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    Randy Schouten

    NPC-Quester - Make NPCs give quests!
    Version: 2.3.1

    If you ever wanted a plugin that would make your NPCs give out quests, this is the plugin for you.
    Lots of features to be added, so keep on the lookout!

    • uQuest:
      • NPCs give random quests
      • Specified NPCs give out a specific quest and restricted those quests if wanted
      • If wanted, make players have a specified item in their hand with a specified amount, and if you want it, take it from them too
      • Quest chains!
      • Make NPCs give out the quest only once
    • EpicQuest:
      • Give solo quests
      • Give group quests
    How to install: (read carefully!)

    First off, required plugins:
    uQuest or EpicQuest (quests)
    Citizens (NPCs)
    Permissions (commands, not neccesary but nice to have)

    Now, to give your NPCs quests, use the ingame commands to make your NPCs quests!​
    You can also copy paste one of the examples and type your own settings there if you find that easier too.​

    Use in-game commands to add NPCs or change the config​

    Names are case sensitive!

    When you are done adding your questers, /reload your server to load them.


    For uQuest (not iQuest!): RAR, ZIP
    For EpicQuest: RAR, ZIP

    How to use:
    To get a quest, right click a NPC who is in the config file.

    Commands with uQuest:
    /npcq help [page], shows commands.
    There's too much commands to type here, so just use the help command to see them all.
    Reload command removed for now, it doesn't work
    Permissions with uQuest:
    npcq.edit - Normal quest editing
    npcq.remove - Normal quest removing
    npcq.item - Quest giver item editing and removing
    npcq.chain - Chain quest adding, removing and editing - Shows all commands in-game
    Commands with EpicQuest:
    /npcq help - Shows commands.
    /npcq add solo/group/turnin [npc name] - Add a quester
    /npcq remove [npc name] - Remove a quester
    Permissions with EpicQuest:
    npcq.add - Add questers
    npcq.remove - Remove questers - Show all commands in-game
    • Option to restrict random quest givers to NOT give out specified quests (Planned for next version)
    • Quest chains
    • Get quests only once
    • Right click a NPC twice to get a quest, see q info on first click
    • Automatic quest amount counting (Planned for next version)
    • Need a certain quest level before able to get quests from certain NPCs
    • Command to add random quest givers (Planned for next version)
    • Show quest status instead of "You already have a quest" when you hit a quest giver (Planned for next version)
    • Complete quest on hitting the npc (Planned for next version)
    • Possible quest fees
    • Complete quests only once then disable them for that player
    • Suggestions always welcome!

