Inactive [RPG/FUN] Marriage - Marry Players [1.2.5-R1.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Dreanor, Mar 29, 2012.

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    It looks real good but where is the download link?
  2. Look closer, at the first page is a Download header.
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    Might you make it possible so that only the admins/moderators of the server could marry a couple?
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    Are there permissions for this ?

    2. LWC is a must have ! :D

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  5. There are permission just read the bukkit page for config etc

    The plugin will later support "priests" that can marry a couple
  6. Dreanor
    Interesting idea for a plugin you have there, will fit nicely for people wishing to roleplay.

    As for chest/door lockers im guessing the most used ones are Lockette and LWC.

    As for Vault? Drop it, theres no sense it making server admins use extra plugins just to make economy and permissions handling easier for you, end result is just more resource use on servers after all.

    Merging and sharing economy accounts could be tricky, making sure money is taken from both accounts. I guess balance could be evened out after every buy/sale either of the people do. That way balance is evenly split at all times and even if plugin is removed, it would be the same as a divorce where both parties have half the money. It could also work as a abuse deterrant if you know alot of your money will be moved over to the other person so you cant just use it to get a cheap teleport. Perhaps a warning message before accepting so a relatively new player doesnt get robbed of half his money by some opportunist jerk :)
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    wow now i can marry my boyfriend on here :O
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    Also, /marry summon! "WIFE, I SAID COME HERE!" "HUSBAND, DON'T WALK AWAY WHEN I AM TALKING TO YOU!" ...of course there is the kinder, "Honey! I found diamonds for your wedding ring!" but that isn't as drama-tasic!
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    If you are married, do you share a bank account?
  11. At the moment you wont. In an later update i will add that feature.
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    Add supprot for Economy plugins such as BOSEconomy and Iconomy so when 2 players marry a new bank account forms and adds both of the players money into the bank account so when the players divorce the bank account is deleted and each player gets %50 of the bank account. It would add more drama and also the reality of fortune hunters.
  13. When i added the feature you can use any economy plugin thats supported by vault.
  14. I have a few ideas if you are interested. Maybe it might boost up the popularity of the plugin. Could you contact me via e-mail: [email protected]
  15. Version 1.4 has just released with long awaited features such as Priests and fully configurable messages. (Please send me your localizations, if there are any. It will improve the plugin with standard languages.)
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    Aw fnck. You stole my idea, I was planning on making one. :( And you should add PvP being disabled for the spouse as a configuration.
  17. Thats sad :(, hope you have fun with something new.
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    Add an option for a server annoucements! like if 2 people get married.. the server sends a message to all online players
  19. That's already implemented, please read the bukkit dev page for further informations.
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    Just wanted to drop in here and thank Dreanor for such a wonderful plugin.

    I run a PvP server with over 140 plugins, so we have a lot of stuff to do, and the players seem to love it.

    One problem we kept running into before we got it is, Players were being rude to each other due to PvP situations, as well as being rude to girls for some odd reason (I think boys resent girls because they want one so much lol).

    Adding this plugin completely resolved the problem.

    Now, girls are a commodity on the server, and everyone wants one haha! Everyone is always asking around, and this has helped bring some love back into the server. Girls are being treated with respect again, and I appreciate that.

    Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing more from you, and this plugin :)
  21. Thanks, I´m glad you like it.
  22. Dreanor, and idea that I have for your plugin is like they would have a marriage certificate. Like it says in the chat chat, that this Xplayer Married to XPlayer on This Day @ This Time for This Many days. If you need a server to hold a database, I am will to offer it for free with an agreement.
  23. I can work with that. Has been added as a request.
  24. Would you like to use my server as a Database to hold all of the certificates? So then all of the servers around the world can view the certificate?
  25. I guess i didn´t understand your request in the first place, do you mean some sort of online database where you can see every player who has married another one? Or just what i thought an simple ingame command like /marry info that shows you the date, history, etc.
  26. An online database. Like when you type in a command like, lets say /marry lookup Joe123abc It will show who he is married to and all of the other details and what not.
  27. Hmm, could be nice but i probably wont add that due to maintaining and privacy issues.
  28. Well, let me know if you decide that, my server is open to you any time. Anyways, I am going to make a video for you, so people know how to install the plugin and use the commands and edit config.
  29. Thanks, very kind of you.
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    what about /marry sethome and /marry home?

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