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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Can you change the /accept command to /paccept or something other than /accept?? Vote systems and this plugin are using the same command??
  3. 1.1.09 really jumped entire config around. And I thought I fixed it up properly, yet people are not receiving correct XP...

    The XP section is still there, but not doing anything anymore? Experience has taken over, but not correctly working? It also reset all multipliers and factored all XP amounts with 10?

    Quite a mess :/
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    The XP config values are obsolete.

    From what I can quickly gather, the formula for exp gain is:
    [Base amount]/[Skill Multiplier]*[Gain Multiplier]

    As an example, if Coal had a value of 100, the Mining multiplier was 60 and the global gains modifier was 5, then it's 100/60*5 = 3 exp (which is how I empirically derived the formula). The amount of exp required for a particular level will always remain constant regardless of the multipliers, but it's just the exp gains which are adjusted now from what I can tell. Of course, official confirmation would be really nice to have so I can sit down and model the exp gains for my server.
  5. Can anybody tell me, which of this plugins is incompatible with mcMMO? Still getting Read Timed Out errors, with mcMMO installed. Without mcMMO, all is fine.
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    Can someone just dupe blocks on high levels by dobledrop? Just dig and place it again.
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    Is it possible to set %chances for item drops ?
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    The XP tree of configuration values is obsolete, remove it after you copied everything tou need to copy under Experience, remember that values are now all increased by a tenfold (multiply *10 the old ones if it wasn't done for you already)

    The xp formula.

    Xp values for single actions might be outdated, for instance there's no more map for excavation in the sand, but there's a clock now, I'm kinda swamped, if someone wants he can edit some of the wiki themselves.

    Not at the moment.
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    Yes that will be in soon

    Well this is the new formula
    It's now a constant amount of XP to level no matter what server you're on, but the system is much more flexible to fine tuning. I'll let @Madness explain

    I'm sorry about that, I had to rename the section to guarantee everyone would be on the same page since the XP gains needed to be multiplied by a factor of 10, I included a note about how players should remove that in my post (or generate a new config if they are lazy).

    I think I might just change most the commands in mcmmo to start with /mc due to growing command incompatibility issues and given how hard it is to rename commands since I switched to onCommand.

    The only thing I know of to cause that currently is Permissions 3.1.6 and it doesn't look like you're running it. Although someone did post a few posts above us that Spout has another memory leak and I see you are running that.

    @bitch_killer update CB to 1060, and please edit your post down

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  10. @nossr50
    Tried without Spout, same problem.
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    Thanks :)
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    mcMMO Post-HUD update FAQ
    Q: How do I access the new mcMMO menu?​
    A: By default the key to access the menu is set to 'M', you can change this in your config.yml file.​
    Q: I can't see the XP Bars or the other stuff, what gives?​
    A: As always your server needs to run Spout.jar and your client needs to run Spoutcraft. Spout is constantly upgrading and although it is 'automatic' it requires at least 2 full reloads to update automatically. If you are having trouble make sure to download Spout (non-dev) again and install it to your server. Make sure you are using the latest Spoutcraft client as well (Delete .spoutcraft in appdata if you've installed a dev version before).​
    Q: My users are leveling up much slower than before after updating!​
    A: Sorry I just corrected a bug in 1.1.11, please generate a new config.yml or edit your 'Experience' section to match the new defaults if this is happening to you!​
    Q: Spoutcraft is lagging badly!​
    A: Seems like its been having memory leaks of all kinds this week, I'm not up to speed but you can bug the Spoutcraft guys here if you are experiencing unusual lag.​
    Q: Whats the deal with the changes to the xp formula?​
    A: Me and the Data Analyst @Madness have changed how it works to provide a more flexible system, you should be gaining experience nearly the same as before. The multipliers now support decimals and the global modifier for the formula has been dropped to streamline the xp needed to level.​
    Q: My mcMMO menu is just a grey screen with no buttons!​
    A: You are using a dev build of Spoutcraft, please downgrade to the non-dev version!​
    Q: How do I set the default HUD Style?​
    A: As of version 1.1.10 you can set it in the config.yml Spout.HUD.Default node, the options are currently STANDARD, SMALL, and RETRO. Here's a link to all of the HUD Style options. Please enter your setting in with full caps.​
    Q: I want to change the key for the mcMMO menu, how do I do this?​
    A: There is an option in the config.yml Spout.Menu.Key node, change it to any of the KEY_ values found here. Please enter your setting in with full caps.​
    Q: I want to change how the XP BAR looks or the sound files, how can I do this?​
    A: Download the source material here and upload it to a webserver, make sure it is in a folder labeled 'mcmmo' on this webserver, keep the file names/dimensions/extensions in tact. Change the config.yml Spout.Images.URL_DIR node to reflect the directory the mcmmo folder is found on the webserver.​
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    have an issue with this latest update:

