[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.4.05 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1.4.7-R1.0 / 1.5.1-R0.2]

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    mcMMO - The RPG Lovers Plugin

    Latest Release Version (1.4.05) : Info - Download
    Latest BetaVersion (1.4.06-beta2) : Download
    Work on 1.4.06 is underway!
    -=Official mcMMO Server=-
    IP: play.mcmmo.org
    IRC: #playmcmmo
    mcMMO proudly supports MCProHosting, the leading provider in Minecraft Servers
    1.4.04 has been released! This version contains numerous bugfixes, as well as support for the new 1.5 blocks. More 1.5 features will be coming once the codebase has stabilized to the point of a CraftBukkit Beta Release. You can download 1.4.04 here.​
    In order to allow server owners to keep up with development better, we have decided to begin release a weekly beta build on BukkitDev every Friday that contains all the additions, optimizations, and bug fixes we're currently working on. Hopefully this will allow for a compromise between our long-term releases and our endless flood of daily dev builds.​
    All donations are evenly split between dev team members.
    IRC Chat
    #mcmmo @ irc.esper.net
    Who is mcMMO?
    @nossr50 - Founder​
    @GJ - Project Lead & Developer​
    @NuclearW - Developer​
    @bm01 - Developer​
    @Glitchfinder - Developer​
    @TfT_02 - Developer​
    @T00thplck1 - Developer, SQL Guru​
    @Shatteredbeam - Community Manager​
    Quick Links
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    Is it possible to set up custom classes that will tie into the MagicSpells plugin? My server wants two classes. One is the general I can do everything. The other would be a mage class, restricted gear but with access to MagicSpells. I was hoping to do that using McMMO with a possible leveling component so they would get new skills as they level up.
  3. Has been fixed.
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    I am using BukkitForge with FTB pack, and this plugin works great, but then suddenly when I try to use an ability, it always uses the unarmed one, even when placing a block, the leveling system stil works.
    It seems to break when I change gamemode and then it stays broken, even after server restart. resetting the pluggin seems to fix this, but it also resets everyones levels. and I also made it hardcore mode, but after dying I stil have the same level.

    EDIT: it seems to break once I die, my hardcore mode was on, so I turned it off, but it did not fix the problem, so the plugin works great until you die, then the ability's are broken.
    (updated the mcmmo plugin to latest and BukkitForge also, problem stil exists)

    EDIT !!! : I have found the source of the problem, after dying this is what the mcmmo file in the FlatFileStuff map looks like:


    After replacing the 2 1358621192 numbers with 0 the problem is fixed, I hope that someone can find a solution with this. Please reply if you know anything about this problem.
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    [diamond] mcMMO 1.3.14 is RELEASED![diamond]

    1.3.14 is finally here, and with it comes a whole host of changes. Most importantly, this is the first "official" build of mcMMO with support for Craftbukkit 1.4.6 & 1.4.7 and all the new blocks & mobs that have been added in newer versions of Minecraft.

    In-game mcMMO skill guides
    The incredible TfT_02 has slaved away over a hot keyboard to bring you something we've been promising for a while - skill guides! Right now most of the guides are in English only, but hopefully we'll have translated versions of the guides available sometime in the next few weeks - just keep an eye on the development builds. To access the guides, simply type
    /skillname ? [page]
    Numerous SQL rewrites and optimizations
    Our resident SQL guru, toothplck1, has been trolling through database dumps for the past few weeks working hard to optimize our SQL queries, making everything much faster and reducing load on the server for admins.

    mcMMO persistent data storage rewrites
    Glitchfinder has done numerous optimizations on our Flatfile system and other storage systems, resulting in a much faster plugin.

    More bugs liquidated than ever before
    LOTS of bugs have been killed by --GJ-- and the rest of the team, including a few that have been outstanding for quite a while and have just recently been solved due to updates to Bukkit.

    Upcoming 2nd anniversary
    It seems like only yesterday that nossr50 released the first version of mcMMO, but February 3rd actually marks the 2nd anniversary of that first release. To celebrate, the developers have added a little surprise for everyone to enjoy - maybe checking out the /mcmmo command sometime between February 3rd and February 6th would be a good idea?

