.
    • Full Permissions support built in
    • SQLite database used
    To get more help with these commands try them in game. Also, the /rpg help command is your friend :)

    • /rpg help - Brings up a list of commands for this plugin
    • /rpg setname - Lets the player set a RPG name for themselves
    • /rpg resetname - Mods and admins can reset someones name so the player can set it again
    • /rpg list
    • /rpg describe - Describe the class or profession givin
    • /rpg choose - Set your class and profession. <-- not implemented yet
    • /rpg saveall - Save all the RPG data to the sqlite db
    • /rpg loadall - Load all the data from the db.
    • /balance, or /bal - Displays balance to player
    • /givecoin - trade coin with another player
    • /banker - Command to allow a banker to give coin to other players
    • /exchange - Command to exchange between the RPG currency and iConomy
    Permission Nodes:
    • rpgcraft.money - Disables currency system (/balance and /givecoin) commands
    • rpgcraft.money.mods - give access to checking other places balances (/balance <playername>)
    • rpgcraft.bank.banker - gives access to the banker command (/banker <gold> <silver> <copper> <player>)
    • rpgcraft.rpg.mods - allows mods to use the saveall and loadall commands (/rpg [saveall | loadall])
    Future Plans:
    • Working on adding Class and Profession support
    • Will add leveling and experience
    • Build in support for controlling the RPG features on a "per world" basis
    Version 0.3.79
    • Built on version 531 of Craftbukkit
    • Added Full iConomy Support (as requested :) )
    • New command! " /exchange [rpg|icon] [<icon coins> | <gold> <silver> <copper>]"
    • Also, added exchange rates. Make people really consider doing an exchange by having a fee.
    • Added more options in the config file.
    Version 0.3.75
    • Updated for latest Craftbukkit code (497)
    • Distance based chat is now an option in the config file
    • Your custom class files can now be used. Please see the Default class file included in download for more information on the format and options.
    • Players can now List, Describe, and Choose a class. Choosing a class is still in development, and as of now not so useful, but you can at least test it out, and let me know of bugs :)
    • I am aware the iConomy uses /balance and so does my plugin. I will make sure iConomy integration is part of the next release, and this issue will be resolved.
    • Dropped the class and profession tables from the database, now just the player data is stored in the sqlite file.
    Version 0.3.7
    • Fixed bug where new players weren't added to the Database
    • Changed some internal code to make things run better
    • Added Class and Profession support (just the beginnings, not useful yet).
    Version 0.3.6
    • Now will save 2 log files, one for all transactions, another to keep most up-to-date balances.
    Version 0.3.5
    • Currency working very well.
    • Added Permissions support
    • Used sqlite database
    • First "official release"

    [email protected]
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    Michael Rhodes

    perfect :) It will be sometime.... I am kinda focused on this plugin now... but when I get stuck with this, or need a break I will be working on my game.

    I'm still working on this plugin now. Currently working on the plugin.... I want to make sure things are working really well before I make a release another update....

    Will be soon, I promise :)
  3. this would be a pain but as a side plugin what about adding more monsters to it and like ultra animals and beasts lke a boss or somethin... just an idea
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    Michael Rhodes

    Well, I don't know that I can add monsters.... but I will be making monsters have an experience level based on certain conditions. One thing I am thinking is that a mod or someone can "set" a point to be a town center. and from this point outward the mobs will increase in level the further away you go.

    This way mobs that are close will be lower level, and the further you travel then the harder the mobs get, and of course the more exp you get for killing them.

    Say you have 2 town center areas defined, then as you get towards the center of these two areas the mobs will get stringer, but then start to get weaker as you approach the second town.. These are just my ideas so far... I'm not really even close to making this a reality yet, but it's stuff I have been thinking about
    --- merged: Feb 17, 2011 3:43 AM ---
    Ok guys....

    Here it is.... my work for today.

    I guess there isn't a great deal of new stuff. This is mostly a bug fix release. There was an issue with new players not getting saved to the database. The update I amade before this was kind of an attempt to help with that by storing all player balances in text files as well as the database, but this time I got it working properly.

