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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Jakeb89, Aug 4, 2011.

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    Well, I do believe this is my first post in the WIP/Dev forum. I'll try to keep things succinct and to the point.

    I am working on a plugin I'm calling MineMagic. It is born out of my childish impatience for mcMMO (whose creator I have nothing but respect for) to implement magic. It does not actually use anything from mcMMO other than perhaps how the text is laid out and colored, and the level/exp equation.

    A screenshot taken shortly after casting a fireball spell.

    Testing out the new growth spell. (It makes flowers sometimes!)

    Players cast magic by left or right clicking using a single stick (wand) on their toolbar. This will cast a spell based on the item to the left or right of the wand on the toolbar. The basic spell, Fire, uses leaves as its spell ingredient.

    Current spells and their ingredients:
    Fire - leaves
    Fireball - coal
    Snowball - snowball
    Web - string
    Lightning - glowstone dust
    Growth - seeds

    It currently requires permissions, and uses the following node:
    * Allows the use of /mm or /minemagic - a basic information command
    * Allows the use of /mmcom - lists the commands in minemagic
    * Allows the use of /mmlevelup [code] - used for gaining levelup bonuses at level multiples of 5
    * Allows the use of /mmstats - shows information your own spellcasting prowess
    * Allows the use of /mmstats [player] - shows information about the player's spellcasting prowess
    * Allows the use of /mminfo [spell/skill] - shows more information about the spell or skill given.
    * Allows the use of /mmset spell [(optional) playername] [spell/skill name] [level] - sets the spell of the particular name to the level given.
    * Allows the use of /mmset skill [(optional) playername] [spell/skill name] [level] - sets the skill of the particular name to the level given.
    * Allows the use of /mmset level [(required) playername] [value] - sets the player's magic level to the value given.
    * Allows the use of /mmset exp [(required) playername] [value] - sets the player's magic exp to the value given.
    Known Issues:
    • /set command is very case-sensitive with player names and potentially spell/skill names.
    • need to add permissions node to allow/disable magic, potentially specific spells/skills.
    • players not always attributed with the death of monsters due to spells (can miss out on rewards given by things like mobbounty)
    Currently there is no permissions check to determine whether a player is allowed to cast magic - I plan to add this later. The only limit right now is whether the player has a level in the spell already. All players are treated as having a level in 'Fire' at the start.

    I plan to add more magic spells, more magic skills, and healing (whitemage) stuff that will use a book instead of a "wand" (stick.)

    I've gotten the basic system figured out for the moment, as well as some changes I want to make eventually. For the moment, I just really want playtesting, feedback, and suggestions.

    Use at your own discretion, I make no claims about the plugin, please don't sue me I'm just a college kid, etc etc etc.

    MineMagic version 0.5
    8/4/11 - 6:23PM GMT-6
    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18458796/MineMagic 0.5/MineMagic.jar
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    Looks epic!
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