[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.2.07 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1337][1549]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Is there any way to download a previous version? Because in 1.009 I can't gain exp for swords, axes, acrobatics and archery
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    I need a little help. Look the permissions:

    And when i say /stats on the server with the Pedreiro rank, it says:

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    I think you need the mcmmo.abilitys too :)
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    I tried here but didn't worked too =s
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    Hello, i installed mcMMO on my server(version 1.6.6), no permissions plugin and no sql and only a part of the plugin is working. The harvesting skills are working and can be leveled, but the combat skills cannot be leveled, no xp gain. I can see the statistics for the skills.
    Could anyone please help me resolve this?
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    Does this work good with b818 from craftbukkit?
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    Having the same issue, only its not showing an error, we just dont gain exp.
  9. I always back up my database. First thing I do before I even start to look at it :p
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    I would just really feel bad if I made a suggestion that erased your db and you didn't have one. :)
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    not for me, my server crashed and is laggy because mcmmo
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    any way to turn off the message when you login "this server is running mcmmo etc"?
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    thats motd, you as admin see all functions because '*'
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    Recommended you switch to the new [RPG] tag.
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    tha d0ctor

    you'll need to wait til an update,the bukkit api changed
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    please update to 818 :(
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    Recommend you update to b818 :D

    jk, i know it takes time.
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    If I were to migrate to MySQL, would I be able to still use the .mcmmo data files for each individual skills, or would I need to make additional SQL connections (for each page load) to display skill data on the web?

    Can we have an enableChimeraWing configuration option? Our server have teleport and flying enabled, chimera wings either causes people to bump their head unintentionally (requirement < 64) or spam people's chat console with "You need more of that to use it" (requirement > 64) when people try to fly. If there is something we can use to disable chimera wing as a whole, it would be super great and cool.
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    It will only be stored in the DB so you'll have to query it to get the information.

    It's there. It's a Permissions node.

    - 'mcmmo.item.chimaerawing' - Allow use of Chimaera Wing
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    Can you somehow change what items will drop by the Excavation skill?
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    You can disable certain drops in the config file but you can't enable new ones.
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    Hey Thar again. Was wondering if there would be anyway to add something to the config file to disable coordinate locations using the /whois command. We use Herobounty in conjunction with Mcmmo and kind of defeats the purpose of going for a bounty if you can just use /whois. Herobounty already has a locate function, thats only usable if that person has a bounty on their head. Having /whois showing just the skills of that person is what I'm after, I love looking up others stats. :)
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    Someone know how to fix?
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    is ther like a - mcmmo.stats because after setup only i and other admins can use /stats no one else can?
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    Since I upgraded to any build of 1.6, including the current stable version, I've been having problems with my server computer freezing and completely corrupting my worlds. Since it started, I've been going through a constant cycle of freeze, reboot, restore.

    UPDATE: Deleted extra info, server just crashed without mcMMO, so it isn't the problem.
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    Thanks, if I'll update I'll make sure not to install mcmmo just yet.
    My users will have to do without bonuses or xp for a while.
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    What are your system's stats? RAM?
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    That's odd. I compiled from source against 818 and there were no changes needed that I could tell. 1.0.09 should work just as well on 818 as it did on 803 without recompiling. It doesn't work with Permissions 3.x yet however.
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    Could using Permissions 3.1 with mcMMO cause the problem? I installed 3.1 and had no problems running mcMMO with it, so I assumed it was compatible.
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    There is one outdated call in mcMMO to Permissions 3.1.x. I'm recompiling it against 818 and Permissions 3.1.1.

    Edit: I recompiled it against 818 and Permissions 3.1.1. A quick test shows things working for me. Granted all I have installed on my test server is Permissions and mcMMO. I got rid of an unnecessary call it was making to Permissions 2.7.4. It only altered a console error message so wouldn't alter functionality.

    If you want to try it, you're welcome to but please don't post errors based on this version as it's not an official build. If you do get an error, you can PM me if you like. If it's a legit error from the main source code I'll throw it on his issue tracker.

    mcMMO 1.0.09 with Permissions 3.1.x support. <- NOT OFFICIAL, read paragraph above.

    Also this version implements my pull request to include Localization (allows for other translations) but shouldn't really matter.

    Honestly this build should work with Permissions 2.7.4 or 3.x.
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    Would a messed up call cause a total failure like that? One thing I DID notice was that 'mcmmo.skills.*' didn't work so I had to give everyone on the server 'mcmmo.*' and selectively take away skills that I didn't want them to have to get them to be able to use the skills again. Would a conflict like that cause the crash?

    Just trying to narrow it down because I've been playing for a few hours with more than the usual amount of people on our server and have had no crashes.
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