Inactive [RP/FUN] ExtendedDeath - complete a random task in the underworld every X times you die![1.3.1-R2.0]

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    Have you ever been bored by death in Minecraft?

    It seems so pointless, if you die there is not an exciting penalty. All you do is die, lose a bit of experience, then go collect your stuff from where you died. BORING!
    Now every few times you die (configurable number), you are teleported by Hades, the god of the underworld, to the nether where you are given resources and sent on a quest to reclaim your soul.You are randomly assigned 1 of the 11 quests to complete in the underworld and you cannot leave until you complete it.
    A Black Fog Surrounds You And You Are Teleported To The Underworld

    You Are Assigned A Random Quest From Hades

    You Are Given Supplies And 4 Random Pieces Of Armor

    After Completion, You Are Teleported Back To The Surface And Your Stuff Is Returned

    • /deaths - shows the Player how many times they have died ( as of installing the plugin to the server )
    • /task - shows the Player what task they are to do and the progress they have made so far
    • extendeddeath.none - exempt from the plugin. (but deaths are still logged so they can see how many times they have died)
    • This plugin is plug and play if you have not renamed worlds or generated new ones. If you have there are a few things to configure.
    • The 3 world names (default world, nether, and the end) need to be changed to your specific names.
    • If you wish to change the amount of deaths it takes to be sent to the underworld you can. Default is every 3 deaths.
    Hope you enjoy this plugin! It adds a whole new aspect to the game that you never knew you were missing.
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    There are a few suggestions and questions I have.
    Question is I have 2 worlds nether and world. So possible to disable end in this plugin?
    And suggestions are...
    Custom quests.
    Custom messages.
    Custom items given.
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    New update will have a choice between losing all items and experience and not doing task or doing task to reclaim your things (from request).

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