[RPG/FUN] LittleRPG v2.2.2 - Make your server a real RPG [1.5.2-R1.0]

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    LittleRPG - An RPG of non-little proportions
    Version: 2.2.2

    The RPG for Minecraft which you have been eagerly waiting for has finally arrived. Designed with awesomeness in mind, LittleRPG contains fancy looking spells, wizz-bang mechanics and joyful unexpectedness.
    There is only one question which you need consider before playing with this mod.
    "Do I need to go outside for a while?"

    Optionally with v1.4+, you get a first server join screen which allows you to pick a class with buttons if you are using Spout.

    This plugin pretty much turns your Minecraft world into an RPG (Bethesda-like RPG), so it will go well with any adventure maps, particularly where large (team) fights are involved...or you can use it just so you can play with fireballs, lightning and exploding eggs.

    For a taste of what to expect, check out the promotional video below.

    • 3 basic classes (melee, ranged, magic).
    • Unique class abilities and weapons.
    • Level dependant weapons, skills and abilities.
    • Max level of 20.
    • Quests.
    • Custom first join and returning player join messages.
    • Parties.
    For information about the classes, click on their links below:
    For experience tables, click here.

    How to:
    Set up commands (open)

    Add the current world to the list of worlds affected by the plugin:
    • type /addrpgworld
    Remove the current world to the list of worlds affected by the plugin:
    • type /removerpgworld

    Display command (open)

    Display all the available sub-classes or the stats of the sub-class with the given name:
    • type /displaysubclass [name]

    Custom server join messages (open)

    Set the first server join message:
    • type /setrpgintro <message>
    Set the returning join message:
    • type /setrpgreturn <message>

    Quest blocks (open)

    If you want to set a block to give out quests:
    • type /setquest <quest_number>
      • where <quest_number> has the value of 0 to the highest quest number
    Then you right click with your fist on the desired block.

    To remove a quest from a block:
    • type /unsetquest
    Then you right click with your fist on the desired block.

    Display all the quest blocks:
    • type /displayquests

    quests.yml stuff is in the quests spoiler here.
    Set up quests (open)

    To set up a quest, you use the quests.yml file in the format shown below:
    - Level:5
    - Items:3|5
    - Text:Greetings traveller, I need more dirt to make my first home.  // Introductory text
    - Text:Could you please fetch me 25 dirt blocks?  // More introductory text
    - FC:3|25
    - Pass:Thank you, I can now make my lovely 3x4x3 dirt home.  // Successful quest completion text
    - Fail:You do not have enough dirt.  // Failure of quest completion text
    - Reward:XP|20
    - PQ:0
    - Text:I now must decorate it, fetch me 1 piece of coal and 1 stick.
    - FC:263|1:280|1
    - Pass:Decorations! Yay!
    - Fail:That is not right.
    - Reward:12|1:XP|30
    For the first quest (quest0), the player must be at least level 5 and have at least 5 blocks of dirt (dirt block id is 3). To complete the quest, the player must have at least 25 blocks of dirt and they get 20 experience points for completing the quest.

    For the second quest (quest1), the player must have completed quest0. To finish, the player needs to have at least 1 piece of coal and 1 stick (for the fields Items, FC and Reward multiple items can be set like that. Only Reward can have 'XP') and for finishing the player gets 30 experience points and 1 block of sand.

    A sample quests.yml file containing this example is downloaded here.

    Note: You must number quests starting from 0.
    All valid fields are: PQ (Pre-requisite), Level, Items, Text (Initial dialogue), FC (Item finishing conditions), Pass (Success dialogue), Fail (Failure dialogue), Reward.

    • Download the plugin.
    • Type: /addrpgworld
    • Party hard
    Now that you have set it up. Players that log in will be greeted with the introductory text.

    Enjoy my plugins? Donate! Dislike my plugins? Donate anyway (with feedback)!

    BukkitDev site here and download page here.
    View the source here.
    My site here.

