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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    @mrgreaper I explain in the 0.9 info

    Could those with abilities never turning off check their consoles for errors and post if they find any?
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    Looks like the dreaded memory leak may still be an issue in 0.9
    After several hours of my server being up with this plugin installed (CB 556) users are no longer able to connect.
    They get "Logging in..." until they time out.
    I restart the server, and everything is back to normal.

    I'll post the console errors as soon as I can.
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    Im running 0.9 with over 30 people online at once for over 24 hrs and None of my users are getting that error. I'm using CB 531. Whats the size of your server how much Ram and stuff? Im running a 8gb 75 player max server and have yet to see this at all.
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    I run a fairly small server.
    Intel Core2Duo @ 2.3GHz
    4GB PC2 5300 RAM
    Ubuntu Server 10.10

    There are only 7-13 people on at any given time.

    The mods I am running on the server:
    CraftBukkit 556
    mcMMO 0.9.1
    Essentials 297
    LWC 1.6.3
    LocalShops 1.14b
    GroupManager Alpha5

    I had DynMap installed, but that was causing socket connect errors as well, so I was forced to remove it.
    Looks like I'm having almost the same issue again.

    Maybe related to CB 556?
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    Attacking on non-PvP zones(WorldGuar/Towny) with abilities still make damage. Just like some othe kinds of things still happen... like bleeding, critical-hits and ignition of an arrow... everything still happens on non-PvP zone.

    It's coming to be a major problem in my server.

    It happens even in God mode(WorldGuard)
    Someone killed me while I was afk, on a non-PvP city and in God mode.

    I have 0.9 here... will test 0.9.1

    Same thing on 0.9.1

    I deactivated abilities... but critical hits... bleeding... still makes it annoying. I probably will deactivate mcMMO while killing in non-PvP is happening.

    Tested with /mcgod
    I still got killed by an axe!
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    Players without permission to use abilities are still able to ready and lower their axe. Nothing else seems to be doing it, and I don't think the ability itself is going off, just the message that they raise the axe.
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    Ya, I dont see mcMMO causing this issue then.
    I have a 8gb server running 20-30 people at all times for over 24hrs between restarts of Linux Server and or my Game Server. We have had no issues what so ever in players connecting in any way shape or form.
    Who know's maybe im completely wrong.
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    Not sure if this is a bug, but when using the Citizens plugin people can level up their weapon skills on the NPCs.

    Nothing a little admin work cant fix, just thought I'd let you know.

    Thanks for the great plugin!
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    Dude I don't know what to say, you've outdone yourself.
    This right-click abilities update is absolutely glorious!
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    OOO ok sure. have tons of errors silently popping up in my console actually. hereare a few.
    I am running a few other plugins though:
    Heroic Death
    Iobookcase =D

    Running through the server log these 2 errors seem to pop up every minute.

    Hope this info helps nossr 50 =D

    Odd thing nossr50. I updated to 0.9.1 last night and still had the ability not wearing off issue.

    Started the server once again and the problem hasn't appeared for the last 30 min 0.0
    Will report back any errors and info.

    Edit: Ok used Serrated strikes and the issue is back.

    Looking at the error and when it happens, I may be wrong but when I hit animals?
    No knowledge on java but just a guess =P

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    It seems abilities that get activated on my server always shut off
    To those with activation shut off problems, could you please try CB 556?

    @MCbyWay Looks like you are using an old version of CB!

    @TehJammers Thanks a lot :)

    @Ioncat well that is the "READY" state that happens before ability activation, its actually not supposed to pop up when you right click doors, chests, etc. But its so you don't accidentally pop off abilities and a clever way to make woodcutting and axe abilities the same button.

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    Me and my users are sad, mcMMO had to be shut down. [​IMG]

    I hope fixing those issues don't be a big hassle for you.

    I just want to say that I love your plugin!
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    @AnjoCaido for what reason?

    EDIT: Oh, I'll be adjusting the listener priorities in the next update.
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    Not to be a pain in the ass, would u mind throwing an release time/date ? :b

    my users mad at me, for not updating it yet xD
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    Ah! is THAT the issue xD

    Oh dear sorry xD
    Alright then I'll update and tell you the results =D
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    Tim Yong

    First of all, this is a fantastic plugin!

