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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by coolcolin35, Dec 26, 2014.

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    Iv been searching for awhile for a plugin and i cant find anything. Basically i want a plugin that supports the heroes plugin that when you do a combo with your mouse like left-right-left it cast a spell and it says what your clicking in the chat or the place where it shows the items name when you switch to it and you must be holding the correct weapon in your hand to cast a spell for example say -there's a skill called arrow-blast and you look in the air and use your mouse clickers and do left-right-left and it cast that spell and says what your pressing if i want to do another skill called arrow-shower you do left-right-right to cast that spell so i want it to be fully customizable so when i add a new skill i can easily set it to a different combo like left-right-left in other words. (also i almost forgot i don't want any combos to start with left just so when people are trying to fight it does not start to cast when there swinging there sword)
    (Skill Name):
    Weapon: Example Sword
    Class: Example Class
    Click1: Left
    Click2: Right
    Click3: left
    Hero skill/command or permission(i cant find heroes permission for skills though)
    - skill arrow-blast (command or if possible permission)
    Or something like that thanks to anyone who can make this plugin and who was willing to read this ill make sure to give you credit on my server i'm just learning java code and tried to make this but i'm not that good yet.
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