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    Hello, everyone. I've been running a server for the past couple months and it's an RP-based server, now the problem with it being RP-based is that everyone there can do ANYTHING and that means anyone can be tree-chopping, diamond-mining, INDEPENDENT SUPERMEN.

    Which also means, our barter-based economy(which my server previously uses) would invariably fail because anybody could get anything if they wanted to. So I've kind of looked around for some Bukkit plugins about this stuff and none satisfied me. Closest I've come to was Guildcraft, however it was more MMORPG based which means emphasis on the fighting part.

    I've decided to think out my own instead and hopefully find some help from Bukkit. Hopefully, it won't be hard for you guys since this is basically "restricting" players of normal Minecraft functions unless they're of a certain profession which makes them efficient at it.

    The only profession that can enchant items and maybe make potions and what not. Basically, a fucking wizard class, but I want to build monasteries instead of flying towers.

    Blacksmith: Ability to forge tools above stone and making certain blocks like ore blocks, all other jobs restricted to making wood and stone tools, a necessity in communities.

    Farmer: The only profession who ain't restricted to breeding animals. Needs more stuff to do, maybe only one able to hold "seeds" & "plant"(specifically wheat, pumpkins and melons), till soil and grow mushrooms

    Lumberjack: Debatable. Probably cut down one log and all the other connected logs get chopped? Makes it easier for a guy. Maybe reduce the amount of planks normal people get to "2"?

    Engineer: Redstone expert, only one allowed to place redstone and craft redstone-based items but everyone can hold redstone stuff. Possibly a boring profession unless the dude is a redstone-adept.

    Magistrate: Only given to one member of the community(usually the leader) if they've grown large enough. They can collect taxes from people(minimum of 16, maximum of 256 per head), imprison players function(or free prisoners), prescribe jobs to newcomers or those who wish to change profession and the only one who can craft maps.

    Any suggestion and or comment to the jobs is valued, especially those who have experience in a class-based bukkit plugins and servers.
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    is levelcraft still out there?
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    Levelcraft won't cut it, it's more of leveling up, whilst I just want certain people to have specialties. Looked quite promising though.
  4. First of all... Do your players want this? I've been on a server where the admin placed a plugin wich would restict tool usage (first you can only use wood and after leveling up stone etc.) Most of the people on it were against it because it restricted their freedom (like digging for diamond with a stone pick is a big nono!)

    Your lumberjack idea is a class that I like. It won't restrict anyone but just gives a bonus to the lumberjack!

    I've already made a plugin wich restricts usage of tools for breaking blocks. (Example: using a stone spade, block won't break.)

    So, if you need help I can possibly make some time for you :)
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    Well, we've discussed and we've decided to implement it after we've set up a stable village community on our new Minecraft map, that way we'd already be "ready" for civilized life. Also, I don't like leveling up, it's just a job the guy already should know.:p

    Oh, if you can restrict the PLAYER and not the tool, that'd be great.:cool:

    Wow! Thanks. If you could just whip up something that closely resembles this, I could give out comments and suggestions at your product and then you can submit the changes anytime you like!
  6. Well... Nothing to do tonight so could start on it :)

    PS: 1.0.0 or 1.8?:D
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    1.0.0... So it begins... >->
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    mmoRPG = Massively multiplayer online role-playing game

    GuildCraft is not combat based, it is based upon skills which can be accessed by all, Races contain buffs which stick with you the whole time, other then that Race doesn't effect you too much. Anyone can level up in
    • Mining
    • Woodcutting
    • Combat
    • Farming
    • And more
    When leveling up you are awarded "skill points" skill points can be used to trigger and increase "active abilities" active abilities are things such as....
    • Sneak
    • Barter
    • Health Capacity
    • Mana Capacity
    • And more
    As of now there is no release or download. (Feel free to build it yourself on Github) but I'm planning to release an Alpha next RB :)

    Happy Role playing,
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    Look at Dayjobs perhaps...
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    Wow, heroes does definitely look nice. It's highly configurable settings basically have me sold! I'll defintiely try to go for that.

    I do not wish for the level up feature nor do I wish people could be "buffed" forever which is basically the same as "passive" skills.

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