[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.2.07 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1337][1549]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Try with the hability of woodcuting
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    same here also level pop ups dont work
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    could someone plz answer this, i cant even use the plugin :(
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    Level popups are working for me.
    trying now.

    EDIT: Oh my. That was...something else. Any other abilities?
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    is there any Chance i can disable the Abilities (maybe except for Greem Thumb, or at all) for all Players? I just would like the XP System.
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    Anyone else getting placed gold giving double drops? Maybe I didn't read back far enough.
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    Never mind. I decided to do the smart and re-download the recommended build for the server. Anyone who has problems with this, try that first.
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    When did the MCMMO plugin will be compatible with Minecart Mania plugin ?
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    Give them permissions for the passive skills, not the active abilities. It's all there in the OP!
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    I've got a couple of players, and its only a few and seems random, that anytime they log onto the server, their stats change. Just seems random one time the unarmed will be 5 and then it will be 300. Seems to be effected each time the log on. Any ideas?
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    Is it possible to set caps on the various things like power level, swords, etc... we're on a PvP server, and I get a lot of complaints from 20'somethings who have a job/wife/kids/life who can level to a degree, and get on teamspeak w/ friends, set well coordinated attacks.. but as soon as "14 yo who lives w/ mom and has no life" comes out w/ his uber high power level, diamond armor and serrated strikes, they're all running for cover b/c they have no chance of victory. How can I balance this out?
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    a pvp world with multiverse that is there only for mature users and casual players, have the mcmmo abilities of those active in that world but non active for the 14 year old kids

    thats how i would tackle it, sounds easier then done i know, good luck
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    So I am looking for a feature or McMMO plugin that would let you give permissions based on attaining McMMO ranks.

    The example is that I would like to give permissions to the people who get high enough mining access to a drilling plugin. so something like

    Mining 200 - Iron drill, and at Mining 500 - Diamond Drill bit
    Mining 200 & Excavation 100 Iron Drill

  16. Suggestion: Add an icon to player's titles when in your party.

    For example, have an icon like [​IMG] (just stolen from Google images :p) on the left of a players title, to indicate that they're in your party.
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    Would multi-world be a possible addition?
    As in, enabled in one world but not the others.
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    I dont want to use permissions on my server and I dont but when I use mcgod or mmoedit it says insufficient permissions why does it do that and how do I fix it? I am an op
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    if you have permissions you can give permissions in one world and not the other. if you don't run any permission plugins, then I don't believe you can.
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    Hey, is the sword skill changed? wiki says u have 6sticks bleed at lv 1000 while i got lv 1002 and its 3ticks is this a change? or is it fixable
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    Alright, I was hoping McMMO worked like that; Some other rpg plugins affect everyone, like heroes.

    Glad to hear this though.
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    Really great plugin, you should add some world generation things, like ruins/unique dungeons etc. Nether dungeons would be so epic.
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    nossr50, I'm running permissionsEX and everything seems to be running fine.
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    bout that update with sorcery and xp bars.... aanytime now would be muchly appreciated =P
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    Hey, thanks for the plugin, its great! I wonder if there is a way to stop people from being kicked for 'floating too long' on my server. When a player uses Super Breaker skill to break blocks below it breaks so fast that they are kicked for floating. And until I find a good plugin to restrict flying I must keep on fly = false in the server properties. This maybe something that we'll have to do deal with, but figured I'd ask.
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    Hi how to get a permission for this plugin :( I added all the permissions from this site and writes all the time :
    ( if you don't have access to a skill it will not be shown here) when i want see /stats
    plugin works without permissions
    help I start the server for a week :(
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    I'm having a little bit of trouble getting this plugin to convert my Flat Files to my MySQL database. I've configured the database correctly, afaik because it is setting up its tables on the database, however when I perform a /mmoupdate I receive the message that everything is converted correctly but the stats all stay at zero. Am I missing a step somewhere?
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    I do not want the spout .jar because it interferes with some of my plugins but it keeps downloading itself. Can I make it so it doesn't download.
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    What was the old formula for gaining exp?

    Great plugin btw :) Keep up the good work!
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    Do we have any idea as to when this plugin will be supporting recomended build 1000? since there is no support for the official bukkit permissions system in this plugin.
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    This plugin does support #1000 and has for a while.
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