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    It would be an excellent addition to Minecraft (and make the game more realistic) if diseases were added. This could be done as a mod, but would probably be less effective than it would be in SMP. So I will elaborate on my ideas for a disease plugin. There would be multiple diseases (in later updates perhaps there could be more, it would be up to the author) and each one would have unique symptoms, and some would be more contagious than others.

    If it is absolutely necessary the author can make this a spout plugin, but it would be preferable if it didn't require spout. And I would be very much opposed to this requiring spoutcraft. Please do not make this plugin require spoutcraft.


    (I don't know who uploaded this picture, or who built the building in it but whoever it was, they receive credit for this picture, no copyright intended)

    This would be the manner in which the diseases spread:

    General infection- every piece of food that a player eats has a chance of being infected. This is calculated based on how long the food has been in the player's inventory, or a chest, etc. Also cows and other passive mobs have a chance to generate diseases, which is spread to other players as if the mob were a player as well (see below). Being attacked by a zombie, or bitten by a wolf, or being attacked by any aggressive mob also has a chance to cause infection.
    If a player consumes infected food, or is infected this way, the server will randomly choose between the diseases in the plugin. The disease with the most severe symptoms will be the least likely and the disease with the least severe symptoms will be the most likely.

    Physical contact- any player who comes in direct contact with an infected player will be immediately infected.

    Through the air- any player within 10 blocks of an infected player has a chance (depending on the disease) calculated every 15 seconds to be infected, and any player within 5 blocks would have a higher chance calculated every 10 seconds (depending on the disease) of being infected.

    The following would be the basic diseases and the chances for infection:

    Cold- The percentage of likelihood for infection is 30% if you are 10 blocks away from an infected player and 50% if you are 5 blocks away. The chance for being infected through general infection is 5%.

    Influenza (flu)- the percentage of likelihood for infection is 35% if you are 10 blocks away from an infected player and 55% if you are 5 blocks away. The chance for being infected through general infection is 7%.

    Pneumonia- the percentage of likelihood for infection is 40% if you are 10 blocks away from an infected player and 60% if you are 5 blocks away. The chance for being infected through general infection is 8%.

    If this is ever made into a plugin there may be more diseases added, and the percentages and how many blocks away a player is before infection calculation comes into effect may be changed based on beta testing.

    General Disease Effects:

    Players infected would be given notice 2 Minecraft days after infection that they have been infected.

    They would consume food x times as fast as normal. (see Specific Disease Effects)

    They would walk 1.5 times slower and their vision would be slightly blurred, making it hard for them to walk in a straight line. They would stumble slightly, and not move in a linear path even if they walked directly forward.

    Being in cold water (any water not near lava or some source of light) would cause the player to shiver violently and lose 1 heart every second until they are out.

    They would not be able to shoot arrows in a straight line, or swing a sword accurately. If they attempt to use a sword it would swing around erratically, almost never actually hitting.

    Looking directly at the sun would cause the player to go blind for several seconds.

    Sprinting would be disabled and any attempt to sprint would only cause the player to collapse on the ground (using the same code as lying down on a bed) for 5 seconds.

    Jumping would cause the player's vision to jump around, and shift violently.

    Please give me suggestions for this, as I can't think of every plausible symptom by myself. Please leave me suggestions here, or PM me.

    Recovering from disease-

    It would take 3 full Minecraft days to recover, unless the player receives treatment or rests. If the player is lying in bed, they will recover twice as quickly. They may become delusional from fever, and see nightmarish hallucinations of monsters, or some kind of danger to themselves. (this may be removed if it doesn't work out in beta testing, assuming some kind plugin author takes the task). Cures for a disease will be brewed as if they were normal potions. The exact recipes have not yet been worked out.

    Specific Disease Effects-

    Cold- players are more sensitive to being in the cold, and if they are not in at least level 10 light, they will begin 'freezing' and will lose a half a heart every second until they are. Player's hunger rate is 3x faster than normal.

    Pneumonia- If a player dies from freezing while having a cold, they will appear to be cured, but they have been infected with pneumonia. For 2 Minecraft days they will be infectious but not actually infected. Then they will develop pneumonia. If a player with pneumonia moves too fast, they will begin drowning until they stop and either stand still or lie down for a few seconds. If a player with pneumonia attempts to sprint, they will irritate their lungs and will take 2 hearts of damage until they lie down in a bed. Player's hunger rate is 4x faster than normal.

    Influenza- Same as the cold, except freezing occurs in light level less than level 12. Player's hunger rate is 3.5x faster than normal


    Symptoms will be more severe depending on which disease the player has contracted. Symptoms will be the least if the player has contracted a cold, more severe if the player has contracted influenza, and most severe if the player has contracted pneumonia.


    One player may be designated the "doctor" and he or she may brew vaccines for the disease. It will significantly decrease the likelihood of contracting a disease (or remove it, depending on how the tests play out).


    Diseases may mutate to become resistant or even immune to the effects of inoculations. They may mutate to cause more symptoms as well, depending on how the author feels about programing that in.

    Allergies- (credit to Jeff.Halbert for the original idea)
    Every time a player eats a piece of food, they increase the likelihood of developing an allergy to that food. (this would be configurable) If a player develops an allergy to a food, eating it would cause them to go into "respiratory distress" and begin drowning. This would continue until they were either dead, or took a specific potion to counteract the effects. This would be brewed by the doctor.