    I also started laying the ground work for adding class and profession support.

    I really recommend getting this one if you are using the plugin.... you may have noticed some data net getting saved before, that should be fixed now.


    Let me know if there are any problems..
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    wondering if this is compatible with iconomy or if i need to disable the rpg currency
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    Michael Rhodes

    Hey, this is completely compataable.... in fact it shouldn't effect iconomy at all.

    There MAY be and issue will the sqllite connections though.... that is something I am going to look into today. You are welcome to try it out, and if it all loads alright, then there should not be a problem.

    the only thing is that my plugin uses /bal or /balance, and /givecoin or /gc command. I already know that /gc doesn't work if you have essentials :(

    Anyway, for anyone testing this out, please let me know of any bugs or problems. I am more then happy to fix them right away and make a new releases.
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    okay i tested currency system with my fellow friend (no buggs found)but only on my test server and when we can expect proffesions and classes?
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    you know what's up, lookin good
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    okay one question when does the player get payed? like every one hour? and how much? ( i am talking about currency system )

    edit : oooooh i think i get it on cvar u set up how much new player gets coins yea? and then they have to trade things for coins ?
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    Michael Rhodes

    I guess I need to clear this up a bit... The currency system in my plugin is not meant to be a full featured currency system. It's just there to support the rest of the plugin.

    I'll have some class stuff up soon.... hopefully today
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    btw i dont know why but /shout and local chat is laggy other players write and see after about 1-2 minutes
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    Michael Rhodes

    what other plugins do you have ?

    I just made some changes to the chat.. I have it disabled by default now. I found out by looking through the forums that a plugin called Herochat does something similar to what I did with chat/ My plugin really does not depend on this chat feature, so I made it an option.

    I do not have a release out yet... still working on classes :)
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    I know you've already created a pretty expansive currency system, but for future compatibility and easy integration into current servers, have you considered switching a few of your systems over to iConomy plugins? I haven't done a complete read-over of all your stuff, but I know there are already NPC vendors, Repair shops, and Monsters-dropping-currency plugins for the iConomy currency system. If you utilized it in your code, and just made your banking system an iConomy-compatible plugin, I think you could do a few things:

    - Other people can create/modify/customize their RPG experience, as it uses a common platform (iConomy), and thus can integrate easily with other iConomy-based plugins
    - Let's you focus your time on the leveling/class aspects of the RPG plugin)
    - Easier to update (because each item is a separate entity, you don't have to completely overhaul future systems that you might be accidentally integrate with each other because it's being created as one large project... if that makes sense)
    - Your plugin will see more use because it's easily added into existing servers that are iConomy-based (rather than them having to decide if they want to keep their iConomy system and not use your RPG plugin, or scrap the iConomy and convert to RPG).
    - People could use your auxiliary plugins (banking plugin, for instance), even if they weren't using your RPG plugin. This could lend extra attention for your RPG plugin (which I assume is your ultimate goal), and show off your talents more readily (as you'd have 5 or 6 plugins made, not just a single huge one).

    Just thought I'd mention it. :) Otherwise, keep up the great work! This project looks awesome, and I'll definitely keep my eye on it once the leveling and classes appear. ^_^
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    I really need classes, so please, make it faster, than you can! :)
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    Your plugin looks reaaallly good. and I'd like to be able to play it, only i'm getting an error message:

    2011-02-17 19:26:22 [INFO] [RPGCraft] ---> Successfully loaded all player data.
    2011-02-17 19:26:22 org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer loadPlugins
    GRAVE: org.bukkit.Server.getWorlds()Ljava/util/List; (Is it up to date?)
    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.bukkit.Server.getWorlds()Ljava/util/List;
    at net.tigerstudios.RPGCraft.listener_Player.<init>(listener_Player.java:457)
    at net.tigerstudios.RPGCraft.RPGCraft.initializeRPGCraft(RPGCraft.java:129)
    at net.tigerstudios.RPGCraft.RPGCraft.onEnable(RPGCraft.java:83)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPlugin.setEnabled(JavaPlugin.java:135)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader.enablePlugin(JavaPluginLoader.java:285)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(SimplePluginManager.java:175)
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(CraftServer.java:60)
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugins(CraftServer.java:45)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(MinecraftServer.java:153)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.c(MinecraftServer.java:140)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.d(MinecraftServer.java:104)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:177)
    at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:512)

    I'm a little bit of a noob about programming or stuff like that.
    I'm running other mods such as
    Worldguard and Worldedit
    Essentials and Permissions
    LevelCraft (maybe thats the problem ...?)

