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    I'd like to find or create a system that allows the following:

    • Races that can have custom values such as(health,stamina,mana,speed) and (amplified damage/passive and active skills).
    • Classes that are directly effected by the race that occupies it.
    Human Knight has different values/skills and passives from the Dwarf knight.​
    Allowing them to once reach X point in class advance to next tier of class system.​
    • Jobs (such as the mcMMO) Have each class choose one only benefit from that jobs passives or actives. (WoodCutting,Mining,Crafting,ect.)

    • The ability for it to coexist with other mods, that implement additional mobs,weapons,armor and so fourth.
    • I real Environment, one that follows real day/night cycle.
    • Real Sounds and Effects (which i know are mostly already done with spigot)
    • An alive economy, that can adjust prices to ores or items already found and crafted in server.
    • NPC/Book questing, customizable in and out of game.

    I know many of these mods/plugins already exist. Some of the more known ones do a good majority of what I'm asking...If there are separate ones that can be put together to do this I'll even do that..whatever works for me to get a few steps closer to my achievement with my server would be greatly appreciated.

    ~Thanks for Taking the time to read this post :p

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