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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by MrUnlimited, Jul 5, 2011.

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    Hey guys i'm developping a Mage Plugin

    when it is ready, you can set permissions who can cast which spell. And i add a leveling system for these spells. Maximum level for each spell currently is 10 but event higher values can be set by command, but this can cause problemes (e.g. Wall spell).

    Spells on higher level may cause more damage, are more accurate etc.

    The Waterwalk currently is buggy sometimes it works sometimes not, i dont't know weather its because of my implementation or my Computer :p

    here the .jar ( firestick.zip ) and the source: ( src.zip )
    it's mostly german, here some translations:
    FeuerBall - Fireball
    Blitz - Lightning
    Gewitter - Thunderstorm
    Wassergang - water under your feet freez for 5 seconds
    Wand - Wall
    Teleport - blink / teleportation spell
    Wandport / Wallport - teleport through wals
    Telekinese - telekinesis

    for devs, you can easily add new spells without modifing this plugin

    for all:
    - mana: shows your current manalevel.
    /spell inc <spell> - to increase the level of an spell (stat points needed, get throug leveling)
    attention: the spall names are german!
    for ops:
    /firestick set <player> <spell> <level> - sets the level of the spell for the given player.

    knowen bugs and issues:
    needed items don't disappear from inventory
    fireball sometimes also causes damage to the shooter.
    leveling off skills curently not implemented. The level has to be set manually.

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