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    Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone who would write me a global RPG plugin: it will include RPG Stuff, RPG Monsters RPG scrolls RPG alert, RPG NPCs, RPG, quests, RPG Group (ie /rpgp: send the player an invitation to the group - the command "/rpgp invite [NICK]", kicks player from party "/rpgp kick [NICK]", to dissolve the group - "/rpgp disband", see help support about the team: "/rpgp help or /rpgp" is the 4 most important commands that you need.
    So, let's get to the stuff-weapons: bows, staves (blaze rod) and swords! All these 3 guns, there are 3 so-called effects: Vampirism (Vampirism: (%)), Critical hit (Crit. damage ( % )) and damage, most importantly: (Damage: (%)). I want these 3 so-called effects were given by using commands, for example: "/rpgitem itemaddeff [Effect] [%]" (the percentage can be from 1 to 100). And Yes, the items must be ID in the lore of the subject, and in the armor, and the guns should be the ID of the subject (subject [ID]). Let's move on to the armor: armor has 4 effects: gain health by default (Health: + [Health]), resistance (Resistance: +[resistance]) will explain what it does: absorbs damage from mobs and players. Depends on interest (can be from 1 to 100), armor (Armor: + [Armor], I think we all know what it is), and regeneration (Regeneration: + [Regeneration]). Oh, and the team.."/rpgitem armoraddeff [Effect] [%]. About loot, I almost forgot, since mobs will drop things with a certain chance, and things can be used with a certain level. By the way, in addition to the level to use an item requires a certain skill. Skills will 3: wisdom, power, and agility.
    Power for swords, mudrosti for staff (blaze rod) and a knack for axes, bows and arrows. To "inject" one of the skills, desired level. With each level opens you have 1 skill that you can choose.
    But how to choose? You ask, for this you need to create an information nugget, which will be written:
    in the middle of your head (with the skin);
    Your name: (NICK);
    Your level: (LEVEL);
    Experience to the next level: (experience / how much experience is necessary);
    Strength: (Skill power how much pumped);
    Dexterity: (agility Skill on how much you ride);
    Wisdom: (the Skill of wisdom on how much you ride);
    Your maximum health (Max health);
    Resistance: (Maximum impact resistance);
    Armor: (armor Maxmimum);
    Regeneration: (Maximum regeneration).
    Move on to the mobs. I want in the config of mobs you can create new mobs, change their names, health and so on.
    The game will not be able to create mobs, only in the config.
    I want the mobs used the method isCustomNameVisible(true);
    so they could change health, add effects to them, damage, lifesteal. As well as, the ability to change gamemode mobs :)
    And the last thing I want mobs: abilities, and otobrazhenie their health.
    Mobs are divided into 2 types: Bosses and normal mobs, the ability can only be config. 1st ability - "the Curse" poisoning for a few seconds (again, only in the config you can specify how many seconds) when you are cursed on mobs you can't beat: if you hit the mob with my sword, for example on the sword you have 21-23 damage, and you have only 20 health when you hit mob, the damage will be dealt to you, and the mob will receive damage -2. 2nd ability - "Freeze" gives slowness for a few seconds( in the config you can specify how many). 3rd ability - "Repulsion," only the skeletons (no matter which); this spell will repel you from monster for a certain amount of health (in the config to specify how many). 4th ability - Blind, gives the effect of glare for a few seconds (in the config to specify how many). The mobs can be given ONLY the armor you created in the config items. Yes, there will be several configs: items, mobs, NPCs, and quests. Displays the health of the mobs: after the name of the mob will be written as "[%HEALTH%]. This with all mobs.
    Scrolls teleport scrolls teleport will teleport you to certain warpy through a few easy seconds, namely 10. Scrolls of teleportation are always material paper. Yes, you click on tries, and after 10 seconds you will be teleported to the warp. + These scrolls with a certain level. For example, we have 3 warp: 1st with 20 level, 2nd from the 9th level, and the 3rd from the 29th. We are level 23, we can only use 2 scrolls: 1-x, and 2. by the Way, I forgot that all items: armor, weapons you can give "/rpgitem material". Unfortunately, only in the config.
    Most interesting: NPC^^
    NPS are divided into 4 types: 1 - Quester, 2 - Vendor, 3 - the Guardian.
    Start with the lightest, Protector.
    When we click on the guard, we have a Kingdom message from him like "the name of the guardian: I don't Have anything for you interesnogo. Go away."
    But when we click on the NPC - Quester or the seller, then we open the GUI: the Quester, it is called "Tasks", produca - "Seller".
    At the NPC - Quester 10 slots. What's in them? - you ask, and the question I will answer later. From the seller a lot more slots 64.
    They are also filled with something, but I will answer later :)
    There is such a plugin, as is the Quest book, the quest system is almost the same.
    The Quester 10 slots filled including 7 books (enchantment) the strength 1, but I think it doesn't matter.
    A screenshot of the material of the book quest, which you can take will be near the bottom. There are all the screenshots :)
    How to look like the quests? How to write a quest? - All this can be done in the config of quests.
    Looks like the quest?:
    [ "The name of the quest (*/!) ]
    [ Description: %description ]
    [ ]
    [ ]
    [ ]
    [ ]
    [ ]
    [ Click to proceed to the job] is when you can take the quest.
    [ "The name of the quest (*/!) ]
    [ Job available. ]
    [ Required level: %level%] - when not the level.
