[RPG/MECH] mcMMO v1.2.07 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Multi-Lingual! [1337][1549]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by nossr50, Feb 5, 2011.

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    @Penorzilla Thanks for the bug report, I'll look into this soon.
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    its not the fact that it penetrates /god, its the fact that my users are killing each other on a no pvp server
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    @mutiny Well, I'll put a PVP option into the configuration file I suppose
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    what did you change in the loot table? hopefully you take away the glow dust and gun powder because thats bull shit ._.
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    @strupan I won't, and those weren't added in or anything. They were there since excavation was put in. The configuration file will let you toggle it off in 0.6.
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    oooooh thanks so much, ill t oggle it off loool <3
    --- merged: Feb 18, 2011 12:43 AM ---
    sorry but where is this config file?!
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    Just go forward into the future one week and it should be there.
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    I might sound like a noob but when will we have a configuration file to edit?
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    Probably a week...
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    I don't know if this is a glitch or it's how it's implement but our server has a problem when you melee someone the person does not drop anything if he has a block or tool in his hand. the items just disappear if the player have just his fist out then loot drops normally
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    My players said something that struck me as a good idea. For excavation, drop sponges if mining underwater? I have no idea if there's a way to read if that's possible but they pitched it since there's no way to get sponges in SMP without a plug-in right now.
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    I am addicted :) Would it be possible though to change the /stats to something else? If you are unwilling to do so yourself, do you mind providing pointers on how to do that? Grepping and changing a few strings somewhere?
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    hey, i got a question, so yea i was just messing around to make a localhost server for me and my bro to play on at same time, but not a real server so i dont have to port forward, so everything works and i wanna add mcmmo, because i've used it before on a server i played on and it was awesome, so I keep trying to put under users: in permissions after putting in permissions and mcmmo into plugins I tried to do users:nicknawk :group:admin blahablah ya and then in permissions: i wrote - 'mcmmo.*' and yet when i log onto server to try it out, it says the motd, and i can do /mcc or mcmmo but i dont level up in anything except for one time I repaired something but when i destroy/or punch plants i dont lvl up at all. Please help, thanks, Nicknawk
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    Yeah I wish I knew how to compile the source files he links to on Github. I'm really picky about my strings and would like to change some myself but have no idea how to get from .java to .jar with tons of errors because I have no idea how to compile "against Bukkit" I guess the term is.
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    Love the plugin. :3

    It's a little motivating little boost for me these days when I play on my private server with my bro on our LAN. I think getting the gold dust/gunpowder etc from just digging around is a tad bit much, but I can configure permissions to work around that. Overall, it's a welcome addition to my server after tooling around with levelcraft/that other levelling plugin. I liked levelcraft's item restrictions in that it would give a little more depth to the tools instead of just getting into the world, crafting a wooden pick, hacking some stone and tossing the wooden one away just like that, maybe we could see something similar in the future? :p

    Though it was a little odd to jump into an existing world and not being able to use my diamond pick, haha.

    I'll be watching this as time goes on, definitely a keeper.
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    The mod works wonders, I can't wait for the ability to toggle drops, but might I make a suggestion.
    Mining offering double drops is a bit, offputting, although I like the chance, maybe lowering it would be good, perhaps as compensation, make miners with xx+ skill have the ability to right click for a "power pick" effect (the one in runecraft) and higher skill levels reduces the cooldown
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    I'm so looking forward the configuration file.
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    Amazing plugin, I love it to death, though I wish I could turn off the clay thing. One suggestion that would make it the best plugin ever: a way to lock chest with an included way to pick the locks.
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    Version 0.6
    • Axes skill added
    • Configuration file added
    • Fixed bug where snowballs would do damage and give archery skill
    • Fixed bug where blocks placed on snow could be harvested for skill
    New Permissions
    'mcmmo.skills.axes' - Gives access to the Axes skill

    Configuration File Help
    Turn options to false to turn them off. Don't want glowstone to drop and ruin your economy mod setup? Turn it off in the settings file. The settings file is generated automatically when mcMMO 0.6 is run. It is placed in its own directory "mcMMO" inside your main directory. Turning pvp to false will disable all pvp interactions of mcMMO, including procs and damage.
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    I am not seeing the configuration file?

    never mind I found it. thanks for this awesome plugin. keep up the good work!!
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    I noticed that with a high enough mining skill, you can get stone/ores from just punching them, am I right in assuming that it's the double drops triggering and giving me one, and the "natural" one not spawning because I was just using fists? :p

    Keep up the good work. :D
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    Uncle XaM

    Configuration file added - cool
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    I love it, glad there's a config file now but will you make it a bit more complex soon or is it gonna be just this?
    --- merged: Feb 19, 2011 1:54 PM ---
    id like there to be a way where you can change the percentage of the drop rate when mining and what not.
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    It will definitely be more complex, I just put the most requested features out the door.
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    I need the 0.517 or w/e it is the 1 before this one because this has broken /pr which is permissions and also ichat.
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    Hey :) still loving the plugin.

    Can you tell me what each of the values in:
    stand for, and in what order, please?
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    Thanks man :)

    I think "null" might be group name.
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    Just confirmed this. Null is in fact the players name you are in a party with
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    I just added the new version and the axe skill doesn't seem to be working with the permission node mcmmo.skills.axes
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