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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Kommando007, Feb 22, 2024.

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    Please inform me if this the wrong Forum. Sorry if its;). Thanks!
    Dear Bukkit-Community,

    From the early Beta on i always saw close relatives using the Bukkitforums. I was too young at that time to relise what this powerfull tool called craftbukkit was. In the years between 2015 und 2017 i remembered how Minecraft was back in 2010 and 2011.
    I managed to get older Server.jar´s and even Craftbukkits for Beta 1.5_02. I had a fully intact Beta 1.5_02 Server with all the Plugins required such as LWC, Essentials, Worldedit, Worldguard etc. etc.
    After severall migrations of Data to variouse devices i unfortunatly only managed to migrate a fraction of my old collection. Today i only posses an Beta 1.7.2 Server with an big Plugincluster where not all Plugins worked as far as i remember.
    I have that one desire to make an Retro Minecraft Server, ideally with the Version 1.4 - 1.5_x. I own an Homeserver and have basic experience in managing an minecraft Server. I really mean to run it seriously.
    I looked into the archives but was really dissapointed to see it only reach to some plugins in beta 1.6.6.

    For me it is an really important matter and it frustrates me seeing people in other threads, talking to people who are in search like me, like: iT mAkEs No SeNsE, No OnE iS pLaYiNg tHaT.
    We as the OG-Minecrafters dont care if it is succesfull or not. I am capable of running that server for my entire lifetime and only pay for the electricbill and hardware. Thats one of my hobby. Please respect this request and dont give advices to topics you cant have empathy with! I politely ask all the people who have the slightes thought that this doesnt make sense because it is not profitable to just move on and ignore this. I know this search isnt easy and it takes time.

    With this Thread i wanted to ask all you Bukkiters and OG Minecrafters if someone out there has some bits, no matter if Plugins or Craftbukkit.jar´s, from the golden era for me. I would be really thankfull if you even know someone or someplace where i can get data from for this case.

    With all my respects
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    Im a little confused. Do you mean its wrong by me to post the link of his post, or do you mean, he cant share it due to dmca?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    He filed the DMCA.
    Any file / link to a craftbukkit build will be removed, and a warning made towards the poster.
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    Okay i understand. Whats with Plugins like Essentials, Worldedit, Worldguard. I noticed they removed the old versions too. Is that the same story, or can i ask in this forum for Plugins?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Are they removed? Or just far away?

    Plugins are fine
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    From what i see, they rarely reach to beta 1.7.3. The majority is for the newer releases after Beta. For example i got the old Plugin LWC Version 3.21 . The archive of the LWC on Curseforge tho only reaches until Version 3.43. The Plugins i currently have are for the Version Beta 1.7.2 . For me it seems that the Developers removed the Data for Beta Versions. I really hope to find offical sources because i dont want to take the risk of downloading maliciouse data from unserious sites.
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    Did you solve the problem?
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