[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.2.07 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1337][1549]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    i think this may require your immediate attn if it hasnt been addressed already,
    mcmmo appears to be breakin worldedit/worldguard functionality
    i am unable to define regions using worldedit, think im still on .6.3 of ur build
    edit: sry if that made no sense, im really shleepy :p
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    @diegokilla IIRC worldguard/worldedit doesn't work with the newer CB builds yet... its probably that, this plugin does not interact with WG/WE in ANY way right now.
    (Although WG support is planned, it has not been implemented even partially yet)
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    i took out mcmmo and it works fine, put mcmmo back in and stops workin again, it is doing the same thing mcmmo did to my spawn control, basically disables commands, cant even get a msg from typing /region (etc.)

    edit: also WG support? drooool
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    Try mcMMO 0.6.4 and report back
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    well... dont i feel like a jackass :p works fine now thanks nossr :D

    care to elaborate on WG support ?
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    I love how you basically changed the use of an axe with this plug-in. I think there should be more weapons in Minecraft, and you nailed that by turning a woodcutting axe into a weapon. It's also different to how a sword functions, so props to you.
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    I'll be putting in support for worldguards region protection and stuff so you can't exploit with it, and I've heard people mention a godmode in WG so I'll support that too. And anything else that conflicts between WG and mcMMO that people make me aware of.
    (Note: I don't use WG so my information may be stupid sounding)

    @Mircast Thanks :)
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    no i believe your info is spot on, however anyone who uses WG and has access to the /god command could potentially exploit combat skill gains, but i dont think many servers give regular users access to that command
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    Umm how do I increase my acrobatics skill?
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    @Adam Britto No Problem, i love to kill the hours thinking up those kinds of things.
    If i had more time and determination i'd make plugins of my own...

    @nossr50 You Rock!
    Posted my issue before work, get home and problem solved!
    Keep up the good work! ^_^
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    !! :O I feel special! <3 I'm amazed how quick you were to respond to my needs. I really appreciate it +(^_^)/ *high five* Glad my acrobatics skill are high or I would've been dead by kinda falling for you :p *hurr durr!* Thank you so much for the update. I will try it right away once I get home. <(",<)
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    I'm working on 0.7 right now
    I'm doing a massive overhaul to the XP system, XP will now follow a curve that will increase with skill levels. No more random skill gains. This ones going to be a big update... I'm excited
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    clearing out a 60x60x35 room, i got my mining into the 300's
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    Sad panda face :'(

    It doesn't seem to work with my current CB build (which I don't remember, but it was last modified 15th February 2011 when opening the jar file with WinRAR). I tried the the one you linked in hope that it wouldn't break my other plugins like the newest build does. Unfortunately, I weren't that lucky :(

    I was so excited today when I saw your fix as it would complete my RP-PvP server. It was the only small thingie I would like being changed before I could open it up to public. I could wait till the other plugins are updated or start making things over again with new plugins, or, if you would be a sweetheart, you could fix an older version by giving me another "special treatment" with the same "special treatment" ;)

    Just a small fix so I could have my server going and then start over with a new one with the latest stuff to do some testing. As I'm watching this plugin, I can see it's going in the direction of moar ossumnuzz! Keep up the good work!
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    I'm a wizard

    Version 0.7
    • XP system completely overhauled, now "MMO" like
    • XP skill rate can now be tweaked in the settings file
    • XP now follows a curve, its harder to level the higher the skill level you have
    This is probably my favorite update so far, I've been meaning to do this for quite some time.

    Here's a little picture. You'll see skills that are lower take less XP to level.
    Skill gains are no longer random [pig]

    Tweaking XP Gain
    Open the settings file and find the line 'xpmodifier'. Default is 2. If you change it to 1 you will gain skill twice as fast, change it to 4 and it will take twice as long. Play around with it, but NEVER set it to 0 or below 0.

    @Duccis You'll just have to update. I'm sorry. I can't really fulfill your request as the source code has changed so much and reverting it would be a lot of work on my end.
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    That last update made me jelly! >.< I guess I have to update then so I don't miss the goodies! Thanks for the quick reply and I clearly understand. Don't want you to do unnecessary work just to please one person :p Cheers!
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    Quick question. What does the "netherrack=true/false" command do exactly? As my server has Nether turned off.
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    @Beefjerky Toggles off/on dropping netherrack when excavating at high levels of excavation.
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    Ah, thank you!
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    Version 0.7.1 (Small bugfix)
    • Excavation now informs a player correctly when they skill up
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    Anyone got this working without interfering with Towny?
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    I do not appear to be gaining any experience when I do things, after mining two trees it still says i have 0/10 exp for wood cutting
    CB version 409
    mcMMO version 0.7.1
    The area I am working in is protected but I have op so I can mine anywhere.
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    Version 0.7.2
    • Fixed security flaw with /mmoedit command (Now requires you to be running permissions to work)
    • Lowered XP gain from woodcutting on trees from 4 to 2
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    Alright so now im getting,
    [SEVERE] Could not pass event BLOCK_DAMAGED to mcMMO
    when i try and use an anvil
    [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_ITEM to mcMMO

    and the /stats command isnt working
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    Would be great to have something like athletics skill that would make you walk faster :)
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    Even if I get errors, my players will love you forever. Thanks for the update. Looks great!
    --- merged: Feb 22, 2011 4:36 PM ---
    (I haven't put it in yet).

    EDIT: Works great on my test server. YAY!
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    Does this play nice with towny or worldguard?
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    I restarted my server and everything works fine now, not really sure what the problem was, I didn't change anything.
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    This. Is. Win!
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