    (I may be adding to the allergies idea soon)

    Sample code: (please don't ding me on this, I barely know how to code anything, I really just understand the concepts, so that is what this will basically be, concepts that I will attempt to put in a form that Java would accept)





    Aggressive Mobs: (infection chance) (this would be for each mob, but only if it applied to that mob)

    Passive Mobs:
    (name of mob):
    TimeBetweenCalculations: (this would be (number)s (number)m (number)h (number)d (number)w (number)m (number)y

    Food Infection:
    OriginalRate: (x)%

    These last 2 mean that the longer the food goes without either being thrown in water, or just eaten, it will be more likely to become infected. These last 2 control the time before this chance increases, and how much it increases when it does.

    Please leave a post below, or PM me, (as mentioned before) if you have any ideas or suggestions.
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    I like how you want realism in minecraft, but this would require an experienced developer, wish i could help :(
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    TnT told you and konz and peter to change you signature in another thread
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    Some of the ideas look pretty cool (I especially like the cold water idea) but having the server check every player for diseases reguarly would be quite memory intensive I would think? I have no idea about Java so I could be completly wrong though XD
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    Well, actually it wouldn't be that difficult, I would think. The server would generate a random number between 1-100 (I believe that is part of the java code) and if that number were greater than the number specified (30 for 30%, etc) then it would run the operation to have the player infected or check to see if the player would be infected. Then it would move on to the next one. But then again, maybe not, I really don't know myself, since I'm not really an experienced programmer, so maybe it would take a lot of memory, that depends on how the author writes the code. I just need someone who can write a plugin like this. Anyway, if some brave soul does take the task, then please include me in the credits for the plugin (you may refer to me as LordHareobrine or DavrosMaster42 (my Minecraft username) ). And to clarify, this would be for an RPG server. It would be interesting to see the effects of a disease striking a midevil town in Minecraft. Anyway, I have some more ideas for the plugin I forgot to post, so I will edit the original post to include them. LordHareobrine out.
  6. And your still whining eh? Or as i say being Pissy.
    I Laugh while you whine.
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    Sounds Like a great idea, but seems out of my reach. I would love to see this happen =)
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    Is there anyone who can do this?
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    Im actually working on a plugin similar to this, its still very early on. The plans for my one are all the diseases are configurable, and they are contracted through certain actions. E.g. you could configure the disease Rabies to have a 1/3 contraction when the player gets attacked by a wolf. Or a disease called Cholera if they eat a watermelon with a 1/100 chance of infection.
    To cure i would use roughly the same thing as yours, except they require lots of different items, e.g. 3 leather, 1 red mushroom and 10 raw fish to cure rabies.
    If i continue my project ill try to incorporate some of these ideas (the player to player infection is good, the bed curing and the hirachy of symptoms is also amazing)
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    Alright, I'll try and think up some ideas for actions to cause disease. Hope someone out there can do MY version of the plugin, and not just add my ideas to an existing project.

    I appreciate you considering adding this to your project though.

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    anyone wanna take the challenge and try to code this?
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    I do like this :)
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    i'll add this in my PvP series, and give credit to you though, for the idea.
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    Thanks guys, I appreciate you helping my idea become a plugin!
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    a great addition to this plugin would allergies......

    for example:

    on first login, a player has a random change to be "born" with one or more alleries.

    if the player is allergic to melons, then touching a watermelon or pumpkin would cause some sort of distress, while eating it could cost you your life.

    vaccinations and addition medical attention could be obtained at the hospital. :-D what great server doesn't have a hospital.

    Also, dehydration along side with hunger!
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    I like your thinking. I think the dehydration idea, while being great in the pursuit of a more realistic Minecraft, doesn't really fit in in my idea for a disease plugin. Perhaps a separate plugin. I will come back with more ideas on the topic of allergies soon.

    Kinda off topic, but does anyone know a good place I can learn Java, so I don't need to request plugins in the future.

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    If this were to be made into a plugin, please call it Diseasecraft. Thanks!
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    There are plenty of places to learn Java... I started with thenewboston on YouTube.
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    Thanks to all of you for helping me make my idea become a plugin!
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    Are there any other ideas out there for possible symptoms for the diseases?
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    Well you could easily implement some of the potion effects for this like the one that makes everything seem farther then it is (forget the name). Also u could make it so a message is sent to the player every so often that says *Cough* which could be alergies and trigggered by plants like flowers and tall grass or be because of illness
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    you can do it is compatible with Heroes plugin
    for example
    heroes plugin healer writing code or using any block heal your diseases,
    if you make this RPG servers healers make money.
    you must add INJURIES
    sorry bad english
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    If you want to know ive started work on this plugin, it currently not available but progress is good. The diseases have tiers each with symptoms and can be caught by nearly anything (eating food, walking on a block, punching a villager with a apple...).
    Im currently trying to think of a way to introduce healing of the diseases, and will later implement the spreading of diseases through contact to other players.

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    And I thought I could get away from colds in Minecraft :D
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    I think I'd have fun programming something like this. I already have some ideas for the implementation, though I'm not sure I can code every single thing on this list most seem possible. For example, minecraft has a method to detect if a player is airborne ("g" on the f3 screen). When an infected player is detected as being airborne, they would experience the distortion seen when using a nether portal. The lag mentioned would be nearly nonexistant with a correctly used player listener. We can talk more in email.

    A lot of this would be made a lot easier with the official API for 1.4. I could work out general concept code, but I don't want to do too much of it until I know what the new API looks like.

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    That may be a while. Have you seen the GitHub repo? It's has virtual dust on it.
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    If you wanted a plugin like this I suggest finding a developer familiar with the DrugMeUp plugin which gives effects when consuming any items, but I bet if they got the sourcecode they could tweak it so the effects (Bubbles and shit), would activate at a random time, with random effects. Also, they would have to remove the default upside down player effects.
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    Well what is there looks close enough to bukkit to make porting simple enough to start production now.
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    this looks cool would be great for City servers but with all of this stuff i would suggest Spout.

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