    • v2.3.1
      • Fixed the remove command for EpicQuest
      • Added another NPC type: "turnin"
      • ^Right click that NPC to turn in quests
    • v2.3
      • Added EpicQuest support! (There's a second download now for that.)
    From here will only be EpicQuest updates, not uQuest
    • v2.2.5
      • Again, fixed to work with newest Citizens (stop changing hooks T_T)
    • v2.2.4
      • Bug fix:
        • Now works with newest Citizens version
    • v2.2.3
      • Bug fix:
        • The add command now adds the newest feature (this bug caused the plugin to read the config in a wrong way. Sorry!)
    • v2.2.2
      • Bug fix:
        • Chain quests now work properly with the new "onlyonce" feature
    • v2.2.1
      • Bug fix:
        • Quests should be given out properly now with the new features
    • v2.2
      • New additions:
        • Automatic quest counting
        • Option to have NPCs give out a quest only once
        • See the quest, then type a command to accept or decline it
      • Changes:
        • Added what item you need to have in your hand if you don't have the correct one
        • Permission nodes or items are merged
      • And some other stuff I can't remember, including changes and bugfixes (nothing major)
    • v2.1
      • New additions:
        • Commands to change quest chains
      • Changes:
        • Changed all commands to be compatible with v2.x.x and higher
        • Changed the help pages a little, /help shows categories with pages now
    • v2.0.4
      • Bug fix
        • Fixed quest chains not giving out properly if "iteminhand active = false" or "iteminhand consume = false"
    • v2.0.3
      • Bug fix:
        • Fixed the issue of "iteminhand active = true" and "iteminhand consume = false" resulting in not giving a quest
    • v2.0.2
      • Bug fix:
        • Fixed quests not giving out of the NPC had a colored name (This was the bug that bothered several users.)
    • v2.0.1
      • Bug fix:
        • Fixed quest progress saving possibly not saving correctly with multiple users
    • v2.0
      • New addition:
        • Chain quests!
        • Plugin remembers where you were in your chain quest, so you don't have to do it over ;)
      • Bug fixes:
        • Random stuff I can't remember
        • This includes NPCs not giving quests
    • v1.3.1b
      • Bug fixes:
        • Fixed some texts on [false/true] commands not displaying correctly
        • Fixed default config not working
        • Fixed a player not being able to turn in a quest if item consume and active are false
        • Fixed sending the player a message with all the configs for all NPCs
      • Changes:
        • Changed overall file handling, it's a lot more error resistant now
    • v1.3.1a
      • Bug fix:
        • Fixed config not read properly
        • Changes:
        • Improved check to see if a branch is empty
    • v1.3.1
      • Bug fixes:
        • Fixed commands not adding questers correctly with new format
        • Fixed random questers not working properly
    • v1.3
      • New additions:
        • Added the ability that you need a specific item in your hand to get a quest
        • Added the ability to consume that specific item
        • Added the ability to consume a certain amount of that item
        • If you right click the NPC you got the quest from and you completed the objectives, the quest is turned in
        • Shows the amount of objectives finished if you didn't complete a quest and hit the NPC you got the quest from
        • Added a check to see if a branch is empty, so there won't be errors if you have one empty
        • Added lots of commands
      • Bug fixes:
        • Fixed the commands from the previous version(s)
        • Fixed /help giving an error, now shows first page
        • Fixed NPCs saying "derp" when asking for a quest
        • Changes:
        • Help pages are now in categories
    • v1.2.1
      • New addition:
        • Compatible with 860
    • v1.2
      • Bug fixes:
        • Commands are now (hopefully) fully fixed
        • Fixed all NPCs giving quests
        • Stopped my plugin from ruining uQuest's quests.yml file (sorry!)
      • Changes:
        • Removed the /npcq reload command, it doesn't work as of now
    • v1.1
      • New additions:
        • Extra commands
        • Ability to have specific quests private or not
      • Bug fixes:
        • Fixed the /remove command
      • Changes:
        • /help now has 2 pages. So instead of "/help", type "/help 1" or "/help 2"
    • v1.0
      • Initial release
    Big thanks to the creators of:
    uQuest (
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    I have to try this very soon.
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    you gave the wrong download link...
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    Randy Schouten

    I'm ashamed...
    Seriously, my bad, I'm fixing it now.

    EDIT: Fixed download links.
    Again, my apologies, this was a very stupid mistake to say the least.
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    thanks :D
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    So you click on the NPC and it gives you a random quest? Also, how do you set an NPC to give random quests and not specified quest, the only commands i see are /npc add name quest# , can it not be /npc add name anyquest or something like that?
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    Can you configure quest rewards?
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    Guess what?
    It works pefectly, although it says that I already have a quest after interacting with the NPC (it gives the quest though)
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    Thats done via the uQuest file.
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    Randy Schouten

    What Tom said.

    Thank you very much!
    I'll also take a look at that, shouldn't be hard to fix.

    EDIT: Might it be that you have a NPC name in both Random and Specific?
    I don't think so, but I never know :p
    You have to do the random quest NPCs by hand now. Take look at "How to install" in the first post.
    Next update will have a command to add random quest NPCs.
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    No he is only under random
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    Randy Schouten

    So the problem is this:
    You punch a NPC to get a quest, you get the quest and it also says you already have a quest immediatly after that?
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    Awesome plugin! I recommend this plugin for servers so people can have fun and enjoy a persons server.
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    Randy Schouten

    Thank you kindly :D
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    I love you. :D
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    Exactly, It will be awsome if you add the following features :

    1. Quest status - Shows the quest status on interaction.
    2. Quest Finish - Finishes the quest on intrraction.

    Here is an example : If a player started a quest and he interacts with the NPC it won't say that he already took the quest, the NPC will show the quest status.
    You can use 2 conditions for this : if a quest has been started and if the quest is no finished yet.

