Rope and Zipline

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    Plugin category: Fun / Mechanics

    Suggested name: Rope and Zipline

    What I want: Hi, for a long time i have enjoyed Vanilla Minecraft without the need to add new stuff. There is however one thing that really annoys me when i try to build something, and that is rope. Its really hard making any kind of rope look good, without over-scaling things.

    Every now and then i check to see if there are any rope mods for Bukkit, but to no avail.
    I have however stumbled upon this mod:
    and a video:

    however it seems that the creator never made a multiplayer version, and that post is also rather old.

    This would be great! I really love how this looks and functions, the only change i would like to see is that players cant walk on rope (you have to use a zipline handle, or make it into a rope bridge)

    Now obviously this would be quite a challange to make for multiplayer, as it would have a few new blocks and mechanics for the client too. So for this reason i would suggest using Spout, possibly also making a client-side plugin for players/servers that dont want to use Spout.

    Ideas for commands: config reload would be great

    Ideas for permissions: not necessary, though a canCreate for each new item could be usefull

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible, please note I also have an active server that would be willing to help bug test :).
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    you can not add new block with a plugin. But some how maybe someone could use tripwire, and make what your asking.
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    He said using spout.
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    Then why is he on the Bukkit forums?
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    did not catch that.... thanks
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    Why is there a spout plugin post?
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    Hoolean Retired Staff

    I dunno. Some genius could probably do this with tripwires :)
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    thats why i also said "possibly also making a client-side plugin for players/servers that dont want to use Spout"

    I personally dont want to use Spout, so a matching client side mod would be the best for me.

    I have seen server-side mods before that add recipes and blocks, except that they use existing models/textures.
    So i was hoping that that might be possible.

    I will try asking on the Spout forums too, but as i was unsure about how possible this was without spout, and also requesting a bukkit plugin, it seemed logical to ask on the bukkit forum.
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    Could you not just create an invisible block above/below the tripwire as the user moves along it?

    Sounds like fun, I may have a go at experimenting.
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    mncat77 Retired Staff

    The only 'invisible' block is the moving piston block and that would work but would look really glitchy for the client because he assmumes that he falls all the time.
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    Not true. Initial experiments went well :) I used the invisible blocks plugin to place blocks below the tripwire. Looking at the source it seems fairly simple to create this plugin

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    Released :)

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