    To view a complete changelog, please visit our BukkitDev page here.​
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    Several times in your changelog you mention new perks and yadda yadda, but why don't you document those perks in the permission nodes section on your Wiki? I really want to turn them off so badly, and I'd prefer to be able to specify custom perks for my players, so they can get perks based on their rank.
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    I'm new to bukkit and plug-ins. Thanks for the video on setting this up and the explanation of the config file. This was easy to set up and configure. I realize that most people will already know this, but since I'm new to all of this I found out that you don't have to shut down the server in order for changes to take place. Just a simple "reload mcmmo" command worked great for a simple change I had to make. Not sure if that holds true for all changes made in the config file, but worked for the one I did.

    Anyway, thanks again. A few of my friends and I are thoroughly enjoying mcMMO!
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    Not a huge issue, but under the herbalism guide "sugar cane" is misspelled as "suger cane".
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    Thanks for letting us know, I'll go update it.
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    Thank you for taking over this projekt! Finally mcmmo isnt dieing anymore =)!

    Love you guys
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    It was never really dying, just kinda in hibernation. We'd been trying to keep it working with all the Bukkit builds as they came out, even if only in development builds.
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    I have an issue because the retro xp bar works but not the small and the standard bar. Whats my fault? :/
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    Make a page in the wiki for a in-depth explanation for the Advanced.yml :p as mine reset when i updated so i lost all the settings i had.
  15. That's on our to-do list!
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    Cheers mate, i did have a nicely nerfed 1 but i updated when u changed all the names so ;P

    - Love all the updates, been needed to do updates myself, now u got back to it.

    A big thanks to Glitchfinder for continuing the Project when it went into hibernation!
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    thank you for making everything customizable now! I requested this a while back :] good to see it implemented
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    Same here.
    Plus: no partay-HUD

    My server runs with the latest CB Beta build 2602 and spoutplugin b1414.
    Had the same issues before updating.
    Could that mean it's a spout problem?
    Or any spoutcraft client setting i didn't see?
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    Party HUD died a while ago and hasn't been implemented as of yet. As for the issue with the XP bars, not sure if it's on us or on Spout - I'll look into it.
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    Ah, thanks.
    I find the Github page a bit difficult to navigate.
    Anyway, what about the custom perks? I was thinking of something like mcmmo.perks.xp.mining.150 (150% xp boost in mining skill i.e. multiply XP by 1.5)
    Is that even possible with groupmanager?
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    Is there any way to enchant axes with some of the sword things? It would really make axes more useful
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    What do you mean, exactly?
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    Like, you can't enchant an axe with fire II (requested by a player who uses it for fighting)
  24. You can, when using enchanted books and an Anvil (Vanilla Minecraft).
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    Now I feel dumb :p shows how much I play
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    Just so everyone is aware, the release currently posted on BukkitDev will work 100% with the latest Bukkit RB (1.4.7-R1.0)
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    As part of the 2nd anniversary celebrations, the official mcMMO server has been revived, thanks largely to the hard work of shatteredbeam! The official opening will be this Sunday, along with the return of the mcMMO forums at forums.mcmmo.info.​
    You'll need to register on the forums and provide your MC username in order to access the server, so be sure to stop by and get signed up to join us for the big relaunch!​
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    Updated to 1.4 beta 1 running on bukkit 1.4.7 1.0

    Players no longer receiving XP for any skills. I reset all the configs, and double checked the permissions. Still nothing.

    Any ideas?

    Edit: Updated to latest Dev build, works fine now.
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    Fantastic plugin, I've been using it for the longest time.
    Is there any way too "hook" into mcMMO? What I had in mind is getting when a player levels up a skill, it would play the Final Fantasy level-up tone. That's just a beginning, I'd love to go a lot farther with it.
    So, is this possible?
    Thanks in advance for any answers you have :)
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    We've got a ton of custom events that we fire you can listen to, we also have a set of API classes that you can import to work with. If there's anything you'd like that's not currently available in the API, open a ticket on the Github and we'll see about adding it.
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    question, if i enable /mcgod mode in pvp world, and i tp to a other world, will /mcgod be removed in other world?

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