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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by PandazNWafflez, Jul 9, 2014.

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    public Guild getPlayerGuild(final UUID player) {
            if (loaded) {
                for (final Guild guild : guilds) {
                    if (guild.isMember(player)) {
                        return guild;
                return null;
            } else {
                return null;
    Why return null twice? Just take out that else and put one return null. Also, why final?

    You also say you don't need devs, yet it's open source. So are we allowed to contribute, or is that restricted to the current devs?

    I have a plugin that i'm making privately that happens to have some stuff that could potentially be some help to you and save some time. If you would like the link, I would be happy to share
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    callum2904 Can we stop talking about his signature :/

    jthort By we don't want more devs I mean we don't want anyone else who has full-time access to the repo and is involved in private discussions. Everyone is welcome to submit pull requests and comment on issues and discussions.
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    Is that even a valid open source license? Because really, no open source license disallows commercial distribution...
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    xTrollxDudex You don't have to have an open source license to host a project publicly on GitHub. In fact, by default all public GitHub projects without a license are considered to be All Rights Reserved.
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    No, not that, I meant that it is open source and disallows commercial distribution, which I totally understand, but really? That kind of defeats the purpose of open sourcing it.
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    xTrollxDudex It essentially means for our purposes that you can't sell Rolecraft or stick it behind an or similar link and make money from it. Considering the Minecraft community as a whole, I think it's reasonable.

    It's open source to allow developers to write addons for it and to allow anyone to contribute.
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    Is there anyone who would be interested in testing this plugin? We need people to test it.
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    Hi PandazNWafflez coud you show us your plugin in Action?
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    Yekllurt Currently it isn't finished - we are, however, getting closer to an alpha release. This is a (very short) list of things which need doing before alpha:"Alpha+Release"

    We do have test builds on which plenty of things are (@mythbusterma in particular has been doing most of the testing), but there won't be a public download link until alpha. One of the big things for us is to make the plugin easy to develop additions to, so we are ensuring that the code is clean and not a giant mess.
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