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    Plugin category: FUN

    Suggested name: ReversedMinecraft

    What I want: I want a plugin that makes hunger and heath reversed: When your hunger bar is empty you will can sprint and regenerate as a full bar, when your health bar has 0 hearts will be full and when you are getting damage the hearts will fill up until it got full and die. The hunger bar will start filling when you are getting hunger until 4 hunger left you won't be able to sprint!. PLEASE MAKE IT! :(

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: No permissions
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    Famous Guy

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    Please don't bump less than 24 hours after a thread has been posted. If someone wants to take on the project, they will do so, but early bumping can annoy people
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    And if they have reached 0 health, do they die, or when they health is filled, or do players never die? :confused:
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    Being able to sprint is client side, if I'm not mistaken.
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    The toggle event can be cancelled, though.
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    Not the other way around though, you can't cancel the client saying it can't sprint. Not sure how this works with 1.7, though.
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    AndyMcB1 Something very similar is possible though. Here's how it works:
    User double-taps to sprint (or uses the sprint button, as of 1.7.2).
    Client sends ToggleSprint to the Server
    Server sends ToggleSprintEvent to plugins.
    Plugins decide whether to cancel it or not.
    Server sends either Okay or Nope to the client
    Client obeys orders.

    Or something. I think. :p
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    So? is it possible?
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    That's a completely different question. Having 0 hearts would make the player die, so I don't think it's technically possible to not have the player die but still let him have 0 hearts.
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    At least half???
  12. Couldn't you just have a texture that made the bar look like it was reversed?
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    Would the client still send the ToggleSprint to the server without enough hunger points?
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    AndyMcB1 Probably not, no. Unless those calculations are server-side, but I don't think so.
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    Didn't think so - hence my first comment :)
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