    I am confused, though. In an attempt to find the MOTD in the source code I realized that PlayerList$PlayerProfile.class and PlayerList.class are in the dowload, but not the source code posted on github. What do those two classes do? [​IMG]
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    Version 0.9.2
    • Changed priority of some of the mcMMO listeners
    • Now when certain abilities are activated it shouldn't say "You lower your x"
    Note: The listener priorities of combat and block breaking in mcMMO have changed, now mcMMO should listen for when other plugins cancel events (like world guard) and hopefully respect them. I can't guarantee success though, but those with plugin incompatibility may want to try it out and report back!

    I need those with abilities that never shut off to answer a few questions as I can't reproduce it

    1) Are there any errors in your server console

    2) Do abilities not shut off for all of your players

    3) What version of CB are you using

    4) Does it tell your players that it has worn off and it just keeps working or does it never say its worn off and thus keeps working forever

    @Tim Yong The .class files are the compiled versions of the .java files. You'll want to look for onPlayerJoin in mcPlayerListener.java on my github!

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    I have som problems with this plugin. I cannot use /stats if I use it this come on screen "If you don't have access to a skill it will not be shown here." plz help
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    tee jay

    I could be missing this in OP, but are there Permissions for the stats commands or is it just if a skill is enabled you can use /stats or /mining, etc?
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    Omg, thanks for the very quick fix. Going to test it right now. I'll give you a feedback in some minutes.
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    Im sorry but do you talk to me or nossr50 ? :)
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    Where do I find the /myspawn cooldown/warmup variables? They aren't in the config file.
    Ty, great plugin.
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    LordJason u maby know what I have made wrong. Any idea?
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    As far as I know that message is always shown man.
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    This message? "If you don't have access to a skill it will not be shown here."
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    TY! The new release tottally fixed my issues in non-PvP zones.

    There is still one little issue. But is minor(as most doesnt use archery skill on my server), is the ignition of an arrow. That still happens on a non-PvP zone... but that I think it would be a little harder to fix. But no hurry.

    It's a lot better without general damage.

    TY for your quick answer and fix, again.
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    the ability error for me is when i switched weapons while the ability was active at the time and didn't switch back for awhile. i dunno if it does it right away then back within a few seconds :)...

    but if you activate a skill then switch from say. your pickax to some block to place a object or a sword then the pickaxes ability is enabled forever(if you dont wait for the ability to expire before you switch) :)

    (OR its when you enable two abilities at the same time.. i didnt test i just noticed my fists for clearing gravel was instant and my pickax was after using the abilities and switching to place blocks or change to destroy gravel/ore ect.)
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    I know what it is, what I'm saying is that when I disable permission for players to use abilities, they don't get a READY state for any tool/weapon. This is what I like, that way they don't get the 'You lower your sword' text when they can't use the ability. The problem is that the text that accompanies the axe ability is showing up without permission.

    JoeBlow doesn't have permission to use abilities.
    JoeBlow right clicks with his sword, nothing happens.
    JoeBlow right clicks with his pickaxe, nothing happens.
    JoeBlow right clicks with his axe, he see's 'You raise your axe''You lower your axe'.
    JoeBlow is now very confused, if he doesn't have permission to use abilities, why is he seeing the stance notification with the axe?

    See what I'm saying? I just figured it wasn't intentional since the other weapons don't do it.
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    @Avous thanks, its details like this that help in narrowing down the problem. I'll see if I can reproduce it like this.

    @Ioncat Ah, now I understand! I'll look into fixing that in the next update :)

    @thegreatking94 That message is always shown, but if you never see any stats its because you don't have permissions setup correctly!

    @LordJason There is no /warmup command and /myspawn has no cooldown atm

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    Ty. It seems I was confusing your myhome functionality with another "teleportation" plugin. Its so hard to remember what plugins are providing what exact commands sometimes.

    Yes that message is shown every time a player types /stats
    It is not an error. Its just information that you can ignore.

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