Inactive [RPG/MECH] CityGuard v1.0 - Set up any mob you want as guard [1.0.1-R1]

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  1. Choose any mob you want and set him up as a guard! Now it will attack hostile mobs and players, which attack other players in their guard region.
    You will also receive a message if you enter or leave a guard's protection area. You can set all this options individually for every guard:

    Individual options for every guard

    • horizontal and vertical protection area size
    • damage
    • toggle invincibility
    • a time the guard is active (day, night or all)
    • a name
    Moved to BukkitDev!
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    Things to do to get this in the Plugin Releases section:
    1. DevBukkit Page.
    2. Your title is formatted incorrectly. Please read the Plugin Release/Submission Guidlines.

    1. Pictures/Videos
    2. More information! (Commands; How to set up the protection; Steps)
    3. Permissions Nodes compatible with PermissionsEx.
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    wow this looks awesome!!! im gona try it :)
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    This looks cool, you should add humans for guards too.
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  6. Just type in Human as Creature, it should work.
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    Where's the download?
  8. On BukkitDev.
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    Hey i downloaded it and when i typed /guard delete it says i have to select a guard how do i select a guard (srry first time useing craftbukkit)
    and when i type /guard create Human i doesn't work
    Last Question :
    How come the mobs only fight if u die and if they get hit ?
    Suggestion: you should make the mobs a command so they can follow you .
  10. First of all the command is not /npc! And if you right click (choose) a guard, it should give you a message. And how do you want to choose a guard you haven't created already? =)
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    Um... am i the only one that has the bug that, if i have a guardian set, i reset the server, the guardian becomes a hostile mob? and After certain limit of guardians set, some disappear or become invisible. Other then these bugs, i love this plug-in :) looking forward to further developments.
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    ok well just to let your know /guard create Human doesn't work
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    Why do the guards walk around? A real guard should stay on his position, not??
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    Most guards tend to patrol areas, if a guard covered a couple blocks around him/her, he would only be guarding the area he/she is in, not the area he/she is specified to guard in.
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    Yea, that's true! But they get invisible after a time, are they supposed to do that too?
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    They become invisible? Well that's probably a bug. I'm hoping that will be patched up before I start testing it.
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    You should be able to add a group permission to custom guards so they are hostile to only that specific group. This plugin would be awesome for Factions if it had that feature :).

    Either way, awesome plugin :D
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    how do you make a guard? when i type /guard create human it just says "That is not a creature"
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    I'm not the one to ask. You should probably actually READ the thread before asking questions.

    He specifically said:
    So you should be typing "/guard create MONSTER". Either way I don't know why you're asking ME.
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    lol sorry, its just that you were online, and i didn't see that the first time.
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    could u possible make it so that were u put a guard it stays still untill it has to attack someone then it returns to that postistion? its a good pluginbut my guards keep moving away
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    How cool would it be if when your mob works it's shift it put on a security gaurd outfit
  24. It already does this.

    There are some bugs with the mobs, please check out the BukkitDev site for further information.
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    looks pretty good, nice job
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    Question/Request: Does this work with the plugin "Citizens"? Can you set a Citizens NPC as a guard? If so, I'm getting this right now! If not, could you please look into how to make that work?
  27. No, this does not uses Citizens in any way.

    Please write comments, questions and anything else on BukkitDev!
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    if i try to use debug mode, it says its not a useable command, just showing me the list of commands not involving it. also, guards disappear constantly, and i have to reload the server to make them come back
  29. Use version 1.1... And use BukkitDev
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    I think you should make it follow player

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