[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.2.07 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1337][1549]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Meh, your not going to get huge support running a cracked server.
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    hm there are big plugins which are supporting cracked servers...
    but it is a bug and it should be fixed anyway :)
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    Hmm is there anyway to reduce the Axes Critical % chance to a custom amount i was looking in config and couldn't find anything
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    On start up, i get this error:

    Then a few hundred
    at com.gmail.nossr50.datatypes.TreeNode.inOrder(TreeNode.java:56)
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    I'm also having this issue, paid for hosting of an MC server and MySQL included so I connect to it via localhost:3306 But McMMO is causeing MAJOR lag, and even locking the server up completely. They give me 3GB of RAM total, 2GB going to the MC server, which never reachs above 50% in processor or ram usage according to MCmyadmin.

    I'v tried switching to flatfile but experience the same issues, it's only when I disable McMMO that the server runs stably. I'm using spout build 381 for CB1185 to match the last time McMMO was updated and avoid all the errors caused by an updated version of spout.

    Any ideas?
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    Your server may be oversold? I run mcmmo with 120 ppl online with no lag whatsoever.

    What are you running CB1185 for? McMMO has been build against 1337, 1185 is an outdated build.
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    I always had problems with lag when I had spout installed (with mcMMO too) and without spout it works just fine :(
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    Can you tell me your server specs?

    Check BukkitDev. McMMO hasn't been updated since 1185. Sept 27th to be exact was when 1.1.16 released. He's simply been changing the the post title here, because it CB hasn't been breaking anything with it's updates.

    One of the spout updates however completely broke the compatibility with McMMO. So I downgraded my versions back to 1185 which was the last build he released an update of mcmmo for in order to ensure compatibility with everything.

    In short there is no 1337 build. 1185 IS the latest build.
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    Core i7, 16Gb. Dedi. Running Cb1337, running Spout. running McMMO 1.1.17.

    No issues, no lag, no errors.
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    I'll be putting out a patch soon to address Spout issues before the next content update.

    Which may be today or tomorrow, I'll try to get it out soon.
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    Yeah i can see no lag with 16gb we're only running on 3gb

    where did you get 1.1.17?
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    Definitely compatible with CB#1337!
    • XP gained in combat is now softcapped by the remaining health of the entity you are damaging, preventing many exploits.
    • Players in Creative mode no longer gain XP
    • Compiled against latest Spout & CraftBukkit (1337)
    • Added World PVP check to Ignition, should no longer ignore PVP settings
    • Enemies should no longer grant XP when hit during their death
    • Fixed an exploit that led to unlimited ability use
    • Possibly fixed a bug where the same player would be listed multiple times in mctop
    • Added author and description to plugin.yml
    • /mmoedit and /addxp are useable from the console now
    • Swearword's statistics tracking removed (He stopped the service, so its gone now.. On a positive note, I did find out 1000-1500 servers installed mcMMO a day)
    Many exploit fixes in this version, I can't guarantee Spout will work perfectly but from my testing it seemed to be operating as intended.

    Going to start work on 1.2.00 possibly today :)
    And going to livestream it... probably

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    @nossr50 don't forget this one :p
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    I added that one in after his post just in case some people were unaware of the DL link at the top of the thread.
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    Oh, I guess because I wasn't looking for a link when I initially read it I didn't realize that :)
    Glad you're feeling better and working on this again!
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    Did I already said that I love your plugin @nossr50 ? :)
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    i'm making a new (and better) one right now, i'll tell you when it's done ^^ (needs to be prettier :D)
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    How do you opt out of CallHome. I'm tired of this plugin spamming the crap out of my console by failing to send usage data and i get repeated "[INFO] Could not call home" messages
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    That is gone in 1.1.17
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    So I just found out that Spout and MCMMO weren't playing nice and I've been having loads of trouble with lag and whatnot. I deleted Spout and it ran fine. So I went looking and found out. Then I updated MCMMO, reinstalled Spout and restarted. Same problems. So I assume there are still some kinks to work out.
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    Describe the problems you are experiencing
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    With Spout and MCMMO together, both latest versions:

    -Chat lag
    -Block lag
    -Console spam of "can't keep up" messages
    -Degrading performance until crash

    They worked fine together until Spout 510. The console doesn't report any other error messages and the RAM is fine at around 800mb-1.5gb out of 3gb and the CPU stays around 20-30%.

    Removing one or the other and the performance is fine. I have removed Spout as MCMMO takes higher priority since Spout doesn't have what I want yet (client type modding).
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    List all your plugins. Are you running an ore obfuscation plugin? Everything works great for me. Thanks Noss
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    Bukkit 1337

    All up to date to latest versions:

    -Big Brother
    -Permissions 2.7.4
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    Try without NoLagg... I recently stopped using it and still use Spout with mcMMO and PTweaks. Try it trust me. Or test my server with /pl and load some chunks and test chat and block lag.
  30. @nossr50 would it be possible to disable the **YOU READY YOUR SWORD** and also an easier way to turn of partys completely?
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    you can replace the ready your sword type messages with empty spaces in the localization file (which is located in mcMMO.jar\com\gmail\nossr50\locale and pick your language in there, likely locale_en_us.properties...just open in a text editor. you can open the jar with winrar or similar). you can also turn off commands completely in the config. look for
            Name: party
            Enabled: true
    and set to false. that should basically disable them for everyone. might want to make sure everyone does a /party quit or whatever the command is to leave a party though or they might get stuck in the party they were in before you disabled it.
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