[RPG] RPGCraft v0.3.79 - RPG Features for Minecraft

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    Michael Rhodes

    This Project is still being worked on but not available right now.
    You can see progress on my servers website...

    RPGCraft - RPG Features for Minecraft [b556jnks]
    Version: v0.3.79

    RPGCraft is going to be a full RPG experience for Minecraft. The goals for this plugin
    are to provide Races, Professions, Leveling, etc.

    This is an ongoing project, and currently the most complete feature is the custom currency
    that is based off of other popular MMOs and RP games. Gold, Silver, and Copper.

    I work very hard on this project and hope that I can provide something that you guys will like, and enjoy using. If you enjoy this plugin, and want to help support me in programming it, you may make a donation to show your support. I really appreciate any help and will continue working hard on this regardless of donations.

    Please read the following for some basic usage of the plugin, and if you have any
    questions feel free to email me about the plugin.

    • Custom currency based on gold, silver and copper.
    • Set a custom RPG name, shows up while chatting in game
    • Distance based chat - /shout to talk to everyone, just chat to talk to people close by.
    • Full Permissions support built in
    • SQLite database used
    To get more help with these commands try them in game. Also, the /rpg help command is your friend :)

    • /rpg help - Brings up a list of commands for this plugin
    • /rpg setname - Lets the player set a RPG name for themselves
    • /rpg resetname - Mods and admins can reset someones name so the player can set it again
    • /rpg list
    • /rpg describe - Describe the class or profession givin
    • /rpg choose - Set your class and profession. <-- not implemented yet
    • /rpg saveall - Save all the RPG data to the sqlite db
    • /rpg loadall - Load all the data from the db.
    • /balance, or /bal - Displays balance to player
    • /givecoin - trade coin with another player
    • /banker - Command to allow a banker to give coin to other players
    • /exchange - Command to exchange between the RPG currency and iConomy
    Permission Nodes:
    • rpgcraft.money - Disables currency system (/balance and /givecoin) commands
    • rpgcraft.money.mods - give access to checking other places balances (/balance <playername>)
    • rpgcraft.bank.banker - gives access to the banker command (/banker <gold> <silver> <copper> <player>)
    • rpgcraft.rpg.mods - allows mods to use the saveall and loadall commands (/rpg [saveall | loadall])
    Future Plans:
    • Working on adding Class and Profession support
    • Will add leveling and experience
    • Build in support for controlling the RPG features on a "per world" basis
    Version 0.3.79
    • Built on version 531 of Craftbukkit
    • Added Full iConomy Support (as requested :) )
    • New command! " /exchange [rpg|icon] [<icon coins> | <gold> <silver> <copper>]"
    • Also, added exchange rates. Make people really consider doing an exchange by having a fee.
    • Added more options in the config file.
    Version 0.3.75
    • Updated for latest Craftbukkit code (497)
    • Distance based chat is now an option in the config file
    • Your custom class files can now be used. Please see the Default class file included in download for more information on the format and options.
    • Players can now List, Describe, and Choose a class. Choosing a class is still in development, and as of now not so useful, but you can at least test it out, and let me know of bugs :)
    • I am aware the iConomy uses /balance and so does my plugin. I will make sure iConomy integration is part of the next release, and this issue will be resolved.
    • Dropped the class and profession tables from the database, now just the player data is stored in the sqlite file.
    Version 0.3.7
    • Fixed bug where new players weren't added to the Database
    • Changed some internal code to make things run better
    • Added Class and Profession support (just the beginnings, not useful yet).
    Version 0.3.6
    • Now will save 2 log files, one for all transactions, another to keep most up-to-date balances.
    Version 0.3.5
    • Currency working very well.
    • Added Permissions support
    • Used sqlite database
    • First "official release"

    [email protected]
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    Yes, this seems like a solid project. I would rather see the core part of it be done to perfection, rather then try to finish the npcs and economic system. Just a simple solid leveling process you can customize to what classes you want and how you want exp to be gained. The quest line idea and stuff is a definite plus, but i think might get a little cumbersome.
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    Michael Rhodes

    Thanks for the good comment, I will take this in consideration and focus on a solid leveling system. As part of that will be stats and Hitpoints. My plan is to "level up" mobs with you as you play. I don't want a situation where you can be level 30 and kill everything in 1 hit :) That wouldn't be fun at all.

    I will be working more on this tonight, and keep this post updated with my progress. I run this plugin on my server and kinda us it as a testing ground... then once I know things work well, I will release it here.

