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    Hey i want to create this plugin but i dont know how to create a plugin so ill just put it in here :)

    I going to create a MMORPG server so i want someone will create this plugin or if this plugin is pretty complicated just send me same function plugin as what i putted below ty.

    New Revolution
    - Skill (Can use skills using Right & Left click in mouse)
    - Class (can make your own class)
    - Party
    - Exp Sharing
    - Level ( When you level you'll receive Skill point there is Strength, dexterity,defense, intelligence the sign of the 4 is Book&quill inside the compass)
    - NPC (Mob,Quest,Trade, Identifier)
    - Quest (Using Book&Quill)
    - NPC Mob drop (Can customize a mob drop)
    - Races
    - Trade
    - There is SoulPoint
    - Adventure Music

    pls help me with this i keep finding plugins same as this i was finding this plugins for 2 months but still did not find it :( help me ty.
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    Not descriptive, stealing from another server, and half these plugins are already made.
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    So basically you want someone to make your entire server for you?
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    This is so big! How do expect anyone to do this for you!?!

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