[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.2.07 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1337][1549]

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    [diamond]Version 1.0.35[diamond]
    Big thanks to Pandarr, NuclearW, mooman, and DiskMaster for contributing to this update!
    • Added a Toggle for Chimaera Wing in config.yml
    • Added customization of what item is used for Chimaera Wing in config.yml
    • Fixed bug with randomly receiving Taming XP
    • mcmmo.users file moved into /plugins/mcMMO/FlatFileStuff/
    • Leaderboard files now moved into /plugins/mcMMO/FlatFileStuff/Leaderboards
    • Locale files now have the prefix locale_ instead of messages_
    • Locale files are now located inside com/gmail/nossr50/locale/ instead of com/gmail/nossr50/
    • Updated the code that handles permissions (this may mean 3.1.6 will finally play well!)
    • Some more source code organization
    • Fixed warnings for compiler
    • Removed dependencies on CraftBukkit
    • Registered commands to OnCommand
    • Removed performance debugging
    • Removed some useless settings from the config file
    You will need to move your mcmmo.users file from plugins/mcMMO/ into plugins/mcMMO/FlatFileStuff/

    Locale Changes
    Locale files have had their prefixes changed to locale_ instead of messages_ and they have been moved into com/gmail/nossr50/locale/

    Permissions code updated...
    You should be able to use 3.1.6 with mcMMO now, and PEX as well. I might be wrong about 3.1.6 as I haven't tested it for lag yet!

    Config file changes
    Update your Items node tree to look like this if you want to configure Chimaera Wing stuff, alternatively generate a new config file.

            Enabled: true
            Feather_Cost: 10
            Item_ID: 288
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    I am assuming you misplaced a bracket or something, lol. Or do I need to redo my config file?
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    you did a misstake there in your mainpost plugins/mcMMO/FlatFileStuff
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    Mine Runs On MySQL......... This was after a /reload, A restart fixed it. I more posted as a joke rather than a serious problem, hence no log file with errors.
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    Whats the problem?
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    Trolololo. It fixed itself after a full restart, This was after a /reload.
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  10. Can you please add RSO/CoalOre to the blocks you set to dmg =5? Or is there a specific reason not to? In our server you can craft Coal Ore blocks, and currently I have Coal Ore XP set to 0, as it can be abused now.

    Also did you see what I posted about pumpkins before?
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    since i run (the inactive, but still working and much loved) achievement+stats plugin on my server, i always had to change the mcMMO command "stats" to "skills".
    because that stats-command is already "taken" by the a+s plugin.

    until version 1.0.34 this worked very well.
    but with 1.0.35 not anymore.
    as soon as i configure it with the standard "stats", the command works again and overrides the one from the achievement-plugin.

    maybe this here is damaged and won't let me change it to my needs:
            Name: stats
            Enabled: true

    i use b953 and a bunch of several plugins.

    just tried it with changing "mcrefresh" to "mcr": it tells me "unknown command" when i type mcr and displays no visual response when typing mcrefresh.
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    Ah this might be from the change to how mcMMO handles commands in 1.0.35, I'll see if I can't fix this asap.
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    Also /mcgod does nothing now. Not even a unknown command message.
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    does the username you are using for access the database also have permissions to create? Pretty typical cause for this issue with almost all sql based plugins.
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    plugin still give error "read time out" with 3.1.6 PErmissions
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    This file is the traduction for latin spanish for the last version of the plugin (except the part of wizard, loafer me xD)

    Attached Files:

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    Permissions still dont work with PEX, no errors in console and no "unknown" command in game. Done full restart after update.
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    i have problem with mcMMo

    skill reset to 0
    1. I use name "player1" for play then i log out
    2. next time i use player name "PLAYER1" to play , skill "player1" is reset to 0

    Do you understand it and can fix this bug
    Because some bad player use to annoyance other player

    i use offline server​
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    PEX is working fine for me. I dropped in the .jar did /reload and it worked fine. The only problem was the formatting of the /stats output and that was fixed on a full restart. Im running Bukkit 996 if that makes any difference.
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    Im on 953 could be it

    996 doesn't seam like a stable build to me quote from github:
    #996 (16-Jul-2011 01:56:41)

    1. "Don't use weak/soft references for keys, attempt to lessen memory impact further"
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    Yea I have been off of 953 for awhile, that might be it. #974 was good #987 was good and #996 is actually DEALLOCATING memory!! which is awesome and a first for me.
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    I moved the users flatfile but stats are still 0 and couldnt get them back.
    Edit: Fixed after removing and replacing the file several times.
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    All our stats are still around but the party commands don't work for non-ops.
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    Idea - add "swimming" as another skill - the better you are at it, the longer you can breath underwater. Improve by breathing underwater. Maybe take depth underwater into account as an "only improve below xyz" - ie, make it so it's not *really* simple and safe to train it ;-)
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    So despite updating my libraries and changing the code Permissions 3.1.6 is still lagging with mcMMO?
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    /mcgod is still not doing anything for me, but i just tested party commands and everything else i could think of and it was all fine (with admin as well as default user permissions). using permissions 3.1.6 and flatfile. the stats all carried through the update/changes in folder structure and no problems at all have been experienced so far other than /mcgod not working. i will continue to test and report any abnormalities if i experience them.

    thanks for this plugin and all these updates =)

    edit- we posted at the same time, but i am not experiencing any lag at all on flatfile/permissions 3.1.6 (i have never experienced any lag from mcmmo though and have been using permissions 3.1.6 the whole time).
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    Just updated to 1.0.35 and updated to permissions 3.1.6 and timeout's after 25 min.
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    Aww :(

    This is quite strange... I'm able to use /mcgod on my own server fine. I even modified the code of /mcgod for this update and its still acting odd.

    I've sent a PM to the Permissions author in hopes to resolve these Read Time Out errors

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    YES. The problem is still here.... :(:(:(:(:(:(:( Going to switch permissions back to 3.1.5

    Ty. Let me know if you need any data.

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    Yup I switched to Permissions for the first time and got Read time out about 20 mins in.
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    Seems to work perfectly on 953

    I would make it so there is no Acrobatic skill gains if someone falls to their death though.. If thats even possible..

    I have a server of lemmings now trying to boost their scores.. lol
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