[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.2.07 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1337][1549]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    I think you should add a option in the configuration file for a set level for all skills to max out. :p
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    There are PvP mods out there that have functions like this already (toggle-able sneak) and I'm not entirely sure it fits into McMMO.

    Backing up your stats regularly, and of course before changing/adding/removing anything on your server, is a good idea. I had my stats erased during an upgrade once, not a huge deal if you have some backups prior to said update.
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    Is there a way to put off that long message when logging in? It's really annoying and comes after my MOTD soo nobody will pay attention to the real MOTD. And I love to keep that part clean. :)

    Please, answer A.S.A.P. cause I find this very annoying. :)
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    Does this work with worldguard so that users can't cleave through protected areas yet?
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    That is the thing, I haven't even logged into the server for it to do that. So no recent backup since I didn't change anything.
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    Could you make it so that the 'mmoedit' command defaults to OP's?
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    Just curious what other admins have their multipliers set to? So no one levels too fast.
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    So is .9.3 just a glitched build? Or is it working for some and not for others??
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    Please help with this.
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    In permissions use this:
    - '-mcmmo.motd'
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    Thank you, I'm sorry for being soo blind.
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    So I was shooting some pigs, cows, and sheep earlier with a bow...and I got to thinking. My archery isn't leveling up...so I tested it. It appears that you only gain exp from archery via hostile mobs, and I'm guessing the same goes for swords.

    Why is this? Am I not getting any better with a bow firing at sheep than I am firing at a zombie? I could see a less exp gain but to gain no exp while still using the tools seems kinda silly...

    Edit: Okay I'm looking at the wiki....ghasts don't count either? *Stares blankly* Just...why?
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    Id like to recommend that the loot from excavation should be based much more strongly on the excavation level because although i have a high excavation level i still need to churn up huge amounts of the world for a little glowstone.
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    I found a strange bug. I have PvP off on my server, but using Serrated Strikes with a sword can still kill a player, how come?
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    I would like to see this be configurable. I also would like to have animals give XP for stuff, and make it less XP than what hostile mobs give.
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    After much playing, my users agreed that this is an obtainable goal, without being to quick, or to slow.
    Our modifiers are like this:





    This makes the base 2000xp per level + level modifier.
    Example: Herbalism farming and planting only wheat by hand takes about 500 to level up from 0 to 1.
    Most people are getting 1 to 5 levels per day in any 1 skill.

    Since our final restart of the stats, in less than a month, most players average level 80 in 3 or more skills, and 30 in 3 or more other.

    Don't sweat it, I asked the same question. :p

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    Haha I first tried to look in the source to remove that message but it's not in the source soo I paniced
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    Because ghasts and slimes aren't considered mobs in bukkit they are working to fix it I believe (did they fix it already I forget) and I personally like the way it is set up now I don't want my users killing defenseless cows and sheep for xp I want there to be some danger to it makes things more interesting.
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    Please add the skills from AfraidSkills! PLEASE!!! There are as you see many people that liked that mod, but the dev seem to have disappeared from the surface of bukkit, please revive his work!
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    I totally forgot about slimes :x

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    As far as I've seen the MOTD from this is only shown to Admins+ in my Permissions set up. Not sure if I did something or that's default or if not seeing it as "Citizen" in my setup is a bug, but I know it's been mentioned that MOTD support is coming soon/later/in the works.

    Weird indeed. I've only had one wipe and it was during a McMMO update, but haven't noticed a random wipe before. No ideas here =/
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    Users without region permission (WorldGuard) are able to use SuperBreaker/Beserk/Green Thumb for some reason.
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    Ummm, what is maximum level of those skills? It is unlimited?
    Please reply :)
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    I would love to be that brave soul. =D

    As I'm an experienced web developer and php programmer I feel I could be of some assistance to you. However that being noted, I am running a developmental build of Bukkit (714) so I hope that wouldn't be a problem for you.

    Anyhow, in regards to all the work you have done, I sincerely appreciate all of it. Now I can program proper leader boards for my website! The features for the website (XenForo install) would be pretty much the same as your leader boards except I will include more data from other plugins e.g. iConomy etc.

    Thanks again,

    BTW, I am curious as to see the stats of user_id # 1 :)
    Edit: I looked again, and it seems user # 1 was deleted :0
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    Please add flaming arrows to ppl with archery lvl 50
    how to: sneak and shoot consumes one arrow and one coal
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    I made some slight improvement(?) to mcMMO. How would I best go ahead and submit these? Since your github is closed for submissions.

    I am not a java coder, or really a coder at all so the job is more of a copy-paste hackjob than a real modification. I would have no clue how to release it as a stand-alone plugin for mcMMO, so I figured I would submit it here and see if maybe you can implement it at some point.

    In our server we often have people using the /ptp command to teleport to each other. This can be quite dangerous if the person you teleport to is working on something like a bridge and result in both of them dying. Now there is /tpa from Essentials that will ask for teleport permission before, but sometimes your direct /ptp is so much more convenient... unless in one of those dangerous situations.

    What I did now is add a /danger toggle that will refuse teleports with /ptp if a player is marked as being in dangerous location. It would be awesome if you could officially implement a feature like this, so I do not have to edit your code on every new release of mcMMO :)

    The changes I did I basically copy-pasted from your /p toggle and adjusted it accordingly:


    Thanks in advance!
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    :)[diamond]plz make a single player verson[diamond]:)
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    This is a forum about the mcmmo bukkit mod, why not PM the author if you want single player for some reason.
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    1.0 delayed for a week or two, sowwy [pig]

    Alright guys, turns out I need to move out within the week from my apartment. So 1.0 is probably (most likely) going to not come out for another week or two. I was thinking I'd get it out this week but having to spend most of my week moving will obviously put a damper on this.

    The good news is that from playtesting MySQL support seems to be pretty solid, just needs a few tweaks and its pretty much good to go. Maybe this delay will give me more time to try to implement sqlite as well as MySQL.

    Taming is interesting so far, I'm worried about the survivability of wolves more than anything as what really kills the mood is having 1 creeper wipe out your wolves. So I've made two survivability skills unlocked through leveling Taming, one for explosives resistance and one for overall damage resistance.


    This is how its looking so far, I'm thinking of adding the ability to 'sick' your wolves on opponents from a distance, but I'm a little worried of how I'd implement it without effecting performance of the server too much. If I find a good way that doesn't strain the server it will certainly be put in.

    EDIT: Oh, and yes MySQL tables will have a prefix you can customize to your liking. Right now its set to mcmmo_ by default.
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    for some reason it keeps reseting peoples stats after they logout. also on the database txt file there is like 5 multiples of each player. something is wrong.
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