[RPG/FUN] qQuests - The simplest questing plugin since uQuest! [CB 1.6.2-R0.1]

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    is it possible to change the reward to an item, i dont have econommy and i want that they get an item when the quest is done
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    Not currently but I will have item support shortly
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    Any luck with the PuzzleQuest linking?
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    I haven't started with it yet... I have just finished with the commands part of it and I will start on it shortly... also thanks again for the idea.... :)
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    No problem ^_^
    Ill see if i can find the source so you can see the jar decompiled later on.. got work soon.
    Just thought the source might make it easier to read how it works.. unless you can decompile the jar files
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    Its alright I got a decompiler... Thanks though!
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    If you want them to kill zombies, Is the zombie id = zombie
    Or what is it?
  8. What do you mean that PEX can't deny a permission?
    I'm using PEX and denying permissions by using a - in front of it works.

    As an example I have denied the use of the /plugins command so that users on my server can't see what plugins the server uses. You can see the extra "-" in the permissions below:
            default: true
            - -bukkit.command.plugins
            - bukkit.command.list
            - modifyworld.*
    It works perfectly.
    If this isn't what you meant on the other hande, then I appologize :)
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    Are multiple tasks supported yet?

    Any quest I make with more than one task just shows the first and that is it.
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    I have a problem /q give /q drop and /q help all work fine with the perms node - qQuests* But /q done and /q info dont work at all can someone help me out please
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    for mob id's do you use names like zombie or id's like
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    The name=zombie and the id is blank

    Not yet but they will be shortly...
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    i love this.. very useful for giving rewards money in iconomy... does it support chain quests, eg. Woodcutting tier 1 requires you to gather 10 wood, and once completed tier 2 is avaliable and requires 20 wood. ??

    Is there a way to disable the randomness of quests? and once they accept a specific quest (like woodcutting) they stay within the following WC tasks until completed??

    This would be awesome if not already incorporated. keep us the brill' work :D

    Im also having an issue with using a bow on kill quests.. it doesn't acknowledged the kill. is this normal or is there something i need to do??
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    oh okay ... if it works for you then i trust you ^^ ... but i really never read something like this in the faq or on other pages about pex ^^
  15. It does work. Promice. :)
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    How can i set up a quest to have 2 tasks? Both tasks must be completed to finish the quest?
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    It's not possible currently, it will be soon though...
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    Thanks quaz, any timeline? We are going to start using it on RealmCraft www.RealmC.net. We have two 200 player servers and when the multi task comes out for the quests we will make the questing system live. Cheers
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    I'm planing on getting a version with multi-tasks out ASAP (tomorrow), but it might come out a little later, 3 days at most.
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    I have put up a new version of the qQuests with the following new features:
    • Auto Converts Quests So Backup If You Plan To Back To Old Version
    • Multi-Tasks
    • Delay After Quest
    • Story Quests
    • Configurable Amount Of Times A Player Can Do A Quest
    • Invisible Quests
    • Kill A Player Quests
    • More Streamline quests.yml
    • Optional Low-Maintenance Auto-Updating
    This is the first build of the rewritten version, so it may have bugs, if it does please tell me!
    I have to go to bed but tomorrow I will write better documentation on it.
    Get It Here: https://github.com/quaz3l/qQuests/downloads
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    Havent tried the new update yet but will do if you want.. was hoping for that linkage to the puzzlequest but im guessing that not easy?
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    Yea sorry about that but, puzzle quest is buit for uquest and uquest is totally different from qquests. so I will have to do a total rewrite. Its going to take a bit but it is one of my priorities.
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    Awesome I'm glad its one of your priorities =]
    For a moment I thought you couldn't do it and so wan't gonna add it in.

    Would it be easier to rebuild puzzlequest???
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    I will for sure add it in.
    What do you mean? Just update it to 1.2.3?
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    Well if its built for uQuest then would it be possible to open the source and then change a few things so that it works with qQuest rather than having to rebuild qQuest?
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    That is what I'm gonna do :)

    Would you like me to add any other circuits to it? or just the commands?

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    hey quaz, how do we use the story quest system or the multiple tasks?
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    For story quests you just put the setup.nextQuest node to the quest that should come after it.

    And multi-tasks you make a quest like this:
        repeated: -1
        invisible: true
        delay: 1
        nextQuest: ''
          type: collect
          id: 264
          display: Diamonds
          amount: 5
        message: Hey! Can you go get my 5 diamonds! I'll pay you $500
          money: 0
          health: 0
          hunger: 0
        message: Aww… fine… I'll go find someone else :(
          money: -50
          health: 0
          hunger: 0
        message: Thanks! Now I can feed my lava dragon! ;)
          money: 5
          health: 0
          hunger: 0
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    Thanks. I see you updated the yml. Great!
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    Just make sure you update too the latest version though... :)

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