    Hope people will enjoy this, and I am always open to ideas, suggestions and comments :)
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    for the class system, I wonder if you can increase permissions to allow for certain spells addons or runecraft style abilities to be used. the modify addon has allowed for quick permission changes, so may be good to incorporate that kind of style. I really cant wait to see a test of this.
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    Great mod 2 large thumbs up!
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    Hm i downloaded it added nodes and it says it cant find a file i think its the
    file but i cant figure out were to put it i put the rpg file settings in plugin thing and in teh plugins folder you get i put the plugin in teh server plugin folder so i was wondering if i need
    and if not what am i doing wrong?
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    Michael Rhodes

    that file should be in the zip file, It goes in the main server dir. Let me know if that doesn't work for you
    If that file is not in my zip, let me know. I will make sure it is there tomorrow. In the mean time here is where I got it from:


    You should just unzip that file right in your root of the server. The RPGCraft folder does not go in the plugins dir... the RPGCraft.jar file does though.

    Let me know if you have any more troubles, I'd be glad to help you out
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    oh this Rpg mod is best for now i think but one question in what version we can select a Class or proffesion? btw u can add some of these things to mod

    1.Add "crafter" he cud repair tools and armour
    2.Add class ranger or archer , only he cud shoot from bow
    3.Add support with towny plugins that should be awesome
    4.Make a class Thug ,thiev or assassin how sounds better he cud steal from other people chest would be fast but very low strenght
    5.Add profession engineer he cud work with redstone and other complicated buildings

    sorry for my bad english i am from other country ...
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    Rick Boss

    Hey, this really looks like a good plugin. I'd love it. But i agree with moving away from the currency and such. I love the ideas for the classes and all that sorts, those are perfect. Only the alchemist I have mixed feelings toward. And perhaps the healer should heal maybe 2 hearts? cause in all reality, if someone is getting beat on, that's not that much health back.
    Also, perhaps make it customizable for your users to change these specs? Just a thought (apologies if it's already in).
    Leveling up system would be awesome. Bettering ranks of spells, or new spells? or maybe limited flight for mages? I dunno.
    This has so much potential. I'll be watchin it!
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    lovely.. drop currency system entirely, plenty of those out..

    foocus on the rpg part and this will be amazing.. testing on local server :D thumbs up!!!!!
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    Brad Phusion

    I have to agree with everyone else. Though, instead of dropping your currency, how about making it compatible with iConomy?
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    I personally like the currency system
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    Michael Rhodes

    Thank you :)
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    This mod is just awesome the currency system is perfect but when we can expect to choose class? what date? if u answer that would be awesome
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    Michael Rhodes

    Well, hard to say a date... it's something I am trying to work out in my head how I am going to program it.

    I'm working on it now.... I will post some more info in a bit

    Thanks for liking the currency system....
    --- merged: Feb 15, 2011 7:12 PM ---
    Hmm, well do you have any suggestions ? I would think maybe make 1 coin (or whatever) of iconomy money equal so much copper in my system.... Sound like a good idea ?
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    i think from iconomy 1 coin equal 1 silver in yours currency system
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    Michael Rhodes

    ok, that is something I am willing to look into.

    So, do you guys think that I should have a command that will "exchange" between my currency and iconomy ? and the player can type this command when ever ?

    I would think that could work.

    What are your thoughts.. also, just curious, If I setup a getsatisfaction account, would that be something you guys would use to help with ideas and get feedback from me ?
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    Umm i think "exchange" from iconomy to your current currency system would be nice but itwould be complicated.

    Btw i got some ideas for profession and classes
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    I'd love to see this plugin with classes working. I hope you can get them to work. :)
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    Michael Rhodes

    I'll have classes in soon. I was thinking about working on professions first, such as farmer, miner, builder, etc.... would you guys rather classes first ?
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    If you dont mind another suggestion. This would become a much more powerful addon if you could make the classes customizable. Maybe have custom names. Each class will have a set of permissions, or abilities which can be mixed and matched to what we feel a class should have.

