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    Plugin category: Any

    Suggested name: RPG

    What I want: So I will like to make a rpg server something like runescape in a way. I will like it so there will be skills and people will need to go lvl up to use better stuff. Also I will maybe like custom items like a sword that can do more damage but I think you can do that with NBTEdittior. Also I will like there to be mobs that have levels and it shows there level name and mob name on top of there head. Also your level will be displayed in chat when you type and it will be displayed in front of your name. Also if you are higher than that level then it will be green and red if you are low. Also since you are able to change how much health you have I will like it if there was a HP level. It will have something like the minez servers with chest that random spawn and have random stuff in it. If there is a way for this to be done let me know or post what u think. :D

    Also, skim-reading is much easier with paragraphs!

    Ideas for commands: /Skills /level /quest
    Admin /SetMob Level <mob> <level> (when you do that where ever you are looking it will set that to be the spawn of the mob) /Setlevel <name> /setskill <skill>

    Ideas for permissions: Any that fit with the commands
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    winter4w Please use the following format because it isn't very clear what you want ( or at least add some enters )
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    k fixed :)

    That is not really what I am looking for
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    It is perfect.
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    You said like runescape, I'm currently developing a plugin called CraftRune. But I have halted progress so you may have to wait for me to release it which may be a while due to the size of the project.
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    Awesome will there be quest and custom mobs levels. Also I am wondering I will be glad to be a tester for this
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    Hopefully. It's such a huge project that I simply don't know yet.

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