[RPG] MCHardCore v2.0 - Makes Minecraft More Hardcore [Spout] [1185]

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    MCHardCore - The Hardcore Survival Plugin:
    Version: v2.0


    SpoutDemand - (Optional but highly recommended or use default force spout)

    What is MCHardCore?
    MCHardCore allows for a hardcore mode feel of minecraft. It removes the health, armour and
    bubble display.

    Customizable message for those not able to view them and pop-up display
    for those allowed to.

    Admins can also change which bars are allowed and not allowed to be displayed
    using the configuration file.



    Please delete your config if updating to 2.0

    Download Link: MCHardCore

    • Custom messages
    • Change which bars are allowed to be viewed
    • Supports SuperPerms only (defaults to Op)
    • Support mcMMO display

    Permissions are case-sensitive and defaults to Op is no permissions are found
    • mchardcore.override - Allows the player to view the bars (Overrides the config)
    • mchardcore.reload - reloads the config
    • Tidy up the configuration
    • Add support for more displays
    Got a suggestion?
    Got a suggestion please post and i'd be happy to implement it in the plugin.
    Just make sure that your clearly state what you want to be added in a readable manner.

    Version 2.0
    • Added 1.8 widget support (Hunger and Exp bars)
    • Added Exp and hunger messages to config
    • Updated to CB1185
    • Updated to Spout 1.0.6 (Build 403)
    Version 1.2
    • Added "mcreload" command to reload the config
    • Added new permission "mchardcore.reload"
    • Change MCHardCore.override to lowcase (mchardcore.override)
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    Oh, I like this idea. :D
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    Great idea!

    Does it work for the people not connecting with the Spoutcraft client as well?
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    No, for sure it won't. Reason being is Spout is a bridge between SP / SMP. You'd have to run "Require Spout" er... forget the plugin name but forces user's to run Spout.
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    Though actually. He could send bad packet information and fake the health and armor bars and such ;)
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    Thank you
    No offence but please re the post, i'm happy you like it.
    I might add that is an optional dependancy, but recommended.

    I doubt I could but using spout is a lot more lightweight and safer than messing around with the servers code.
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    Spout Server Plugin =/= Spoutcraft client launcher.

    When you say 'dependency Spout' it for me, as server owner, only means the server plugin. That's the reason I asked, as many Spout-enabled plugins work for the people even if they dont use Spoutcraft.
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    Updated the OP to include more dependancies and aesthetics

    changed download link from mediafire to dropbox.

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    Waiting for SuperHardcoreMode with entire black screens and only sounds still on so we can all hold hands while we plan and imagine the death of our enemies
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    Hmm might add something similar :) maybe darkened screen? and maybe with this new hunger system hide that from players :O
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    Hahaha, i think it will be very hard! Sounds alot of fun to try out!
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    thank you hope you find it challenging can't wait till 1.8's hunger bar :)
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    @thehutch Hahahahahaha! Huh what is hitting me? Ah i'm hungry :3
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    This is cool, a picture would be nice. :)
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    No screenshot?
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    Screenshot will be coming soon just screwed up some code :p
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    Updated to 1.1

    Fixed configuration bug
    Added mcMMO support
    removed shortened URL

    Added screenshots to OP
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    Suggestion: Perhaps you can make it immersive like add an overlay (like the pumpkin) for when your Health/air is low to give that indication to the player but only when its low.
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    I don't think you understand the plugin the whole point of it is that you don't know how much health you have left or your air and armour. If I added these "pumpkins" it wouldn't make the plugin pointless
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    I see so the purpose of this plugin is for a person to go blindly (and unrealisticaly) about their daily minecraft life without knowing that that tiny 4 block fall could kill them? Don't see why someone would want that I would find it rather annoying but I can't speak for anyone but myself. I just felt like suggesting that because it would still make the game harder since the only indication of armor/breath/health would be when its critical, that way it could also double as a great rpg plugin as well.
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    Hmm I do see where you are coming from, and I do like this idea I don;t know i'd do this and i'm busy in real life but i'll try come up with something i'll probably make it so at 1 or 2 hp you can see how much health you have but maybe not bubbles or armour i'll leave them be.
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    It would be great if this plugin could hide the experience bar on 1.8. I'm running a different plugin to remove the experience orbs, but the bar is still visible.
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    hmm i'll try and work on that but it wont be done any time soon got a lot of work IRL but should be done by the weekend or if I have time before that
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    Updated to 2.0
    • Added 1.8 widget support (Hunger and Exp bars)
    • Added Exp and hunger messages to config
    • Updated to CB1185
    • Updated to Spout 1.0.6 (Build 403)
    • PS: havent been able to test it so i'm going to guess that it works. Please message me with any bugs you find
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    Hey, I Got An Idea Maybe Remove Selection Bar? So That Its More Harder :p
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    Hey, over the color bars emerge, and the spout to the wallet also comes over as help me
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    Im sorry but I don't understand what you mean? :(

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