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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Saire, Jun 13, 2016.

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    Alright. Since I'm a bit new here I'll just list the purpose of this plugin and the certain commands I want.

    What is it for?: So I want this to be a plugin where players can create a set of information using commands (gender,age,name,etc) that other players can view with a command, or if possible (and preferred), when someone hovers over their name in chat.

    Suggested Name: Character Cards

    Version: 1.8.9 compatible please!

    • Name
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Race
    • Description (of their character)
    Since I run a roleplay server, I want the description to be able to fit more than just one line of characters. If that becomes a problem, maybe involve add something where players receive a book and can type their description in there.

    Multiple card info: I also want players to be able to make more than 1 player card and have them be able to rotate between player cards using the name that they gave the card. If they do /card switch then in the chat you can have it bring up a list of all the character cards they have. When someone does /card view (playername), it will bring up the player's current card.

    Command ideas:
    /card create (to make a new player card)
    /card edit (card name)
    /card name (name)
    /card age (age)
    /card gender (male/female)
    /card race (race)
    /card desc (give them the book)
    /card done (if needed)
    /card switch (card name)
    /card view (playername) (shows the current card that they have)

    Permission ideas:
    • card.edit (for all basic editing (card edit, card name, card age, etc)
    • card.create (gives the player the ability to make player cards)
    • card.reload (to reload config)
    • card.create.(1,2,3..etc) (I'm not sure how exactly letting players have a certain amount of cards they can create would work, but I would like for players not to have the ability to make infinite ones, but a certain amount depending on the number put in the 3rd field.)
    • card.admin.edit (ability for admins to edit other player's cards)
    When I would like for it to be done?: As soon as possible.
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    I will work on this for you!
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    Thank you! :)
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    Almost done, sorry it is taking so long I'm adding a few other things, and I have been working off and on.
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    No, it's fine, take your time!
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    Hey how's it been going?
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