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    So i need a developer for my server that cn create and rpg quest plugin.
    what i nee din the plugin:

    Citizens 2 support! Your Quests can be given by NPCs!

    In-game Quest editor! You never have to touch the file containing your Quests!

    mcMMO support! Quests may give mcMMO skill levels as rewards. Quests may also require certain mcMMO skill levels to accept.

    An Event system where various things may happen at certain points in a Quest, such as mob-spawning, lightning strikes, potion effects etc.

    Leaderboards for Questers with the most Quest Points. Quest Points are an available reward from Quests.

    PhatLoots support! Quests may give PhatLoots as rewards.

    Customized Quest names, messages, Quest requirements, and Quest rewards.

    Quests are divided into Stages. Stages may have any number of Objectives.

    Custom Mob Boss Creator 1.1.8 suport

    /quest create (quest name) (kill/gather)
    -atomaticly sets id like if its the first on the 001 then 002 and so on
    - creates a kill/gather quest

    /quest set npc (npc id0)
    - sets the uest to where a certain npc can give it out

    Default player commands:
    /quest accept (quest id)
    - when given a quedt from npc it will display the quest name the objuective and the id
    /quest deny
    - denys the current quest being given

    /quest accept (quest id)
    (lets them accept quests)

    /quest deny
    (lets them deny quests)

    I know this is alot of work but you wouldnt be doing it just for me you'd be doing it for alot of people trying to start an rpg serve rthat cant afford a developer like me

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    thats what this is based off i juist want someone to recodt the quets to where it's more simple to use like the commands and all
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    I can make it
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