Restrict anvil use by lore or name of item

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    Suggested name: LoreRestrict or something like that

    What I want: I'd like a plugin where you can restrict renaming, repairing and adding other enchantments to items depending on the items lore or name.
    This can be useful where admins have given players special items such as op things and they do not want the player to repair it or to add an enchantment like unbreaking on it.

    (short because people never seem to read it all)

    Ideas for permissions: restrictanvil.bypass - can bypass the restrictions
  2. I'll make it for you!
    I will have it done tomorrow.
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  4. You're welcome :)
    It's almost done, the only thing left to do is testing. I will try to attatch the plugin file to a reply as soon as it's tested and working properly.

    I'm sorry, the plugin is very buggy, I will finish it tomorrow instead of today.

    There you go :)
    Configuration description is in the configuration file which will generate when you put the plugin and reload the server.
    Permission nodes:
    metarestrict.bypass.all - Bypass all restrictions
    metarestrict.bypass.enchant - Bypass enchant restrictions
    metarestrict.bypass.anvil - Bypass anvil restrictions
    metarestrict.bypass.beacon - Bypass beacon restrictions

    (unzip the file to get the .jar)
    (if you can't see the attatchment download it here:

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    Whats beacon restrictions?
  6. then you can't put that item into a beacon
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    I'm guessing if a Diamond, Emerald, Iron ingot, or a Gold Ingot has any kind of Meta then it will block those items and only allow the defaults.
  8. (you can't download it from there yet, file not yet approved)
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  10. I know but there you can see the description.

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