Rock Paper Scissors/Coinflip 1.13.2

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by ItzTeg, Dec 20, 2018.

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    Plugin Category: Fun or Economy

    Minecraft Verison: 1.13.2

    Suggested Name: GamblingPlugin

    What I want: A gambling plugin that uses a GUI to play coinflips and rock paper scissors games against other players. For the RPS, i would like just a GUI containing a piece of paper, stone and shears. For example you type /rps (name) then the GUI pops up with those three items and you click the one you choose. For the coinflip part maybe similar to this plugin but that works in 1.13.2:

    Ideas for commands:
    the first player types /cf (amount of $ gambling ) (heads or tails) and the opponent types /cf and clicks the head of the player they want to gamble with. If possible, try to make it like the link where when you flip it the heads are displayed like a cs:go style with glass panes. I did my best to explain that but the picture in the link shows you what im talking about.


    the first player types: /rps (amount gambling) (rock paper or scissors) and the opponent types /rps, and the gui pops up with the heads of all players that have started a game. You click the head of the player you want to verse and then the stone paper and shears appear in the next GUI. With rps and coinflip please be sure that when you hover over the head of the person that created a bet it shows how much the bet is.

    Ideas for permissions:
    coinflip.use - allows you to place bets
    rps.use - allow you to place bets
    coinflip.remove - removes any bets by right clicking your own head in the GUI
    rps.remove - removes any bets by right clicking your own head in the GUI

    When I would like it by: Within a couple weeks, but I understand if its a hectic/busy time of the year.

    PS: I can not thank you enough if you decide to take on this project for me :). I would be forever grateful! I have looked and looked for a good plugin like this that works in 1.13.2 but I didn't see one that lets you do it against other players or that wasn't updated. Also if its easier you can make it 2 different plugins. Thanks again to anyone who Is willing to help! - Teg
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    Which plugin do you use for money/economy?
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    If you hook into Vault then you support all of them.
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    I use essentials but i also have vault.
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