[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.2.07 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1337][1549]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Oh geez, harder monsters?

    If you could make them a bit bigger than the regular ones, it would be cool! And perhaps don't make super creepers with enormous blast radiuses (radii?) :p
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    i hope server admins can put these hard mobs at specific locations to build dungeons. even better when they respawn at configurable times like, every 3 hours.
    i'm very excited :D
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    19:39:34 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "Timer-0"
    19:39:34 [SEVERE] java.lang.IllegalAccessError: tried to access class com.gmail.
    nossr50.PlayerList$PlayerProfile from class com.gmail.nossr50.PlayerList
    19:39:34 [SEVERE]       at com.gmail.nossr50.PlayerList.addPlayer(mcUsers.java:1
    19:39:34 [SEVERE]       at com.gmail.nossr50.mcUsers.addUser(mcUsers.java:70)
    19:39:34 [SEVERE]       at com.gmail.nossr50.mcTimer.run(mcTimer.java:20)
    19:39:34 [SEVERE]       at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Unknown Source)
    19:39:34 [SEVERE]       at java.util.TimerThread.run(Unknown Source)
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    I also get this error on server load.
    Further, it seems that while the superbreaker for the pickaxe is operational, gold ore and iron ore do no drop when mined.

    I appreciate your work with this mod, and it is greatly enjoyed by myself and the players on my server.

    It also amuses me that the Axe cleave will still hurt people who have godmode on.
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    I got the error after reloading the server.properties file, from online-mode, true, to online-mode false. (Or was it offline-mode?)
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    He thx a lot for fixing the perma problem ... your do a really good job ... MCMMO is my favorite mod hehe ^^

    but what about a little money system ?
    it dont have to be so complicated like gold, silver and chopper
    gold would be enough
    its only an idea :)
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    Idea: Possibility of ability to heal other party members?
    Config: Rates of drops more controllable. For example like the global xp modifier but for drops in say excavation stuff.

    I use iConomy and chest shops for my money system.

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    First I just wanted to say that I'm loving your plugin, it has really renewed my interest in the game!

    That said, I wanted to suggest a few things.
    First would you consider adding some bonus to wearing leather/chain to archery so that there is an incentive for these to be used. This could be skills like light and heavy armor skills (like in RPGs like Oblivion) or it could be a damage bonus to arrows, or a defense boost for these armors with high archery.

    Another thing that would be very long term, but interesting nonetheless would be to implement functionality such as
    the Farm Master plugin(now inactive) where you would farm plants by tilling the soil and then using the plant on it. It would look like it was growing wheat, but at the end it would grow into a pumpkin, or whatever else you planted. This would be a better way to gain herbalism xp.
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    Just installed this plugin and I'm blown away by how awesome it it. I'm running a SMP server and I'm trying to focus on the survival/every man for himself part of it and having /whois allows players to find one another without the other person wanting them to. I was wondering if there's a way to turn this off? Thanks.
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    the abilities are back to doing what they did before, and not stopping.
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    The experience given could be a miniscule amount, but something to fill it in. I'm not worried about it, i just like showing off the features of mods to my friends playing on my server, but it's difficult when they don't have access to the ability.... lol
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    The Unarmed ability goes straight through block protection.
    World Guard
    and Precious Stones

    and after getting damaged how long does it take to use chimaera wing?
    can we get a config for that?
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    Just a suggestion:
    I love the gigabreaker skill (and the reference to spiral energy XD - Gurren Lagann ftw!) but me and my server have come to the agreement that the double yields are simply too unfair. We would rather the rich not get richer... So is there any way you can make it so abilities are a separate toggle, perhaps? If I could just turn on the gigabreaker that would be amazing! I bet others may enjoy the option as well for other skills.
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    @Fusioneko & @Karaen I'll fix this asap

    @Beatkidz Plugin incompatibility is not something I can fix easily, after getting hurt you need to wait 1 minute

    @Soryo Well, the main reason I didn't add stone tools is I found it hard to imagine repairing stone in my head

    @crp_fragr Are you using a permissions mod? You should be able to take away permission for that command

    @Zuriel Right now I'm not considering having bonuses for light armor, but it could happen

    @Raiden273 There are plenty of economy mods out right now that do the same thing

    Version 0.9.6
    • Timer checks for the player being null before adding them to the mcUsers system
    • Cooldowns will now show how much time is remaining when trying to use their respective abilities
    • SkullSpliiter will now correctly inform the player when they are too tired to use it
    • Acrobatics will no longer give XP if the event was cancelled by another plugin
    Hopefully this will stop the Timer from breaking, if you notice abilities lasting forever with 0.9.6 please post the Timer error from your server console.

    This version has Acrobatics check for the event being cancelled to give out XP, this should make it play nice with that vampires mod.

    The wiki is a lot nicer now, check it out and feel free to contribute :)

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    Thanks for the update, will test this out, and report any errors I notice. We're moving to a new server machine soon too, from a windows OS to Debian. It's quite impressive. (I really felt like saying it.) So, hopefully it'll improve server performance. (Enough to the point to discern lag from bugs.)
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    what about the incompability with the stats/achievements plugin?! any ideas on how to fix the double /stats command?!
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    Download link of the jar file says it is 9.5?
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    It says 0.9.5 while running?

    Change /stats=stats to something like /stats=mcstats
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    /setmyspawn has stopped working on my server, dont know if this is an incompatibility with another mod im using, but the command used to work.

    It teleport everyone to the same location on death no matter where you type /setmyspawn

    Does anyone else experince it?

    Running craftbukkit #556, and mcmmo 0.9.5
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    Says 0.9.5 for me, too, and it's the same size as the 0.9.5 .jar was.
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    thanks a lot, i changed it the other way around, from /stats=stats to /skills=stats... there was my problem
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    Looks like my DropBox was closed
    Should be up to date now!
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    A user on my server is dying and dropping arrows. He is killing himself and dropping 63 arrows. He has died from falling, drowning, lava, etc. Any idea why? Archery is 53
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    I'm having this problem as well, although Chimera Wing still takes you to the correct place. I hadn't used myspawn before the update so I wasn't sure if this was the intended effect. If I die I go to the default spawn, if I use Chimera Wing I go to where I set myspawn.
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    The OP does not have any info on what a Chimaera Wing is, nor what are, or how to use, skill abilities. I looked through the last few pages, and didn't see anything. Can someone explain?
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    Edit: Also Wiki is lookin nice :D
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    Roundabout way of pointing out I missed the link :<
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    meh, it was posted so many pages ago in the thread :p
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    To save you from embarrassment? It could have ended worse, and someone could've been a complete ass about it. :p
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    Sigh why my posts always get ignored on this forum ill never know ;)

    This is sort of a big deal, anybody know how to fix it?

    Im about to start a new world with this mod, but the way it is now it will take these people 5 minutes to realize they can max their unarmed and sword skill by hitting eachother in the No PVP zone.
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