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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Updated to MySQL, was easy enough, accidently deleted npcx but that's no longer being supported atm. Just wondering if I remove the mcmmo.users file, that'll prevent /mmcupdate from overwriting anything right?
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    I just installed the plugin and all of the commands work well. The one problem I have is that exp is not being awarded for anything. When I use /stats, it doesn't display any stats (besides my Power Level being 0). Am I making some stupid mistake?
    I'm not using permissions, so that's definitely not the issue. Do I need to do anything specific to enable exp to accumulate for myself?
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    npcx is supported by a new one for 1.5 it is under submissions

    ant thanks nossr50 yeah we have cpu and memory issues with your plugin and some other posts here too.
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    Nice to know, guess I can whip those guards to patrolling the kilometers of walls, still bit of a shame archery isn't really implemented, which I suppose makes it pointless to be patrolling the walls.
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    you know thats the wrong place for this?

    but i hope we get a faster version for mcmmo my players dont want to drop this plugin from my server, but we get to much activity from cpu and memory and this causes many readtimedout problems, so we limited the plugins and now its a bit better for now, we need a new version and hope to get it asap :)
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    How about adding a sheild skill? There a mod out there floating around that you can use an Iron Door as a sheild only thing is that the block percentage on it is static. Would like the block chance to increase with level. :)
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    What and how did you limit it?
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    Following problem:
    over night my server lags a lot. don't know why but it doesn't matter.
    when a player logs in the next day the mysql connection is gone. the plugin lost the connection to the mysql.jar
    there is no error message or something else...

    someone the same problem?
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    hey.. in my party PARTY can join everyone just with command "/party PARTY" without my invitation.
    fix please that. thx
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    less plugins
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    Na that doesn't help, my server got 680MB RAM right now, without mcMMO i don't even get past 300 with 6 player (yes, i monitor my memory usage)

    With mcMMO loaded the server starts at roughly 320 MB with only 1 player connected...why? I have no idea...
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    I am getting high memory usage with mcMMO as well, after the update to MySQL, my server is giving Java OutofMemory error all the time...
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    yeah that errors was anyoing, but now i got it under control a bit but i hope for a update.
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    Side note - you realize Notch recommends at least 1GB to run SMP right? As for it's usage, McMMO does a shit ton of work so the fact that it's fairly intensive and this surprises people is shocking to me. There are plenty of MMO plugins with a smaller footprint. Try one of those. My server handles McMMO fine.
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    Notchs recommened is ages old, with 640 MB i can easily handle at least 20 users without heavy plugins.

    plenty of MMO plugins?! Name me one, skills is garbage, just xp and numbers, no effect on what you do, dwarfCraft is inactive, what else?
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    anyone else have a problem where they weren't being awarded exp after first installing? Is there some sort of extra config I need to do to allow my character to gain exp? (not using Permission btw)
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    My server starts at 320mb without anyone in it as well. Your not alone. As amazing as mcMMO is, it is also a pig since a servers ram will extremely quick using it. No other MMO's do what this does, at least for mine-drops and nifty fighting additions. That's what I have it for.
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    Rifts, PwnCraft.
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    Both PvP plugins and like Mukrakiish says, no other addon modifies the behavior like this one, they do things like "Get your skill to x to use iron" etc - boring ^^

    The point is, did mcMMO hog memory like this from the beginning or is there a leak or something? Because right now we're going way off topic, i bet most of you don't even know how much ram their server is using...
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    I installed the plugin with permissions and iConomy, but whenever I cut down a tree, I start mining or digging. I do not recieve any XP.
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    The RAM difference is HUGE and it seems to fill up over time because right now there are 4 player online and the used memory is 280 MB but this night it crashed with 2 player and allocated memory above 500 MB, strange ^^

    with mcMMO
    [​IMG]without mcMMO
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    So I suppose the problem (looks like) is not that "oh it uses a lot of resources" but it uses said resources in somewhat unexpected and sporadic ways. Which is a much different beast :p
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    Yeah, i can live with "you need 200 mb extra if you use this plugin" that's a thing i can calculate with but as you can see, the memory usage somehow increases over time - my only solution i can think off is that, if you stay on the server long enough (several hours) without disconnecting, the plugin amasses data since it has to remember so damn much - something like that...

    Might have to take a look at the code someday to see how things are done...

    I'll post another graph later, i log the memory usage every 5 mins so it will fill up over time :D
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    Sorry if this has been asked before, but is repairing stone tools supposed to be working at the moment? Right now right-clicking a cobblestone block simply readies your ability. Turning abilities off with /mcability doesn't help.

    My config file I'm testing with is the default one generated. I also tried changing the "cobblestonerepair" name + id # to be iron bars / iron block, but that didn't work either..
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    You have to repair using a iron block.
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    I tried this without success (nothing happened with using a stone tool with iron block - iron tools work fine).

    Do I need to change config to get this to work? and what do I need in inventory?
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    Deafult, you would need some cobblestone in inventory, and for me, it works without changes in config.
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    Got it working now - thanks! :)
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    Confirm that it works with 766 ?
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    For some reason, party chat is showing up twice. CB 766

    Also, I have an ! in the MySQL password and it's placing a \ before it for some reason.

    I tried using the /mmoupdate in game and it seems to have doubled all of the stats. Is there a way to fix this?
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