[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.2.07 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1337][1549]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    i have a mining skill of 1089
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    SweetCraft Girl

    I appreciate your reply nossr, and am happy to know you do intend to work on a configurable file. I do not expect any Economy or iConomy functionality.

    I do think that your efforts are monumental when one takes on any aspect of the word MMO and tries to make that a reality in our very hard to transform Minecraft World, and for that I commend you.

    I also think that more people should donate to those who make plugins that really help to make their world worth returning for the residents.

    So you can expect a financial return as a donation from us. We are not pro's, not trying to make money off of notch's unfinished work of art. We just want to make a nice place to share with the community and support those in the community who help make it nicer for us with these awesome mods.

    Thanks again,

    You are appreciated!

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    /mmoedit does not work for me. It doesn't say anything when i type /mmoedit l_5p4ngl312 Archery 200 or whatever I want to set it to. I was testing it so I could see the extent of the damage scaling.
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    Version 0.5.17
    • Fixed namespace to follow bukkit's new standard
    • Modified excavation loot tables
    • Modified excavation drop rates
    • Added party invite system
    • New commands /invite and /accept
    @l5p4ngl312 works fine here, and if you're modifying yourself you only need to do /mmoedit swords 10

    @SweetCraft Girl Thanks for the donation, first one I've received so far :3
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    Hey there! I've a strange problem:
    Only OPs can gain experience.

    I already set the default players in the permission file to - 'mcmmo.skills.*' and after that I also tried to set every single skill into the permission file. Still only OPs get skillpoints :(

    What am I doing wrong?

    (Bukkit Version 325, the one you offered to download!)
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    That is a strange problem, maybe your permissions file is formatted incorrectly? If you PM me your server IP I'd like to swing by to see this firsthand.
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    I think you are right, arg i want to give to my user "skills" but i don't want them to dig the whole map ^^

    @ddoolin @Jamie I agree but it's just a request. BTW I think it could be great too ;)
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    Are there protections against people from dropping a gold ore and mining it again? Possibly gaining skills and double ores?
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    Alright, it works now ;D

    An update of Permissions helped. Strange, every other plugin worked till now, but maybe you're using a new function?

    Atleast it works now ^^
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    FYI, you can use snowballs to level up your archery. Probably slime too but I haven't tested it.

    Edit: No you can't throw slime nvm.
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    Hey, i was just wondering when the next big update might be. sorry for asking, me and my server are absolutely addicted with this plugin, its really awesome
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    @jdawg307 I'll try to get 0.6 out within a week from today.
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    just wanted to say I absolutely love this plugin I'm using craftbukkit 328 with like 20-25 plugins and it works perfect, I wish there was a settings.yml or something so we can get rid or change what mining and digging drops (like the 1-50% chance of getting something), but I love this plugin great job.
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    Yeah, I don't even really wanna change anything, but Repair is still only working like half the time or so. D:

    No errors to be heard of, though...:\
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    @ddoolin Elaborate on whats not working with repair for you. It seems to be working fine on my server.
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    Wow, great plugin! This is by far the most entertaining mod I've tried so far. Do you know why? Because it allows for different playstyles. Not just mining, mining, mining and building.
    One question though. Will you add more procs for the existing skills at extremely high levels? Like 2000 or/and 3000 or maybe even 5000?
    I have an excavation skill of about 1400, and it's starting to feel a bit pointless right now, well, except for the cake and diamonds you get :).
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    Hm, don't worry too much about it. It's probably a by-product of using /reload. I noticed /stats doesn't work after using /reload too. A restart fixes it up.
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    I have a problem. The death thing works, but the accual RP dosent work. Craftbukkit:393. What do i do?
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    dont u mean 339?
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    Probably not, I'm on 409.
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    So far I am really liking this plugin and the direction it is heading, All the users on my server are enjoying it as well. Thanks for the plugin and keep up the great work.
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    ok i installed the latest version but now unarmed penetrates /god from worldguard
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    Are there new permissions for the party system, for example mcmmo.commands.invite and mcmmo.commands.accept? Currently unable to use it.
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    this, also penetrates on a no pvp server
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    On my server, we use /reload from essentials all the time, for editing the groups and such in permissions.
    But with this plugin, the server crashes everytime I use it.

    I have no error messages in console though.
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    @Xantheus The new commands use mcmmo.commands.party just like /party does

    @andret Mmm, what plugin gives you this /reload command? I could look into seeing if I could make my plugin compatible.

    @mutiny I can't make my plugin compatible with everything, but I'll try for worldguard compatibility when 4.x hits.
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    Arrows and snowballs hurt A LOT even though pvp is off. I mean that you can kill people with arrows and snowballs regardless and it goes through armor. I tried this on craftbukkit version 325 and the newest version and same thing.

    Also if your parry is high enough it will spam you with "CLING you parried the attack CLING" when someone else attacks you even if pvp is off.

    And sometimes it says you slain another person even when pvp is off and you attack them with a sword.
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