    I picture the config file looking something like

    #Put Monster killing if you want the class to gain xp from killing a monster.
    #Put player killing if you want the class to gain xp from killing a player.

    class name = "name"
    class exp gain = ie;
    -monster killing
    -player killing
    -block destroying

    class ability gain =
    -double drops from blocks
    -double drops from farming
    -double coins from monsters

    pvp ability gains =
    -daze on sword hit
    -daze on arrow attack
    -double jump

    This would allow for specialized things such as Assassin. gets xp only from killing players, gains daze on sword and poison and double jump. And then you can have another specialized class barbarian who has chance for double damage from sword and then beserk which allows for dodge chance.

    rather than just Fighter mage thief, which could lead to a long discussion about I think a fighter should do this, i think a mage should do that.
    --- merged: Feb 16, 2011 5:37 AM ---
    It looks like this is actually what you had in mind. I like the old style currency as well, the exchange rate would be good.

    Any chance for mana? I know thats a far fetch, but limiting spells and abilities would be so nice.
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    Michael Rhodes

    Daveyo: excellent suggestion, and you're right, I kinda was thinking along those lines of making it customizable. Thats partly what I was talking about when I said I am trying to figure out how to program this.

    As for mana, I was going to use the word "mana" however that didn't make sence for classes like Fighter, and Scouts... so I just renamed it to "energy"

    I will take your suggestion about the config files for each class. For starters I will make the four classes I already mentioned, and people can use that as a guide to make their own.

    This is going to take some time to perfect, so please bear with me people : )

    I have been a little busy / distracted the last 2 days, but I am going to be hard at it again today. I hope to have something for you guys soon.
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    good to hear , can wait when we can choose class or profession i would add that to my server and test it because i have online player about 15-45 and i will report the bugs
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    Michael Rhodes

    Perfect... I really appreciate the help.

    I am working on adding this now. Setting up the plugin to load text files...
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    ohh okay msg me or somting i would totaly add to my server this plugin :)
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    this would be my new favourite mod if you get it to work with iConomy and add levels! :)

    (tho i really like what i see atm too! :D)
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    Michael Rhodes

    I must say, I am very pleased to here how much you guys like and are interested in this!

    I will be adding levels very soon, As for the iconomy, I think what I may end up doing is writing something so an admin, or at least someone with the right permissions can "exchange" an iconomy balance to my gold, silver, and copper currency.

    I think I will put is the config file an option to set the exchange rate... then it will be up to the server admin to set that. Also, just a teaser on what I am doing now ;)

    # Fighter Class Description
    # Created by: Michael Rhodes
    # This is a sample class that you can use to make your own customized classes from
    # For now this only provides basic options, but more will be added in future updates.
    This is the start of my class system. I am going to let you guys make the classes :) I will make the four I mentioned before, Fighter, Mage, Scout, and Priest... but you can customize them to your liking as well.

    The available changes are limited so far, but I will be adding more...

    Hope this is something you are interested in..
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    why not set some of these features into a config or properties file such at the exchange rates, and estimate worth, also making some features such as price flux depending on the area you are in, such as selling cacti in the desert being worth more or less then selling it in a different biome, as obviously it either isn't as demanding in the biome, or is seen as a treasure. I'll look into providing you with a more detailed list of suggestions, I am personally just getting started on modding, but i used to make server softwares for classic mode
    --- merged: Feb 16, 2011 10:23 PM ---

    Programming in some new interactions with minecraft completely would be nice here, noticing your armor and weapon system, detection mouse location in inventory etc, to make a popup window that display stats and levels as well as is the item version a rare, unique, or set item, this would require some modding i would assume, but with bukkit coming up, one can only hope that the plugins being pulled into the onstart method would allow for any gui interaction mods to work properly on the loadup
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    Michael Rhodes

    Well, programming a whole gui system is not something I will be getting into... I am currently making up plans to make my own game, however, for the sake of this plugin and bukkit I will have some commands that will display your stats. Also I will have it so that when you attack something, or are damaged there will be some stats that show up in the chat window (such as health, and energy levels)

    As for setting prices for items, I have been very careful about NOT doing that on my server and I have noticed that this works very well. I find the players will develop their own economy and seems to work nicely.

    As I make this plugin I have it running on my server, and my players love it so far. They are doing very well with the custom currency too.

    What we did was make a bank, and set some rules, We have a banker and he will accept Iron, Gold and Diamond blocks from players, and in return he used the /banker command to give the player coin based on how many blocks they gave.

    All blocks go in chests down in the vault. This is how we do it on my server. It works really well because the money that is our in the world is all backed up by resources in the main vault :) I find this gives more "value" to the money and players seem to really like that.

    I will not tell anyone how to run their server, I am just sharing how I do it on mine. For the people that are trying out my plugin, perhaps you can share your ideas with us on how you us it.

    Anyone want to share ???
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    id be most interested in helping with testing your game when you get it under development

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