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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Yeah Acrobatics you get xp even if you die, and ill pm nossr50 about a major glitch that gives players hundreds of levels of acrobatics. Also am I the only one who can't use the /mmoedit command? There is no error message, it just says that it is an unknown command.(Sorry if this has been resolved, I didn't want to read through 67 forum pages to find out)
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    Dr. Zandi

    Yeah, you just need to download the permissions plugin from Yeti here:

    What I would do is just set the necessary experience for acrobatics extremely high, or disable it altogether.

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    It gets better :p
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    Version 0.9.16
    • Logs placed by the player won't grant XP/Double Drops anymore
    • Added more functions plugin authors can call
    • Acrobatics Roll has a damage threshold of 20, going above this means a failed Roll
    Here's a hotfix, still working on the Timer issue, been a little busy this week but I'll get to it soon.

    Plugin authors can now call
    addXp(Player player, String skillname, Integer newvalue)
    modifySkill(Player player, String skillname, Integer newvalue)

    "skillname" can be any of the following
    all, mining, woodcutting, excavation, repair, herbalism, acrobatics, swords, archery, unarmed, axes
    Here's a priority list

    Rework Herbalism (Medium)
    Fix Timer (High Priority)
    Rework Rolling (Medium)
    Rework Configuration Files (Medium)
    Finish abilities for Herbalism/Archery (Low)
    Nerf Archery (Medium)
  6. The (INFO) link gives the post to the 0.9.11 version and I think it'll be better to update the changelog directly in the thread and just announce via posts that there's a new version :}
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    A lot of people tell me they don't know what the Chimaera Wing is or does, this is mostly my fault for not talking about it in my OP post.

    Here's a wiki article I just wrote explaining it

    I'll be editing my OP post soon to also include this information
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    Bug report

    I noticed an annoying bug. I think it is linked to mcmmo mod.
    I use mcMMO 0.9.16 with CB 617.

    When people die on the server, they lose their inventory forever. Like if they used /myspawn.
    I fixed this by setting myspawnclearinventory to false. It returns to death=drop inventory on the floor.

    That is why I think it is linked to this mod.

    I hope that helped you :)
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    I have my copy of your plugin running well on my server, and would like to suggest a plugin either you could write for your own mcMMO or that someone else could do.

    I posted something similar to this on another topic, but wasn't sure how well excepted my idea is.

    The idea would be to have professions support for the skills the mcMMO give us. This would allow a primary and secondary profession to be chosen by the player. The primary profession would receive 3x the normal experience to its associated skill, and the secondary would get 2x. The other skills would remain at normal experience.

    An option should be made to the player to take a 50% deduction in experience earn in any 2 skills other than their primary and secondary which would allow them to add 1x to either their primary or secondary profession. This would not be a repeatable thing, just a one time deal.

    I believe the names of the professions should match the skills, like mining being a Miner, swords being a Swordfighter, etc.

    Love mcMMO, keep making it better!
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    Finally got the error to happen It seems that when we did /reload all it allows unlimited breakage use.
    The link below is the link Zenexer gave me to show us (He donated my server) Is that it?

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    From v0.9.16 acrobatics wont work..
    edited my skills to 2000 (200% chance) - the same... dying everytime I fall!
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    Dr. Zandi

    He also added in the most recent update that if you fall from a height that would do more damage than your full health, the roll would fail 100%. This is to stop things such as falling from ridiculous heights and landing just fine.
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    i get this on death
    20:39:57 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_RESPAWN to mcMMO
    n/m i must have messed up the users file when playing around.. a reinstall fixed it

    i am still getting invisible mobs after i die does anyone know why or what plug-in is doing it
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    Dr. Zandi

    Mcmmo shouldn't cause that....
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    Is there any way to disable admin chat? And the Chimaera wing thing. It's conflicting with some of my plugins (AdminChat & Fly, Ridge, Fly!)
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    Dr. Zandi

    Easy, just add '-mcmmo.chat.adminchat' and '-mcmmo.item.chimaerawing' to permissions.
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    I meant for admins. I already have '*' for them, so wouldn't that have no effect? I really don't want to have to manually go back and add permissions for every single plugin that I've neglected to (because I haven't needed to) just to negate those two things.
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    Fix double drops from protected areas please! (and xp from those drops)

    As Dr. Zandi said "'-mcmmo.chat.adminchat' and '-mcmmo.item.chimaerawing'"

    so instead of having just the permission
    make it

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    Same problem here too
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    That's a problem with base minecraft as far as i know.
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    And as I said, that doesn't work.
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    mcmmo and stats+ achievements plugin use the same command for showing stats
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    hi i am having a problem .. ppl are starting to make gold and iron farmes ,, any way you can prevent duble drops on gold and iron my economy is inflated by this ,
    plz quiq awnser
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    is there a way to turn off where players can view others ip?
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    Dr. Zandi

    Did you try?

    Mcmmo doesn't allow anyone to do that.

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    power... can somenody say me what i can do with it?

    is it possible to reset the stats from the player if they die to many times( power=0) sombody sad me its the sense of power...if this is true we have a bug XD (the power can get under 0)

    sry for this...you knowXD
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    yes you can /whois name and it tells u there stats and ip.
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    Yes, actually. I wouldn't have said it doesn't work if I didn't know that for a fact!
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    Dr. Zandi

    Alright, I was making sure. There are those people who just sit there and exclaim that they're right no matter what.
    I'll look into it.

    No, it doesn't.

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    lol thanks.
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    I've come back to give you some feedback, if you would like to hear some additional suggestions.

    So far I've been thoroughly pleased with your work, and I make no complaints to what is free.

    I'm going to have to compile my entire list, of things I've previous mentioned as well. If you could, I'd appreciate it, if you gave any replies or comments to wha tI have to say, to be more aware that the post was read at all.

    Chimera Wing: Is it possible that it could be setup to head to a fixed point? Like a warp/location besides spawn? Or even ones own home? I wish it had more customization to it, allowing more control, beyond what it has already.

    Magic, I've suggested this recently, but I haven't seen you give a response, do you have any plans of adding anything of the likes? I'd love to see it implemented. There is no other magic plugin around, I have yet to see one use a manacast, except for in hmod.. If a cost upon magic could exist, that would be awesome.

    Also, I've mentioned the configuration files, but I'm not as bothered as before, but I'm currently using McMMO on a currently closed test server. While I am willing to offer an invite should you want to take a look. I have a setup involving 5 of the ten available skills.

    Acrobatics is free, and you can choose 4 of the skills of which you get. I am hand adding this currently, and I find this challenging, and somewhat difficult upon me. I'd love to see support to limit peoples skills down, as well as cap their levels as well. I am trying to create an RP server, but I don't want a bunch of jack of all trades. While I can continue to add and remove permissions manually, I'd love to see built-in functionality that would take the burden of manually adding every single user's skill permissions into the world.yml file.

    @KinaNeko seems to have proposed what I had wanted to say quite a bit here
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