    Well I hop you can help me with that...
    or someone else can...
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    Michael Rhodes

    Hmm.... I use all those plugins as well, except the inventory one.

    What about making sure you are using the latest version of Craftbukkit
    [COLOR=rgb(20, 20, 20)]java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.bukkit.Server.getWorlds()Ljava/util/List;

    That line makes me think you may need to upgrade.

    Let me know if that works for you
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    i have these plugins

    World edit
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    As its been mentioned before in this thread, please add in an option for iConomy support either as an option of using your currency system or the iConomy system... or have some kinda feature or additional plugin that will work as a money exchanger to allow money from each system to be exchanged for the other.
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    wow classes, that could be MODIFIED. Great So can't wait for this, and btw u psoted in my request for a rpg :] Thanks man, and i hope this turns out great with the classes. We need new mobs... or else everyone will die in 1 hit :[
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    Michael Rhodes

    Hope to get a lot of work done on this this weekend. For starters it will be pretty basic, but I will add what I can over time.

    As for the Mobs, I plan on revamping the attack system in minecraft. Everything will have hitpoints that change based on player level. Also, all damage will be modified to a more realistic level. So, coming face to face with a zombie will not kill you.
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    when the classes will come out?
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    Michael Rhodes

    I am working on it right now. I am converting the code a little to load in custom class files and then give the player a way to select their class.

    It will be soon, I swear :)

    My plan is to make classes completely configurable by your guys... however I don't think I can do that for professions.

    However, I will take suggestions and ideas for Professions, and make it the best I can. But right now my focus is on classes.
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    good to hear, maybe we can see the classes tomorrow?
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    How do i disable the economy
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    Ok well im not a programmer, took some classes but yeah..not a programmer

    Anyways lets see if i can brainstorm up an idea for you Custom Prof/Class system... maybe already what you have in mind or at very least help you on your way to a more robust Mod for all

    Im not really sure how you are doing your Stats or combat or anything.. but im guessing that is your trade secret atm :p

    But What if you get ride of Class all together... and make it all Prof, But in doing the prof you gain in your lvl/abilities, so Say you took up the prof of a fighter, as you did your fighter things you would gain + to stats up to a max per lvl and gain xp for killing .

    Prof = Fighter
    Description = he hits stuff

    Strength (Melee Dmg)= + 1
    Constitution (HP)= + 1
    Stamina (Energy)= +2
    Dexterity (Range dmg) =0
    Intelligence (Spell dmg)=-1
    Wisdom (Mana)=0

    Armor Types = Leather, Gold, Chain mail, Iron, Diamond (298 - 317)
    Weapon Types = Any melee item, up to diamond (end pick axes or sticks, whatever :p)

    so in my ex. if u put that stats as so, the more you use your Fighter prof the better you get with melee dmg, hp, and increase your energy.. but you start to slip on your spell type dmg.
    You could use any of the weapon or armor types being a fighter, or of course customize it to your liking.

    If you can restrict what items the person and actually equip based on prof (class if you will) (which is what i think you were getting at in the first place) then maybe you could also put a restriction in there of When they can use said armor/weapons...
    Armor Types = lvl 10 Leather, lvl 20 Gold etc
    But what i think would really be better if you took my lvl up style and ran with it would be req you to have so much str or whatever
    All player start with
    Str =1, Dex =1, Con=1, etc etc
    To use any Wood Weapons (sword, tools, Possible have this as a Weapon classified option so you can tell it what is a melee weapon) you would need to have a Str lvl of 2
    to use Iron weapons you need Str 10
    to use a bow you need Dex of 10

    As far as Powers, spells etc i would almost look into other mobs just to see if there are any nice ones you could integrate (allow to be used, plug and play style) so a bit less work.. However if once you are out there with your Core mod ( XP gaining, Prof based system, and Eco) then you can focus on customizing your own Skill/spells mods.