    [ "The name of the quest (*/!) ]
    [ Description: %description ]
    [ ]
    [ ]
    [ ]
    [ ]
    [ ]
    [ You already vypolnenie this job] is when you already vypolnite job.
    [ "The name of the quest (*/!) ]
    [ Description: %description ]
    [ ]
    [ ]
    [ ]
    [ ]
    [ ]
    [ The job is done. ] - when you have completed the task.
    Commands ^^
    - /quest or /qeust help - help command /quest :)
    - /quest log - display a list of quests that you took:
    [RPG] the List of jobs on which you work:
    (Room quest) %Title%
    - /show quest [quest] - show information about the quest.
    [RPG] Information on quest %name%:
    Description: %lore%
    You must kill: to kill someone you need.
    You need to collect: what you need to collect.
    You need to knock out: what you need to beat.
    Who to take: someone who took the job. Or the one where he sent you the one with whom you took the quest.
    [RPG] the Information about the quest test-1:
    Description: hi guy, will help you to collect 10 flowers, which are called "Orchid", killing 5 bulls, 12 to knock out the steel for my grandfather?
    Need killing: [21] the Bull (x5).
    You must collect: lavender (x10).
    You need to knock down: to Bend steel (x12).
    Who to take: Ellie
    PS - the Seller:
    Click on it, open 64 slot.
    Of which can be stacked with any :)
    For example, the NPC sells us chicken fried for 1 blue coin.
    Will look like this:
    [ (Chicken) (Fresh chicken) ]
    [ ]
    [ ]
    We need to buy a chicken, click on it.
    Open the GUI of the 64 slots.
    32 blocks - top BLUE glass
    32 blocks - bottom RED glass
    In the middle we have the coin.
    Near it, in 3 unit chicken.
    From the bottom through the 2 blocks( from the bottom of chicken) empty slot. {where we need to put a coin), and after the empty slot in 3 block emerald.
    We put in a coin in the empty slot, push the emerald.
    And we all bought.
    We wrote:
    [RPG] the Purchase is successfully completed.
    I almost forgot, HEALTH-BAR..
    In short: will show your current amount of health and maximum. (%Health% / %MaxHealth%).
    Supplement things:
    Things can be bound to the character.
    Ie, the subject cannot just take and throw.
    If, after the statistics of the subject written...
    .....Bold red color............
    .........."Bound to character" items to beginelse only with the 2nd attempt, ie:
    When you try to throw the object, it will be written in the chat:
    [RPG] the object attached to the character. Are you sure you want to dump him? If Yes, then re-throw the object.
    After that we throw, and we writes:
    [RPG] the Object was successfully deleted.
    Cleaning things, like ClearLAG.
    Restarting the servers every 1 hour during the reboot will be written the message:
    30 minutes: - [RPG] server Restart in 30 minutes.
    25 minutes: - [RPG] server Restart in 25 minutes.
    15 minutes: - [RPG] server Reboot in 15 minutes.
    5 minutes: - [RPG] server Restart in 5 minutes.
    In 3 minutes: - [RPG] server Restart in 3 minutes.
    In 2 minutes: - [RPG] server Reboot in 2 minutes.
    On the 1st minute: - [RPG] server Reboot in 1 minute.
    Reboot: - [RPG] server Reboot.

    The system is turning, will PS - the Smith who will sharpen your stuff.
    Click on it, opens the GUI of the 64 slots 32 slots blue, 32 red.
    Somewhere in the middle, as the seller it should be an empty slot and an empty slot after using 3 slots will be empty again slot.
    In the first slot to put thing that you need to sharpen.
    And in the 2nd - scroll improvement.
    Scrolls improvements:
    Divided into 3 types: Bronze improvement level 1, silver and gold.
    Only 10 levels of improvement.
    Blacksmith sharpens every thing with a certain chance after a successful turning, the subject will be: "+ (digit)", for example the blacksmith sharpened the thing to +6, then the subject will be: "+6".
    What chance of sharpening:
    +1 - 95%
    +2 - 85%
    +3 - 75%
    +4 - 65%
    +5 - 55%
    +6 - 45%
    +7 - 35%
    +8 - 25%
    +9 - 15%
    +10 - 5%
    The chat format (for those who know):
    &8[&6% level%&8] %prefix% %name% %suffix% &8: message&F.
    But we will be written into a chat message : [RPG] Congratulations! You have reached level %level%!
    title1: "a New level"
    title2: "You have reached level %level"
    The maximum level is 80.
    Forgot to say, make it so that PvP was only available from 25-th level. + When we try to punch someone in the Pvp zone who have not reached 25 level, we will have : [RPG] You can't attack before reaching the 25th level.
    + to this, I will make the cities using the plugin WorldGuard, I will disable pvp there, and people under 25 level, those who are already higher, or those who just got level 25.. they will be written when hitting the other red, "You are in peace zone" at the entrance to the city will be written: "You have entered safe zone: the name of the city(region) which we pointed out in WorldGuard, when you exit the city(region) will be written: "You left the safe zone".
    That's about it.
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    @HappyBear123 Could you edit your post to follow the suggested format in the "Read me first" ?
    I see multiple walls of text that are not logical for me.
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    This is quite a huge project. In case you missed it in the PR guide, it has this under things not to do:
    There is only a very small chance anyone will take up this project. What you're asking for is for someone, in their spare time, to essentially re-create Wynncraft for free (which it has to be free, or else it breaks bukkit's payment rules).

    I will not be able to take on this project. If you really want this plugin to be made, either try hiring devs to make this plugin or go on spigot and create a PR there.
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