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    Plugin category: RolePlay

    Suggested name: RPGDawg

    What I want: I would like a RPG plugin that is very cool and simple, basically when a player joins the server, they have two options, they can either play the regular things on the server, OR they can enter the ND realm(basicly another world, LOL) ok so the command would be /RPGDawg realm and it takes them to a predefined location(Ill get to that later) Ok so I would like a scoreboard that says Color:RED, NDRealm: and below it shows, kills and what skill level you are

    How to play: basically I want to be able to build towns and be able to make a town after building one, ok heres the main objective there are 2 different towns you can set, Miner, and Farmer towns: so when I make a town I can do /RPGDawg create town <townname> then I can do /RPGDawg set profession <townname> <then the job so(Miner or farmer)> and then a villager that I can spawn that when I click he will give you a job, now for each job(Miner and Farmer) there are 4 jobs/task, for each profession: Miner: 1. make 15 bread and give them to me, 2.Make a diamond hoe and enchant it with unbreaking 1 using only an enchantment table, 3. Bread 4 cows, and 4. plant over 400 crops of wheat,(simple) and I can do /RPGDawg spawn jobmaker <profession(Miner or famer)>
    and it will spawn a villager named Color:Yellow "jobname" and when you click him he will assign one of the 4 jobs for that specific job

    And for miner: 1.Mine over 30 diamonds, 2. Break over 300 cobblestone, 3. Place 600 torches. 4. Craft over 20 diamond tools

    NOW for the main objective: Basicly I there is a king and the king has max skill level and can do what ever he wants, BUT if someone has a Skill Level of 30 or above they can slay the king :D and if someone slays the king this is what happens: the server broadcasts a message saying: the player name will be yellow and the message will be blue"[playername] Has slayed the king" And the player who slayed the KING gets max levels and can do what ever he wants now but when he dies he loses all levels and basicly restarts the game. BTW the king gets full diamond armor with all enchants level 5 but if the king dies but not from a player the king loses his armor and levels but is still king

    Leveling System: Leveling system is quite easy basically when a player does a job he gets 10 xp and then when he gets a level, on the scoreboard system it will say Skill Level: [level]

    Ok so the way I want this to work, I would like a kit system that when the player enters the realm it opens a GUI that has 4 kits, SwordsMan: Gets chainmail armor enchanted with protection 1 and unbreaking 1 and a stone sword enchanted with unbreaking 1 and sharpness 1 and knockback 1, the other kit is Archer:, they just get full leather armor enchanted with protection 1 and the arrow has punch 1 and they get 32 arrows the next kit is Mage: he gets chainmail armor that has the same enchantments as the SwordsMan , They get a blaze rod that has 2 abilities, when you right click you shoot a snowball that is explosive(doesn't destroy blocks, but still does damage) and when you left click every one in a radius of 5 blocks gets a potion effect, slow and they cant move and it spawns I guess some sort of a ice chamber around you and they get it for 15 seconds the last kit, Wizard(VIPkit): the wizard IS OP AS CRAP So he gets full iron armor with ALL ENCHANTS LEVEL 10: OK ready for the SUPER DUPER OP AS CRAP THING ABOUT WIZARD, when the wizard has full iron armor on with all the enchantments he gets 40 hearts and as long has he has the armor on his hearts replenish when taking damage, so basicly if he takes damage from natural things(EG.falling) he wont regen but when in combat he regens automaticly so basicly when he takes damage from a player and only a player his hearts go back to 40 every time he takes a hit(he will never lose in a pvp fight) and he gets a diamond sword with all enchants level 5, ALSO he gets a stick that shoots tnt that doesnt destory blocks but it is a one hit kill(left click) and when he right clicks who ever he is looking at the victim gets poison for 4 mins. and blindess for 4 mins and slowness for 4 mins and he loses 4 levels and the 4 levels go to the wizard and if the wizard has taken damage naturally and Only naturally he steals hearts from the victim until the wizard has full hearts again and the wizard can fly for 10 mins straight before having to wait 1 second to fly again and he doesnt get effected by bad potions like, poison, slowness etc and he he wants he can shift and left click and automaticly heal all the way up to 40 hearts again, no cooldown BTW and also he gets a bow with all enchants and the enchants are level 127 AND if he shifts and right clicks he can kill everyone around him(400 block radius) in one hit and he gets all there levels 4 second cooldown, BTW when the mage kills someone he gets their skill level were as if someone died but not from a mage they would just lose 1 also when the wizard shiftclicks and jumps it tells him all the players near by and gives them the coordinates also when he gets close to a player it plays a beeping noise so he can kill them and if the mage dies(pretty much impossible) he doesn't lose inventory, or levels he just gets TP'd back to where he dided and who ever killed him gets insta killed after killed the wizard also the wizard can TP to people that are close to him(1000 block radius) to activate he just left clicks the air! and one last feature for all kits, can you make it so when you select a kit it displays a guess a message that tells the player all the abilities for that kit OP AS CRAP, I KNOW ok thats it for kits

    Ideas for commands: /RPGDawg createrealm(generates a whole new world)
    /RPGDawg setrealm spawn(sets spawn for the realm)
    /RPGDawg realm(teleports them to the realm spawns, then opens up kit gui)
    /RPGDawg spawn jobmaker <profession(Miner or famer)>
    /RPGDawg create town <townname>
    /RPGDawg set profession <townname> <then the job so(Miner or farmer)>

    Ideas for permissions: rpgdawn.creatrealm, rpgdawn.spawn.jobmaker, rpgdawg.createtown, rpgdawg.set.profession, rpgdawd.setrealm.spawn and rpgdawg.kit.vip

    When I'd like it by: By the end of march 2015
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