    NOTE: If you feel there are any balance issues, please state them here. If you say something is unbalanced without an explanation, I will ignore it.

    Future plans:
    • Fix any balancing issues.
    • Check that quests still work properly
    Version 2.1.0:
    • Changed how damage is accumulated.
    • Fixed player discharge bug.
    Past versions (open)
    Version 2.0.0:
    • A list too long for what skills/damages/mechanics have been changed/updated.
    • Parties have been added.
    Version 1.5.1:
    • Replaced deprecated code.
    • Fixed mismatched wizard levels.
    • Removed unused code.
    Version 1.5:
    • Leveling and exp gain overhaul.
    • Reduced chance of melee block.
    Version 1.4:
    • Custom intro and returning player messages possible.
    • Squids matter now. Powah to the squid!
    • Added Spout features.
    Version 1.3:
    • Melee damage nerf.
    • Player drop most items on death.
    • Quest bug fixes.
    • Sword (magic and ranged)/fists/bows do small damage.
    • Quest block remover.
    Version 1.2:
    • Added quests.
    • Added fire bows for archers.
    Version 1.1:
    • Increased exp acquired from non-animal mobs.
    • Decreased exp gain range.
    • Scaled armour deterioration when player is damaged.
    • Non-animal mobs have a chance to drop any one of the available armour items.
    Version 1.0:
    • Initial release.
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    First update!
    Version 1.1 brings in scaled armour deterioration and armour drops as well as increased exp acquisition, but it decreased the distance from a mob death that still allows you to gain exp down to 15 blocks.
  3. littlegruz, i suggest u to take a look at the plugin ModDamage, is able to do everything in this plugin, also have extra features, its not maded just for RPG, so will be nice if u take a look at that plugin, maybe u will find something cool to add, if u want more information about the plugin send me one MP or go to IRC #moddamage
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    Thanks for the tip, I have just had a look at it, and it does not do everything here. It seems to be based solely on damage events with the only magic being fire enchanted items (which gave me a good idea).
    That being said, they have done an absolutely fantastic effort to make it simple for users to modify damage events. I just wish now that they continued to update it (as well as providing a full feature list somewhere on the wiki).
  5. The best place for understand it is the Hall of fame at their wiki, but it dont have the entire effects of the plugin cuz they havent updated it.

    Now, theres some interesting features in MD: u can add reflect, to complete sets, add healing spells, AOE attacks (area attacks like setting in fire or pushing/pulling enemys), explosion effects, great knockbacks, potions effects, and theres more, u can have good ideas for this plugins based on that one. Some suggestions, each class should start with bad status, like warrior with wooden sword and archer with low damage and wizard with weak enchantments.
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    Some neat ideas in there. The classes in this mod start do not start with inherently weak attack mechanics, but since they do start with low stats (increases as they level), any attack they do would not deal much damage.
    e.g. The first spell a magic user gets would take many casts to kill a sheep at level 1. But at the max level of 15, it can kill the sheep in one strike.
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    Hey LittleGruz I love your plugin but can you fix so that ranged and magic players can still do damage to mobs
    with swords and maybe allow the plugin to work with the Cookiemonster plugin so players can make money by killing stuff with your plugin?Thx!
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    Good point.
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    Sorry about that, the mages like practical jokes. I do try to keep them under control.
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    Oh and LittleGruz theres another bug when you level up you lose your items can you fix that too?THX!
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    If you do that can you make that changeable? I kinda like that idea. Forcing them to comply to their choice.

    Im not sure if this is implemented or not, but maybe more damage per spells as you level up? Or own spell mastery levels so to speak. If you use it enough you can level it up and do more damage or less cooldown. And maybe that the melee start with wooden swords, and work their way up from there. Can you also (dont think so) make if you block with sword you have a higher chance to dodge? And check out the mo'arrows plugin for the archers. Could you build (or help me understand how to make one) a code to just unlock each different node of arrow types as you progess in your levels. Also id like a /lrpg level command to tell me my current level ingame, that would be awesome. And maybe the same with experience currently and how much till level up.

