Inactive [RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.3.04 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1.2.4]

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    mcMMO - The RPG Lovers Plugin


    Quick Links
    Latest Version: 1.3.3 (INFO, DL)

    We have moved to using our own JIRA install for tracking issues and have mostly
    completed the website. Both can be found in the links below. Most all support
    and bug tracking should now be done through the following link:

    Please use the mcMMO forums located at the mcMMO BukkitDev

    Dev Team
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    Any news about the powerlevel above head bug? :(
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    Not a bug, new feature that nossr50 added that I was unaware of. I'll look at making an option to disable that in the config, if you'd like.
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    That would be really wonderful, thanks mate.
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    is there anyway we can make mcmmo announce rankings like eg #Curtis3321 has leveled up 1 level in #skill
  6. I do hope this still is being watched, but what line do I have to add or change to allow people to get XP for killing mobs out of mob eggs/dispensers.
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    Is it possible to exclude a player from mcmmo? we both play on this server and he doesnt like the mcmmo system,and i do :)
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    Yeah, just give him the negative permission node -mcmmo.*

    Feel free to make a request on, that might be something we add in the future.

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    I've got some free time if you want me to make a Permissions page for your Bukkitdev? (I've done it for a few plugins)
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    I'll add that feature in shortly.

    That'd be awesome. Thanks!

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    Username is the same on BukkitDev if you'd give me documenting permissions it'll be done by tonight! :) This is my second favorite plugin, thought I'd help out where I can!
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    So unfortunately, I don't have the ability to grant you the permissions and TheYeti isn't around.

    Could you just make it in a text document with the appropriate formatting & I copy/paste it in?
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    If i move a diamond ore with a piston then i get diamond and diamondore dubbel drop with mcmmo and i have turned of diamond drops in treasuers and in the config so why is it still drop diamonds?

        ID: 264
        Data: 0
        Amount: 1
        XP: 1000
        Drop_Chance: 0.0
        Drop_Level: 1000
          Dirt: false
          Grass: false
          Sand: false
          Gravel: false
          Clay: false
          Mycelium: false
          Soul_Sand: false
        Cake: true
        Sulphur: true
        Bones: true
        Apples: true
        Map: true
        Slimeballs: true
        Bucket: true
        Netherrack: true
        Mushrooms: true
        Eggs: true
        Slowsand: true
        Watch: true
        Web: true
        String: true
        Glowstone: true
        Music: true
        Diamond: false
        Cocoa_Beans: true
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