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    Plugin category: RPG/FUN

    Suggested name: Rifts

    What I want:
    A plugin that brings the "Rift" experience to my server. For anyone that played the game Rift knows what I'm talking about. A Rift is a dimensional breach where monsters can invade the world. How this plugin would work is spawning particles above the ground, to look like a "Rift" and then spawn monsters and bosses for a few minutes before the rift closes, or the waves are completed.
    I would love if this worked together with MythicMobs.

    When a rift opens in the configured world, the players that are in that world will be notified that a rift has opened. Then they can warp there to kill the boss and get the loots that comes with MythicMobs.

    It would be cool if you can configure the rift particle effekts and waves for mobs, and also that the mobs stays near the rift.

    Ideas for commands:
    /rift - Base command for help and such
    /rift location create [name] - Create a rift location that is preset, these can be used to randomly choose a created location
    /rift location delete [name] - Ofc delete the location
    /rift create [name] <effects> <Mythicmobs> - Maybe a setup for the rift itself by command
    /rift delete [name]
    /rift open [name] [riftname] - Opens a rift att the created rift location with the specific rift.

    Ideas for permissions: Basic permissions for the commands and such.

    When I'd like it by: When It's possible :)
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    I really like the sound of this. Great idea!
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    Thanks :D
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    @Jocke155 it seems like you've been trying to get someone for a while. I'd be happy to give it a shot. I'm not sure if it's possible to make it work with Mythic Mobs though.

    Also, I need some more information before starting this:
    - How fast will monsters spawn from an open rift?
    - Will rifts be deactivated after existing for long enough? If so, how long?
    - Will rifts be activated randomly?
    - Can more than one rift be active at the same time?
    - Will there be permissions required for the commands?
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    1: Maybe a small config for each rift that determines which/how many mobs that are spawning each wave.
    The rift won't spawn more mobs before all of the mobs in the current wave are killed.
    When a wave is finished, there could be like 5-10 seconds delay before the next wave
    A wave = All mobs that you choose in the wave should spawn at pretty much the same time.

    2: Maybe a config for this aswell? When creating a rift location you set the time it lasts aswell, before it closes. It doesn't matter if the mobs are still spawned after the rift is closed.

    3: Yes, you create a few locations where rifts can randomly "open" (by command) Maybe an option in the config for how often it will randomly open at one of the preset location

    4: Better if only one at the time activate

    5: Permissions for admin commands, and maybe for user commands.

    It would really be useful if it works with MythicMobs, if there is no way of doing it by code, you might be able to just use the MythicMobs command for spawning a mob. ( /mm mobs spawn [MobName] <amount> <world,x,y,z> )
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