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    I will have a look into the blocking suggestion as well as the mo-arrows plugin.
    The damage a player can unleash increases as they level up. This is because every time you level up, your primary skill level also increases which is what your damage is linked to.
    That is already displayed. The level and exp shown in the GUI matches your current level and exp.
    Could you be more specific, because I have not come across this yet. To fix this I would need more info about your scenario like what class you are, what type of items disappear (e.g. LittleRPG specific or Minecraft general) and does this happen at every level increase?
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    Version 1.2

    The ranged class now can fire arrows that set enemies on fire from level 5, and they now get the ability to throw the exploding eggs at level 7.

    Adding quests certainly took up a fair chunk of time. To create a quest, look in the "Set up quests" spoiler and to create a quest giving block, look in the "Set up quest block" spoiler in the main thread.

    I understand that there is currently no way of removing a quest from a block, this was a mistake and will be added soon.
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    A way to disable features.
    You keep your armour when you die but your inventory is dropped OR:
    You keep all your items but you lose a level.
    Mage class takes no fall damage or a spell so when a mage right clicks a feather, they take no fall damage for 20secs.
    Mage class: Wearing full gold has 10-20% chance to absorb a hit.
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    Im talking about when you die in any class no items drop from you other players and mobs oh and by the way could you also fix the overpoweredness of Melee class i can get 1 shouted from a Melee on my server.THX again!!
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    Right, I got a bit confused because you said it happened when you level up instead of upon death.
    Ooooh, I see. Yes, that is definitely a problem. That will be fixed.
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    This plugin is great, and it may sound a little weird me asking.
    Would it be possible for you to make a version with JUST the melee class, minus the levels and gaining things per level.
    And make it possible to allow it with a permission? I know it sounds weird, but that's exactly what my server needs right now, this is really fantastic.
    Completely understand if you can't, but it would be greatly appreciated.

    ~ DarkshadeDX
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    Sooo, you just want to have the class with its abilities and nothing else?

    To be blunt though, doing this would not be high on my priority list.

    Version 1.3 is out!
    The new version does a bit of this now. You now drop all your items except for spell items, starting sword and starting bow/arrows. But when you respawn, you will have those items already in your inventory. So no net loss.

    I have reduced the damage of the Melee, please tell me if it still is overpowered compared with the other two classes.
    Small damage is now dealt with all swords that are not made for the class as well as bows (not arrows) and fists.

    In addition to these changes, there are numerous quest bugfixes and the addition of a way to remove quest blocks. Namely using /unsetquest then right clicking the quest block to remove it (with your fist).

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    I will celebrate by releasing version 1.4!
    It has extra features if you are using Spout, you actually get exp/drops from squid now and you can customise the server join messages.
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    Of course, I wouldn't expect any less.
    However to answer your question yes that's exactly what I'd like.
    Also it's a shame I don't use spout too xP 1.4 looks nice though, congratulations on getting approved.
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    Thanks for understanding :)
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    I Need some help everything works fine but the quest i copyed what you had in the set up quest then i put it in queststarter but and then i go into the game and /setquest and it says no match found am i doing something wrong?
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    Did you type '/setquest <quest_number>' (i.e. with the sample quests, '/setquest 0' or '/setquest 1')

    EDIT: What do you mean by "put it in queststarter"? The config.yml file should be in the LittleRPG folder in the plugins folders.
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    When i put the littleRPG.jar in to the plugins folder a nother folder poped up and is had the class info and then one call QuestStarter and i copyed what you had in the set up quest and put that in there but it didnt work
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    What I have in the "set up quest" spoiler is from the config.yml file (which it explicitly sates). So if you want to make and use your own quests, only touch the config.yml file.
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    There was no config.yml file in the quest folder
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    I will start testing it out soon. I really want to add this :D
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    If you do not have any quests, you will not have a config.yml file in the plugin folder. You have to create it yourself since you are the one who creates the quests (or just place the example in the plugin folder).

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