    But until then one way you could try to work this in would be (which i really dont know again, not a programmer) Have the Prof system set up with what Skill/spell sets are given to them through using say permissions or Group Manager, so when they pick Fighter, they can use all the weapon, armor, and now have X,y,z skill abilites from say
    or whatever mob you happen to run that would allow permissions to be set .. and hence let you change them based on what prof they are.
    Maybe even get http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mech-pumpkindiver-v0-13-210.3347/ to have an option in it for permissions then you could add in the Deep sea diver prof.

    but Yeah basically use what is already being used out there as much as possible and the easiest way would be to use some sort of Permission type system (Bukkit version etc) so you can have you Core mod do what everyone really really wants, to gain xp, Prof, Lvling etc

    now some may say .. But i want to be a fighter and a farmer (Class and a prof) Sure i guess you could come up with a way of doing this if you really wanted but i dont like the standard 5 classes with side prof. I always saw them as the same thing.. you run around adventuring and killin stuff with you sword and board, well you dont have alot of time left for tending them crops so you prob be a bad farmer... or bad blacksmith etc. But just cuz you are a farmer doesnt mean your stats would be bad...

    Prof = Farmer
    Description = he grows stuff

    Strength (Melee Dmg)= + 1
    Constitution (HP)= -1
    Stamina (Energy)= +1
    Dexterity (Range dmg) =+1
    Intelligence (Spell dmg)=0
    Wisdom (Mana)=+1

    Armor Types = Leather
    Weapon Types = Hoe, Stick, Shovel (whatever you know... customize)

    Just the server you are on would have to have either allow you to change you prof in some way (admin, op, or maybe an npc mod somewhere.. or maybe you make that addon to your Core)
    Or it could be a server where .. Hey.. thats what you picked ... whatever the server mod wants you know?

    Also if you look into something like
    and included functions with mods like this so ppl could quickly and easily add your RPG Core into their server and get an even more robust exp out of your mod with out you needing to come up with it also.

    As for you currency, keep it, do what you want with it... its a good idea, But also you should make an option in you Core set up to do a money exchange program as others have said with some of the other popular mods already used heavily (personally i dont see a need to reinvent stuff if its already there and you dont have to support it) and what i mean is basically look how they do their money values... and have your system just convert to theirs or just out put their numbers to your copper silver gold, so if one of the system is say you only get Rubies no other type then just have rubies = copper in your calc and then have it either spit out your Money values or you can have your system running under that convert back to Rubies either way im sure it wouldnt be to hard to do.
    im sure once you have any form of system where your money is in the foreground or back, ppl will change their prices and stuff on their systems to fall more into line with how they want their money system to work... i personally am a fan of Loot for coin but many other like other systems and so you dont want to make ppl sigh away from using what could be exactly what they wanted, minus the currency .

    Anyways i think i typed enough for you to think about... tell me what you think
    Good bad whatever
    just an idea that maybe you will like :)

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    when the classes of professions will be added?
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    I have been waiting for a plugin like this for my RP server. Amazing, just need class and professions to be added.

    Would it also be possible to add in iConomy support, and a config where you can turn certain features on and off.

    Another good aspect would be to use MySQL then you can have live updates to a website too using php.
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    cam u answer when will u add the classes ?
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    Michael Rhodes

    Hey guys...

    I am really sorry... Life has actually been pretty hectic and bad for me the last few days.... I'm not trying to ignore you, and I will be working more on this tonight and tomorrow..

    Just to let you know, with the new server update there are a couple issues I am working on fixing. I will try to get something up soon.

    I;ve just been having a hard time with life, and couldn't focus on this right now...

    Sorry guys
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    I get this error.. However, when I stop my server it says that RPGCraft was disabled?
    Any solutions?

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