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  1. Will be continued as MarriagePlus

    Version: v1.4.1

    Marriage allows you to Marry another Player in Minecraft! You can gain benefits from the Marriage, for now it is a Teleport Command that only work for the Married Couple.

    • Marry another Player
    • Teleport to Married Player
    • Priests
    • Fully Configurable Messages
    • Announcement on successfully Marriage
    • Divorce a Marriage
    • Permissions and Economy depends on Vault
    Upcoming Features here

    • /marry <Playername> - Marry the Player
    • /marry list - Shows all Married Players
    • /marry accept - Accept a Marry Request
    • /marry <Playername> <Playername> - Marry two Persons (Only Priest)
    • /marry deny - Deny a Marry Request
    • /marry divorce <Playername> - Divorces the Marriage
    • /marry tp <Playername> - Teleport to Married Player
    How to install the plugin?:
    Please visit the Dev page here to get more informations.

    v1.4.1 from dev.bukkit
    v1.4.1 from Dropbox

    new version 1.4.1 release:
    • Fixed v1.4 Mysql errors
    • Fixed issues with messages
    old version 1.4 release:
    • Implemented Priest
    • Implemented server announcements
    • Implemented notifications
    • Implemented Permission node for /marry divorce
    • Implemented language system
    See full Changelog history here.
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    Well at least churches and cathedrials in Minecraft have a use now lolol
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    Lol this would suit my server... with all the couples and drama going around ._.
    Edit: Add this
    and some global announcements :p
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  5. Is there any way you can do it so the priest will have to type the command so: /marry (name1) (name2) and deforce would be cool too :D
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    Just wondering.... but are you able to just put
    /marry tp
    in order to tp to the other person? Assuming you can only marry 1 person.
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    Yes, I am Mormon and I believe multiple people should be married at once. Any way I can change this in the config?
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    As soon as i go this plugin installed
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    Add permissions

  11. Hm, good point. The /marry tphere command would be redundant.

    I will implement later a way for multiple marriage.

    Permissions are already implemented. Take a look at the dev page for more information.
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    Does /marry tp count as a non-standard tp call? (Sometimes these can crash the server if you tp between dimensions.)
  13. It´s the standard bukkit tp.
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    So non-vanilla /tp?
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    Pretty sexy I'd say :)
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    Will this work with group manager and iconomy?
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    I really don't get this marrige in minecraft. did you spend alot of time developing this becasue if it did it is a waste of time because alot of servers like hate mariage and ban it. If i find a use for it i will add it. But saying for people who want mairages on their server i say good jo to you sir! :) diamond for you [diamond][diamond][diamond]
  18. Thanks, well, i did it just for fun and as practice since it´s my first bukkit plugin.

    The plugin support everything thats in Vault take a look there.

    Its the regular tp that you get without anything.
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    Can you make the plugin not use a Database like Mysql and Flatfiles? I don't know how to set up Mysql and or Flatfiles. Tried many times and failed..If you can make it Not Database needed comment back on my post. Thanks!
  20. Just leave the databasetype in the config file as flatfiles because you don't have to worry about a database with it
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    I totally agree I want that also can we get it so we can disable
    Commands ?
  22. It has been reported as a ticket and i work on the requests as soon as i have time for it.
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    Ok thank you :)

    Uhm do we get /marry <name> <name> ?

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  24. Most likely you will get that command, unless i think about something thats better.
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    Someone needs to make a mod to go along with this with things like a wedding ring. Also, is it possible to add things like family trees where other players can be grandparents or children so that there can be family teleportation or something like that?
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    can you Impliment This? PLLLLEASSSE
  27. If you would read the comments or the upcoming features, you would know that I implement it with the version 1.4
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    Here are my ideas to expand on this:
    1. Include Iconomy support and when 2 players get married their accounts merge into 1 account where they share the money. Then when they divorce their accounts will split back up both getting half of what they had together.
    2. Include Lockette support, so when a couple gets married they can both access a door that was privated by their counterpart.
    3. When players are nearby one another (Allow us to configure the distance) the married couple gain .5 more damage to their attacks, mining/harvesting times for blocks are reduced by .5 seconds, and take .5 less damage from mobs.
  29. 1. Sure thing.
    2. I could add this, but do you know any other popular chest lock plugins like lockette? I want to cover the ones that are high in use.
    3. It´s already on my list and will be added with 1.5
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    not sure of any other plugin that works like lockette. Its the only one I know of and its super simple to use.

    As I wrote this I came up with a few more ideas.
    1. Any animal companions either player has will both be shared, meaning if 1 player had a dog then got married the dog will follow whichever of the 2 is closer to it. And If close to a near the same distance the companion will choose the original owner of the animal over the other (as animals have a close connection to their main owner)
    2. When the couple are within a block or 2 of each other and 1 eats some food, instead of the food giving its full amount of food to 1 person it instead refills have its normal value to both players. (there is also a 2nd invisible food meter that basically is how long the hunger bar stays full this would be affected as well)

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