    You can also add the quest finish : use 2 conditions for the quest done execution :
    If a has been started + if the quest is done (finished).

    this way it will be even better and more comfortable.
  17. WOW This is just what i have been looking for

    Will be testing tonight when I get home

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    Randy Schouten

    Alright, I MIGHT have an update out by then! :D

    Yes, good idea.
    I thought of something like this before, but forgot to write it down :)

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    Awsome thanks for the reply. I hope you will update it soon :D

    Here are some more ideas for you :

    1. Add a quest chain system : Operators will be able to set a certain amount of quest in a certain order. This way players will not be able to start the 2nd quest if the didn't finished the 1st one.
    2. NPC usage fee : Operators will be able to set a fee which will be charged after completing a quest (using economy plugin or item based fees). After the user accepts a quest a massege containing information about the completion fee will appear.

    That's it thanks and have a nice day

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    Randy Schouten

    Got the first on in the list already, so I liked the idea too xD
    I don't have the second one though. But if this setup I'm creating now will be working sometime, it's going to be easy to set a fee for accepting quests.

    Thanks for the huge amount of idea's!
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    I'm glad you liked my idea, here is another idea (i'm getting new idea while I eat chicken, it's kinda wierd but it works ;)):

    Automatic quest giving NPC : Certain NPCs will be able to automaticly give you quest without even hitting them (there will be a configurable range though). If you get close to this type of NPC your current quest will be dropped and you will recieve the NPC's quest
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    Randy Schouten

    I don't really see the practical use in this...
    Could you explain to me why it would be a good idea? :p

    Update v1.1 is out!
    Check the change log for changes. (First post)

    There might be a few bugs in the commands, as they are pretty complicated to get right in the code (for me at least).
    So report anything unusual again if you see anything :)

    I also found out how to trigger the "double quest giving" thing Beatcomet mentioned before. It happens when you reload the plugin with the in-game command.
    I don't know the source of this yet, but I'll figure it out for hopefully next update.

    There is also a piece of code that would count the amount of quests the uQuest file would have, but that doesn't work, so that is delayed until that is fixed.
    uQuest needs an update anyway... It's getting outdated.

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    Well, I don't really know xD
    It's your choise.
  24. at the moment my npc are giving out random quest even after using the /npc q <npc> <quest No> command
    am i doing somit wrong?

    Keep up good work i honestly wouldn't know where to start and I have tried

    So Thanks all involved
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    Randy Schouten

    If you want them to stop giving quests, you have use the "/npcq remove [npc]" command.
    I'm currently rechecking all commands, as they're kinda hard to do.

    On a side note:
    Also, I was reading through the bugfix list of rb860, and it said:
    "Fixed Entity Damaged by Entity event firing twice when players damage each other."

    So maybe the bug of getting a quest twice is now fixed?
  26. I have tryed that but all my npcs are giving out quests and all random when I type /npcq remove [npc] and it says
    [Npc] doesn't have a quest in random
    [Npc] doesn't have a quest specific

    and still give out all quests I added the Npc name to config.yml and now the npc will give out 1 quest but all the other npcs i create still give out quest even though they shouldn't

    sorry to pester

    thanks again
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    Randy Schouten

    Alright, thanks for the info.
    It's not pestering at all, it helps me to improve the plugin :)
  28. I added the Npc name to config.yml and now the npc will give out 1 quest but all the other npcs i create still give out quest even though they shouldn't

    sorry for repost want to be sure u get it

    thanks again
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    Randy Schouten

    Alright, I've found the bug of every npc giving quests.
    Expect an update soon, with the commands also mostly improved then.

    Update v1.2 is now live.
    Check the first post for changes that are made.

    If my plugin doesn't do anything now, make sure to check you quests file of uQuest.
    My previous version might have placed some stuff in there, breaking it. (Sorry!)
    These are most likely at the very top or bottom.

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  30. Upgraded and upgraded bukkit(sorry will roleback if helps u) and it has stoped working
    cannot see any added lines in uquest

    Thanks again wish I could help more

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