    all notifications like 'level up' or 'superbreaker on' show up uncorrectly, for instance, when i rclick with pickaxe, i get:


    and so on.

    Using CB 1060, no Spout.
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    Restart your server and see if it persists, I've had users do /reload after updating and experience similar problems in the past.
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    Yup, was a /reload issue.
    Thanks :)
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    Hey, is it possible to disable McMMO on some worlds using Multiverse 2?
    Thanks :p
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    is it possible to remove the hearts & armor at the bottom, and replace them with the HP bar from this plugin?
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    Feature request time! Lose acrobatics XP for dying from falling. A few players on my server power-level acrobatics by digging out underneath their bed (were they spawn when they die) so they fall and almost die, then just jump down another ledge to kill themselves.
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    @Maxorq Yes it is you just need to remove the permissions for them maps for example i have it set up so that mcmmo dose not work on my creative map i just simpaly used mcmmo.skill.skillname: false for each skill and removed the skill only on that map now they do not level up on that map :D

    Super perms and permissionsbukkit ftw

    @Rakuru I dont think theres any other way to level that skill besides that LOL you want to remove the whole skill just remove their permission...
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    There is only one place to edit Stats to mstats in plugin.yml . I did that still nadda :(
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    Hmm im having a new issue :eek: i cant see any of the hud. at all

    i have the latest spoutcraft the latest spout on the server and the latest mcmmo from like 5 min ago the M key dose nothing and i cant see any hud iv deleted the config uhh im just so confused theres like no errors or any thing...

    Might have some thing to do with this pointing to a 403 error for me :( http://mcmmo.rycochet.net/mcmmo/
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    Hey Nossr,

    Hows things... trying to get that nifty "retro" hud up and going... I assume this is the proper config value? but it still shows the standard one.. running the 1.1.10 release I just downloaded a few seconds ago.. Is this option still unavailable?



    EDIT: The retro option IS available via the M button, I just cant seem to make it set via the config.yml.. unless my option was ALREADY set persistant someplace and now I need to change it. Maybe its the default ONLY for NEW players?

                        BLUE: 0.75
                        GREEN: 0.3
                        RED: 0.3
                        BLUE: 0.75
                        GREEN: 0.3
                        RED: 0.3
       -->  Default: RETRO  <--
            URL_DIR: http://mcmmo.rycochet.net/mcmmo/
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    Yes that is proper, bear in mind users who have logged in before you 1.1.10 have their HUDs saved to flatfile/mysql and will need to change their hud via the mcMMO menu or by doing /mchud retro

    PM me your server IP, I'll check it out
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    Great plugin , enhanced with spout . But i have some troube :

    Is there an option to auto disable the XP bar after some time ?
    I don't have the HealthBar and have no sounds for abilities (only when i levelup) , i miss something ?
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    Yep.. my bad .. I should have figured it was persistent.. I did a sql update to that table and set everyone to RETRO.. that did the trick.


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    there is no sounds for anything else, only level ups, and repairs.
    HealthBar don't seem to appear neither.
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    Hmm that was easy fixed Any easy way i can preview the colors for the bar with out trial and error is there like a webpage some where all the 1's i tried had var larger values than your config thinking that your using some other system?
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    The maximum value for the color is 1, so experiment with that in mind.
  29. Weird. The menu doesn't show anything for me and just makes something like an pause screen (like in the old video games where the world turns gray and in the middle stands "pause" but without that "pause")
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    Would of been nice if you could of implemented 255 as the max :eek: would of made life easy lol o well back to guessing it is...

    knowing that 1 is the max should save me some time.

    and by 1 you mean 1.0 just 1 on its own would cause an error no?
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    It's implemented based on how it works in the programming.

    (If you have a question, check this FAQ first)​
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