[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.2.07 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1337][1549]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    It (just guessing) should've just thrown a ClassDefNotFoundException... at best. I can't say this newly compiled version will help at all, but it shouldn't hurt. I'm not discounting mcMMO causing your server crash either. But if you want to test with this newly compiled version, now you can. :)

    I've had issues with mcmmo.skills.* not working off and on for a while... it seems fidgity IMO but I haven't bothered to look into it.
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    Well, my server just crashed again, so it's not mcMMO. No idea what's going on here. Thanks for the help though.
  4. I had to disable Mushroom farming on our server with mcMMO.

    The problem is, in MC 1.6, you can now farm Mushrooms, and the XP they grant towards Herbalism, is far too high compared to how easy they are to obtain now.

    Please tweak Mushroom XP!
  5. Nah. If I'd try something new on and doesn't backup first, that doesn't mean you should feel bad. It does however hint that I'm an idiot :p
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    The group permissions of pedreiro:

        default: true
        - commandSigns.use
        - essentials.afk
        - essentials.helpop
        - essentials.home
        - essentials.list
        - essentials.mail
        - essentials.mail.send
        - essentials.me
        - essentials.msg
        - essentials.portal
        - essentials.sethome
        - iConomy.access
        - iConomy.bank.access
        - iConomy.bank.deposit
        - iConomy.bank.join
        - iConomy.bank.join.multiple
        - iConomy.bank.leave
        - iConomy.bank.list
        - iConomy.bank.main
        - iConomy.bank.main.change
        - iConomy.bank.main.set
        - iConomy.bank.main.view
        - iConomy.bank.transfer
        - iConomy.bank.transfer.multiple
        - iConomy.bank.withdraw
        - iConomy.list
        - iConomy.payment
        - iConomyChestShop.shop.buy
        - iConomyChestShop.shop.sell
        - lwc.protect
        - turnstile.open
        - mcmmo.motd
        - mcmmo.chat.partychat
        - mcmmo.commands.ability
        - mcmmo.commands.party
        - mcmmo.commands.whois
        - mcmmo.ability.woodcutting
        - mcmmo.ability.mining
        - mcmmo.ability.axes
        - mcmmo.ability.excavation
        - mcmmo.ability.swords
        - mcmmo.ability.unarmed
        - mcmmo.ability.herbalism
        - mcmmo.skills.*
        - mcmmo.regeneration
        inheritance: []
          rank: 50
          prefix: '&7'
          build: true
          suffix: ''
    And the error still. Someone know what to do?

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    I believe they all need to be inside single quotes. Like:
    - 'iConomy.list'
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    @Pandarr not anymore with permissions 3
    @nossr50 update till tomorrow 2pm european time and i donate 1 € :D
    i want that plugin for my 1.6.6 server :D
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    Hey Nossr50, when can we expect the 1.6.6 update? If you're adding new stuff though, by all means take all the time you like!
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    He's in the process of moving at the moment and has little Internet access. I have 1.0.09 running fine on my 818 server.... well as fine as it normally ran. Is there something you can't get working?
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    Oh, it works? I was under the impression that it wouldn't work at all until it was updated for the new bukkit. I'll let my server host know!
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    My users haven't reported any issues with it at present. But that's a very small sample.
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    I tried it with 818, and got this error after someone joins. Yeah, I dont like errors, that scared me!

    [SEVERE] Exception while reading plugins/mcMMO/mcmmo.users (Are you sure you formatted it correctly?)
    java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: ""

    I know its not the supported build for this version of MCMMO, but if anyone has fixed this themselves and know what I can do to please let me know. Otherwise I will wait for a recompile and see if it still happens.

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    I can pretty much guarantee you a recompile will not correct that. Did you manually mess with the mcmmo.users file?
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    Hey guys, I have an idea... Lets let HIM make HIS plug [818]. Then lets test it against our builds instead of filling his forum with your pre-emptive errors.
    Thanks again Nossr , love the way your plug makes the game feel :)
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    update plz..... !
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    Nope, not at just copied it and looked at it after I saw the error.
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    Would it be possible to add fishing?
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    Can I get a link to Version 1.0.07 please?
  20. This is working fine on 819, only 3 issues currently:

    - The Mushroom XP, mentioned earlier
    - Killing monsters is not providing any XP.
    - No XP from Taming.
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    hi there,

    is it possible to not automatically set the myspawn-location to the bed you're using?
    another value like "SetSpawnWhenUsingBed" in the properties file would be great!

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    Alright I went to work on updating mcMMO only to find out it seems to be 100% compatible with 818. The bugs about combat XP I'll be working on fixing soon, expect an update out by monday at the latest. I'm having a busy weekend.
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    No pressure, man! A demand for you to hurry up is a demand to reduce the result's quality. Take your time!
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    You do realise you can change the XP modifier in the config file right? Or is your problem that even when st to 1 its still to much, is it possible to use 0.5?
    Not just that but wheat, cactus, sugarcane all give herb XP, and it doesn't take rocket science to make a enormous sugar field and get WAY more xp than mushrooms would ever give?

    Yo dont get xp when you tame a wolf, if u type /taming in game you will see: "gain xp from: wolves take damage"

    So the only real issue is still with XP not being earned by swords/archery.
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    still with that... nobody can help?
  27. The XP modifier applies to the entire skill of Herbalism. It's Mushrooms that were balanced around 1.5, in 1.6, the XP value for JUST mushrooms is far too high now. The other crops are still balanced fine around their difficult and speed of obtaining them, trust me.

    Whatever gave Taming XP in 1.5, no longer gives taming XP in 1.6, that's all I am saying, I did not test it, I just pass along reports from experienced players who actually have time to use these things and have been for weeks/months.

    That and the other 2 issues, yes.
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    Thats what I use for mine, and it works fine.
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    It's there. It's a Permissions node.

    - 'mcmmo.item.chimaerawing' - Allow use of Chimaera Wing[/quote]

    I don't have this node in my permissions but it is still active. It seems like if you are an Admin it still works. I changed mine to a Moderator and the node didn't work. Is there anyway to disable it?
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    Netto Hikari

    I don't have this node in my permissions but it is still active. It seems like if you are an Admin it still works. I changed mine to a Moderator and the node didn't work. Is there anyway to disable it?[/quote]
    Try to put a minus sign in front of the permission node:
    - '-mcmmo.item.chimaerawing'
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    Try to put a minus sign in front of the permission node:
    - '-mcmmo.item.chimaerawing'[/quote]

    I just tried that and it still does the same thing.
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